Jacob Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles (TWICE!) [UPDATE 12/2019: THRICE!] [UPDATE again 30/12/2019: FOUR times!]

So today, 22nd September 2019, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries has just stated they (Moriel) won’t be supporting Bible teacher Bill Randles any longer due to the following reasons:

Important Announcement re: Bill Randles and Moriel. Sep 22, 2019

The board of Moriel Ministries finds that Moriel Ministries can no longer be supportive of the ministry of Bill Randles due to doctrinal differences.

The continued support and promotion by Bill Randles of various false teachers of serious false doctrines that Moriel finds heretical are of great concern to the Moriel board.”

(Source: http://moriel.org/latest/latest-news/important-announcement-re-bill-randles-and-moriel-sep-22-2019.html)

Jacob Prasch has over the past year stated the same type of accusation against various people, such as David Nathan (using faked information against David), and the Menelaws (for providing David Nathan a platform to defend himself), and Anton Bosch (for proving Prasch made spelling mistakes in his books), and Amir Tsarfati (for stating Charles Spurgeon and Matthew Henry believed the Archangel Michael is Jesus -which they did believe).
In each case Prasch lied to his entrenched followers (‘disciples’ even) to turn people against godly people, sparking ‘witch-hunts’.

In summer 2019 Prasch upped the ante and turned on his former friend Bill Randles and publicly coerced him into committing suicide, the way a cult leader would coerce followers.
However, Randles stood up to Prasch and publicly questioned why people defer to Prasch and don’t question him. Good question!

A few weeks later (today) Prasch has tried to off Randles again, this time with the above message plastered all over his Moriel TV Facebook feed. And as always, Prasch’s followers immediately believed Prasch, despite Prasch providing ZERO evidence to back up his claims against Randles. Prasch is a dangerous nut.

To get up to speed with Prasch’s witch-hunts against Bill Randles, watch these 2 videos from the 24-part series on Prasch’s godless behaviour, from summer and last week:

Muri ga toreba dori hikkomu!

Season 2:6 (Episode 18) Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles

Season 2:12 (Episode 24) Jacob Prasch: The End.

Update 3 December 2019:

Now that tomfool Prasch ultra-disciple Amos Farrell (he of the bovine conspiracy theory fame and Moriel Police Squad) publicly witch-hunted Bill Randles by editing one of Bill’s videos. It is pretty certain Amos the hollow head will be acting by the inspiration of his idol Jacob Prasch so that Prasch doesn’t get my more bad press for his stupid attacks.

This type of situation is one of the reasons ministers don’t stand up to Prasch and his squad of idiots, because they’ll be labelled heretics pretty soon, as David Pawson found when he acted as arbiter between Prasch and Elim in 1998.

This means Randles has now been witch-hunted 3 times by the Moriel squad in 2019!

Update 30 December 2019:

Amos filmed himself looking adoringly at his thinker and protector Prasch as they sat at either end of a couch. Prasch stared blankly ahead, and scarcely made eye contact or looked interested at his fake police officer. Three times in the video Prasch tried to witchhunt Bill Randles, calling him a false teacher for teaching God only loved once, and for his association with Peter Danzy. So over the course of a year, Jacob Prasch and his squad of tomfools have witch-hunted Bill Randles 4 times!


Update 31 December 2019:

Bill Randles looked over the 4th witchhunt from Prasch via Prasch’s pet idiot Amos Farrell, and concluded that Satan is inspiring them to attack him. Very true. Read Bill’s blog post about it here. Below is a sample I’ve underlined:

17 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles (TWICE!) [UPDATE 12/2019: THRICE!] [UPDATE again 30/12/2019: FOUR times!]

  1. It is amazing just how clear Scripture is concerning how we are to deal with erroring brethren yet Prasch shows is dissidence and rebellion to God’s word and even shows just how cold his heart is. When you travel in partnership with someone for nearly 20 years and then just throw them into the ditch without any pause, well, it may be he is sociopath. Then to claim its because Bill Randles share the pulpit with heretics when Prasch himself is guilty of the same is astounding.

    1. I recently listened to an chat between Justin Peters and Costi Hinn about Costi’s uncle Benny Hinn. He says something very interesting, along the lines of ‘When my uncle teachers the Gospel he teaches it better than most Gospel teachers.” Costi is aware Benny isn’t even a Christian, yet says he still knows how to turn on the truth tap sufficiently enough to tick a few boxes before fleecing the flock. Prasch isn’t so obvious because top of his list isn’t money, but rather, it seems, he is after a steady stream of narcissistic supply from having fools bow down before him and coo at every statement he makes.
      The Prasch schtick is to turn the tap of truth for a while, then turn on the mysticism tap with his Midrash and Kabbalah to hook the simple with his unveiled information the way a guru would (the way Stewart Traill did?), or load up the blunderbuss and begin shooting at anything that moves in a direction other than his.
      I’m at a loss as to how people like Benny Hinn and Jacob Prasch can KNOW all the verses that condemn their behaviour, yet still flat out ignore them! In Justin Peter’s recent video about Benny Hinn’s “repentance”, he states Benny is in the group who Scripture says is “deceiving and being deceived”. I’d put Prasch in the same category.

      1. Yea I haven’t look into the Kabbalah Prasch teaches but I know it is rooted in the cults. Your right, Jacob like Hinn know how present truth but then that’s the best method for presenting falsehood. Both then are Soren together. I have found many times Prasch uses language the common man doesn’t understand talking over peoples heads.

  2. Sad, how a man with a good mind has now become the Donald Trump of the Messianic Movement. Let his downfall be a warning to us all.

