Jacob Prasch: Painting the Targets Black and White

In June 2019, Jacob Prasch had decided to persist in his witch hunts that I’ve documented on this website. My 2 responses (Part 1 and Part 2) to his most recent attack (on Amir Tsarfati) made me realise one of the major causes of Prasch’s phoney argumentation was an error in thinking called ‘black and white thinking‘.
So in these 2 videos I go through some of his 2016 and 2019 attacks on apologist Dr James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries, and observe the results of his application of black and white thinking to various facts about Dr James White, and I watch the erroneous conclusions begin to mount up (erroneous conclusions which Prasch then uses to illogically damn Dr White). I also theorise that Jacob Prasch may very well be drunk in the main video and so I provide a checklist of signs of visible intoxication.

In the second video I do the same by chronicling briefly various famous phoney conclusions Prasch’s black and white thinking methodology has resulted in in damning the children of God such as Anton BoschDavid Nathan, the MenelawsJohn MacArthur, and Chris Rosebrough, (conclusions seen throughout the season 1 12-part series), but then I have a look at the information Prasch has presented over the years against notorious false prophets and false teachers Mark Biltz (of the nonsense Blood Moons rapture theory), Todd Bentley (the “tattooed goon“), and Harold Camping (who stated the Rapture would occur in May 2011), and guage whether these easy targets for damnation had legitimate information brought up against them by Prasch, only to find that in amongst the legitimate evidence was Prasch’s phoney information that had resulted from his ‘black and white thinking’, most obviously that relating to a viral email/article Prasch wrote in response to an alleged slaughter of Vietnamese Hmong in 2011 wherein Prasch blamed Harold Camping directly for the slaughter (a claim I research quite deeply).

Also included are Prasch’s gunning down of Mark Biltz for operating a Messianic Jewish fellowship when he’s not Jewish (which is ironic since in 2019 Prasch was outed as being a fake Jew himself by researcher Treena Gisborn here), and Prasch’s attack on Todd Bentley’s money-vacuuming when Todd’s IRS statements show that his income is roughly the SAME as the finger-pointing Prasch!

I hope you find these videos helpful and insightful and will help you to better weight up Prasch’s claims and not just believe everything he says.