Jacob Prasch’s Façade of Being An Untouchable Debator

Jacob Prasch the unrepentant godless railer and slanderer of the children of God, has over his years of screaming in YouTube videos, demanded leading figures in the Christian, Catholic, and Jewish communities debate him publicly “any time any place, so long as there’s a camera”. The list of his demands was first compiled in my January 2019 video Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General which looked at one of Prasch’s attack videos from the same month, which saw him unjustly slander South African Bible teacher Anton Bosch and call him a heretic (for the crime of pointing out Prasch’s spelling mistakes in his books, and lack of citations, and making up quotations of Charles Spurgeon, all of which Bosch proved to be the case). Prasch damned Bosch to Hell as a heretic, then said he’d debate him. While critiquing Prasch’s demand, I remembered several times he’d demanded debates in the past, and I compiled 9 instances of demanded debates for the video.

Upon its release a Vimeoer called 7seals found some more demanded debates, so the segment was plucked out of the feature-length video, and made as a standalone mini feature with now 20 demanded debates. But then over the next few months even more demands were uncovered, bringing the total to a rather colossal TWENTY-EIGHT [UPDATE: see major update at bottom of article for more!]. So twenty-eight times (at least!) Prasch has called out leading figures to debate him, and zero times debates have actually occured.

The list of 28 figures is:
Anton Bosch
John MacArthur
Rick Warren
Nicky Gumbel
Gary Burge
Chuck Colson
R.T. Kendall
Stewart Menelaws
Stephen Sizer
Phil Johnson
Francis Chan
Anthony Hilder
Paul Manwaring
Dr. Michael Brown
Phillip Church
Hank Hannergraaff
Chris Rosebrough
JD Hall
Todd Friel
Paul Wilkinson
Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein
Rabbi Shmuel Arkush
Robert Sungenis
Scott Hahn
JD Farag
Dr. Thomas Ice
John Piper
David Nathan

With Prasch none of these debates happened for 2 reasons I can postulate:

1) Prasch didn’t want them to happen because if they did he’d be exposed immediately in the debate as an ignorant blowhard who makes things up (such as Spurgeon quotes) and can’t stay on topic, or actually use reason, logic, or sound argumentation (as Dr James White found when having a back-and-forth with Prasch, resulting in a video where White eviscerated Prasch’s mode of thinking so comprehensively, that Prasch and his cult members have worked hard to discredit White, one particularly memorable moment being Prasch looking totally drunk in Ohio slurring and railing about White with the exact same phoney argumentation that White had dismantled.

2) Prasch didn’t want them to happen because the facade would be gone and it is much MUCH easier maintaining the facade that he is some untouchable debater who everybody runs away from than it is putting in the effort of actually debating people and facing the threat of being put to the sword as White did to him, only publicly instead of via webcam. Consequently by demanding debates from dozens of big names, deliberately not pursuing them, then using his opponents’ lack of motivation in debating him, would immediately uncork the bottles of narcissistic supply Prasch pants for, as his ignorant cult members gasp at the way all the big names have “run away” from the mental Colossus who walks in their midst whom they have adopted as their thinker and protector.

Evidence of this being true is Prasch’s demand for a debate with Stephen Sizer over a decade ago over the topic of the Jews (this was over a decade before Prasch was outed as a fake Jew). Prasch must have been terrified at Sizer okaying the live debate on Revelation TV, so worked quickly to undermine it.
Sizer wrote of the build-up to the debate the following…

“Through an intermediary I merely requested a postponement of the debate. Without knowing my reasons, rather prematurely you wrote, “I have nothing to say to such an utterly contemptible servant of hell, and I am not interested in hearing anything from him. He is of his father the devil.” “

So to pull the plug and maintain his untouchable facade, Prasch undermined the chances of the debate happening by “prematurely” riding a wave of ad hominem attack (the argumentational frailty Prasch exhibits day in day out) labelling Sizer basically a Satanist.

Sizer’s views of the failure to debate can be read on his website


This video looks at all the known 28 times Prasch has demanded debates which have ended in No Contests, with Prasch nonetheless still boasting about how all these people “ran away” from him, (and if you know of any other debate demands not directed to the 28 people already listed, please post a comment below, or in the comments section of the video on Bitchute.com).


UPDATE: There is now SIXTY known video/audio debate demands, so the video mentioned above has been updated.  Watch below the full list: