A Warning to the Church about Jacob Prasch [Updated 30th April 2021]

Over the past 10 months Jacob Prasch has been found to be a fake Jew, is being investigated for spiritual abuse and bullying of Christians, has been caught in innumerable lies, and has been exposed endlessly as a godless railer who attacks sound Christian ministries with fake information, utilising phoney argumentation, with the desire to humiliate and destroy the children of God. Nonetheless Prasch refuses to acknowledge blame, refuses to repent, refuses to stand down, and forces himself into various churches around the world as a means of maintaining his platform to attack people.
On 16th August 2019 he is embarking on a Fall tour with 40 dates in churches, hotels and town halls around the world, from New Zealand to Great Britain. If Prasch is coming to your church this Fall then this video is a warning about the person your minister has chosen to allow to roam among the sheep under his protection.

All information alluded to in this short video is covered in-depth in the 11+ hours (now 21 hours) of videos listed below. Click here for Season One, here for Season Two, and here for Season Three (and now Season 4 here).

See episode 19 for a list of major sins from Prasch and the corresponding video in which to view the evidence in.
The most in-depth look at Prasch’s charade about being a Jew is here: bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2019/04/is-jacob-prasch-fake-jew.html

Prasch denying he’s a “full-blooded Jew” but affirming he’s partially Jewish:

Prasch claiming his name comes from ‘Pharisee’ can be seen here:

And here are some more peculiar statements from Prasch that only make sense if he’s saying he’s half Jewish, which we know he isn’t.

Fonzy‘s research found that Prasch claimed on Christian TV at the start of a debate with Palestinian Alex Awad that he is “ethnically a combination of Jewish and Gentile“, which is a bit odd considering he’s 100% Irish-American according to Treena’s aforementioned research.

Even as far back at 2000 there were questions about Prasch faking being half Jewish, as recorded in a July 2020 issue of Despatch Magazine (Vol 12:2 on page 6):

Fittingly just over 20 years later, this happened…

Update August 2020: Prasch Fakes a DNA report!

Jacob Prasch has in July attempted to prove he is Jewish by presenting various documents in high-resolution video. Chris Rosebrough exposed those documents as fake in this video. Prasch also presented a DNA report claiming he was Jewish, so I exposed this as fraud in episode 48 of the Jacob Prasch series:

Update April 30th 2021: Stewart Menelaws Exposes Prasch

Stewart Menelaws has today exposed the depth of Prasch’s evil, recounting Prasch’s sustained slander and lies directed by Prasch (and his cult) at Stewart’s wife Deborah. Here is the video and attached article

In the video Stewart gave a powerfully accurate overview of Prasch:

“Prasch has always been a controversial figure, referred to as a bull in china shop, and in the main has been viewed by the small number of Christian outlets that knew of him, as a divisive person unable to conduct himself in keeping with the office of a Christ-centred Bible teacher.  Now the hope was in time this would change.  But once the internet enabled him to branch out, he separated himself off from those who challenged his behaviour and he surrounded himself with sycophants, [and] yes men.  Over recent years, not surprisingly, that bullish behaviour has grown into something ugly.  He regularly sits in the seat of judgement and condemns all who would challenge him, denying the right of mercy, forgiveness and even salvation to those he has a special place of hate for.”

Stewart Menelaws on Prasch, 30th April 2021

It is an accurate overview of a shameful career which David Pawson warned about occurring back in 1998 when he observed the same issues manifesting in his incredibly accurate Arbitration Report I republished here to Prasch’s wrath in 2019, wherein Pawson noted the following:

David Pawson’s observations on Prasch in 1998
  • Moriel is a smaller group of autonomous fellowships in loose association, but its publications are the virtual mouthpiece of one dominant personality, apparently operating without mutual accountability.
  • His unusual background, knowledge and experience have attracted many followers though, as with other persuasive communicators, some of his devotees regard his pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue, an attitude he does not appear to discourage.
  • The title of his newsletters (‘Moriel’ means ‘God is my teacher’) has more than a hint of a claim to special revelation, whether this is intended or not.
  • Not content with teaching the truth, he clearly believes that he is also called to expose and denounce all the errors he can find in others. He is adept and even seems eager to discover these and disseminate public warnings about them. Elim is only one of many coming under his scrutiny.
  • In other words, judging other ministries has become a major feature of his own. To be fair, he does publish lists of those he ‘endorses’, though without seeking their approval. With these he is prepared to overlook faults.
  • A rebuke that may have been intended to encourage correction very quickly becomes general criticism, then strong condemnation.
  • On his own admission, emotion takes over, especially if the initial criticism is rejected or just ignored. A combination of frustration and indignation lead to intemperate language, unchecked accusations and insulting innuendo. The result is a barrage of abuse which not only antagonises his opponents even further but also embarrasses his allies. 
  • In the case of public ministries he has declared ‘false’, all those who have sponsored or supported them in any way are said to be equally responsible for their ‘wickedness’. Guilt by association is a prominent feature of his invective, however tenuous the connection may have been.
  • Of equal concern to the content was the language and tone of what I can only call a tirade, leaving an impression of vindictiveness, even if this was not intended. Such a disparate list of complaints suggests a determination to find every possible fault, which in turn raises the question of motivation, especially when expressed so offensively.
  • An example of unacceptable matter and manner was the outrageous assertion that a Christian denomination preaching an orthodox gospel and seeking to save lost sinners had become “an apostate cult propagating heresy”. Equally offensive was the comparison between its executive and the Sanhedrin (a body which condemned Christ to death) or the Vatican (“kissing the ring of Pontiff Pope Wynn I”).
  • Moriel has used the Internet, as well as its own publications. This is as public a platform as other branches of the media and exposes the scandal of Christians fighting each other to all and sundry. To my thinking, this is as damaging to the gospel as the exposed weaknesses of some ministries.
  • Jacob Prasch needs to be accountable to a peer group who will tone down his polemics and curb his apparent compulsion to lash out at those he disagrees with in such an indiscriminate wayHis associates at the hearing were clearly aware of this need and gave assurance that this would be in place for the future. This was welcome news. Time will tell whether this will succeed where his present panel of “Advisors” have failed.
  • But I know that I am far from alone in wanting to disassociate myself from his apparent eagerness to discover and expose the faults in others, often failing to check the facts or putting the worst construction on them. Even when truth is on his side, the way he handles it prevents others who agree with him from standing with him. Tragically, he becomes his own worst enemy when fighting for the truth. I can understand those who regard him as ‘dangerous’. Such a ‘loose cannon’, unpredictable and unaccountable, can damage and divide the body of Christ, even when his motives and intentions are to protect that same body from error. How sad that his weaknesses are preventing his strengths from being more widely used and appreciated.
  • Maybe he could have been invited to meet the executive face to face — though I have to add that during our conference he did not look his opponents in the eye when addressing us, which made me wonder if he finds such intimate encounter more difficult to handle.
  • Read the full 1998 Arbitration Report by David Pawson in ‘The Jacob Prasch Files

David Pawson’s stated fears of what Prasch’s group would become back in 1998 have all come true and more with Prasch surrounded by sycophants who refuse to hold him to account (the main culprits therefore are the fool organisation known as CMFI who have given and continue to give Prasch the title of ‘minister’ and therefore access to the Church. I have exposed CMFI as the group of inept cowards that they are.

Also in the video Stewart referenced Prasch’s belief in the Metatron (a false Christ from Kabbalah), and showed Prasch’s 2009 Moriel Quarterly article about it. In recent days I’d also found Prasch directing people to a 1997/98 tape recording of the same type of heretical material when, ironically enough, attempting to damn someone else for having a false Christ! See that documentation from the 1990s here at the foot of the resource article.

Lastly Stewart Menelaws pointed out how Prasch demands Christians debate him. He’s so notorious for demanding debates from leading religious figures that I’ve compiled a video of his 60 known demanded debates made via video or audio (there’s many more made via written word all compiled here). Here are the 60 that were captured on video and audio:

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  1. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for the reply.
    1) yes, the Jewish ancestry thing you can ask him about. You can see in the above videos his references to it, whilst records show his mother AND father were both Roman-Catholic.
    2) the police report is still on the Moriel TV Facebook feed here:
    It was posted on April 6, 2019.

    Thanks for going to the effort of asking him directly, Linda.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Did you have any luck in getting a response from him?
    I’m open to Prasch being half-Jewish (it isn’t a stretch for me since I believed that for years till I saw Treena’s research in Spring 2019), but I find it suspicious that he hasn’t broached the topic publicly in all the time since the allegation arose.

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