    1. The real problem behind this is the Hebrew Roots Cult / Christian Zionism. That is where Jacob has obtained all his followers – those who have sadly replaced the Lord Jesus Christ with the nation of Israel. One lie begets another.

  3. And now Moriel lists a link to Amos.Ferrell skewering Bill Randles for preaching Jesus lovrd us once. Bill was referring to Jesus giving his life as an atonement for our sins. Showing his love in this way once and for all. Amos has been raking Bill over the coals for weeks over this.
    Okay “Moriel”…Jacob. Pastor Steve Mitchell of John Hallers Church Fellowshjip Bible Chapel, gave the same sermon yesterday, December 15th. Will you go after him also? I think not. Its Jacobs personal vendetta. When will Jacob stop? How many people will become bitter over Jacobs attacks? The Menelaws, Jan Markell, Bill Randalls and others. “Moriel Board” said they wanted to disassociate with Bill. No they don’t. They want to ruin him.

  4. Jacob did not like my post yesterday. As a result I am no longer working for John Haller. I had to resign. For Johns’ sake.
    I would like to say something. I am just a woman. An unknown nobody. Usually I work quietly behind the scenes. Sometimes I am not so quiet.
    For 2019 I worked behind the scenes to increase Moriels Subscribers. Jacob didn’t know. What if I failed? But God has blessed me with a gift. Moriels’ subscribers tripled in 2019.
    I won’t promote Moriel in 2020.
    I have communicated with everyone Jacob has hurt. The Mennelaws, Jan Markell, Bill Randalls and David Nathan.
    Iam different than most. I don’t share private emails. All were willing for closure. All were/are in pain. All were willing except Jacob.
    What do I know. I am a nobody. Just a woman. And I need to stay out if it.
    Jacob was furious with my pronouncement yesterdsy.
    Some day Christ will return. It is impirtant to be about his business. Not destroying people.
    As for John. He is my beloved friend. He doesnt have a mean or wicked bone in his body. He is kind and goid and loves God and feels deeply. I am so sorry he was hurt from my words. My words were my own.
    Linda MacIntyre

    1. Linda, you aren’t a nobody, you are someone who cared for others and wanted to share good resources with people in the hope the Body of Christ would be built up. In late 2017 or early 2018 (I forget) I made short videogame-style videos promoting Prasch in the similar hope of building others up, so in our different ways we did the same thing, and both you and I have subsequently spoken against his attacks and felt his bristling hatred. I think your post the other day made you brave in the face of a tyrant, and bravery is what God wants from us. I am proud of you. I note the way it has largely been Christian women who have had the courage to stand against him, to the shame of men who should have had the guts. Well done.

      1. Are you aware of what is going on on Amos Ferrell’s page GCR TV? I have been lied about. Out and out lied about. They are skewering me. Reginald Uka, Jacobs new lying dog. Theres two videos. One attacking Frank. Another added thay us an old Servus Christi brought back to take the attention off Jacob. Im livid. They seem to enjoy insulting women.
        Can you please go easier on John. He is a good man. Is not on the Moriel payroll and does not work for them. He has little contact with them.please so something about their lies. Im so upset. You can read my response on Amos page.
        Thank you.

  5. He IS a tyrant. How many has he hurt? And continue to hurt? A man can have all the earthly intelligence in the world and still lack spiritual wisdom.
    Jacob proudly stated his increased subscriber numbers for 2019 in his “year end” report. Yes, his numbers tripled. He had an old woman working hard for a year for free to get his subsribers up. No one ever told Jacob. And I don’t like accolades. Johns, Pastor Steve Mitchells and FBC are up also. It’s a gift from God I’ve been given to use for The Lord. And I enjoy it. Or have. But I will not help Jacob again. I cannot in all good conscience.
    I pray that God keeps him from hurting any others. What a waste of a life. Seeing the garbage and insults he wrote to Bill about Tony and “A Minute to Midnight” proved my reason to stop helping to increase Jacobs subs. He owes many oeople his heart felt apologies. And repentance.

  6. Boy did I get in trouble gor my last comments 🙂
    Jacob has a new person working for him. A Jewish woma. Named Suzanne Burach. You can read some of comments on Amos page gcr tv. The two videos about Jacob and Dave Borlaise. She’s …well…she will tell you to sit down and shut up. Pretty angry.
    Frank warned me about Bourlaise investigating Jacob and Jacob would respond badly. That was an understatement. Do they bring out a second video. And old one about David Nathan to distract people.
    Yhis is a new year coming. I hope Jacob makes amends with those he has called names. I pray he gets self-control before his anget kills him. He looked hortible in the one video.
    I was accused on tbe same page by Moriel Reginald Uka of telling a woman to divorce her husband so she could marry anotber man. I supposedly said it on tbe Propbesy Update comments on Youtube. This is a blatant lie. John said He never saw me say any such thing. I did not say any such thing. I pray for people and promote Johns Prophesy Update and FBC church And Padtor Steve. Thats it. I dont give advice. I dont teach. All comments are still there on Youtube. Its just a blatant attack.
    I pray for God to protect FBC church, John and padtor Steve who is battling leukemia.
    ♡ Linda

    1. I appreciate your views on Haller, but I don’t agree that he should be left alone since he is one of Prasch’s enablers (since he’s a leader at FBC and FBC being probably the most well-known church Prasch has taught at during his year of increasing madness and attack), and Haller tried to sue Jan Markell because she correctly pointed out Prasch is nuts, and Haller acted as Prasch’s apologist as recently as Fall 2019 with his faked “prophecy update” in Canada, and in winter 2018 Haller was filmed by Amos joining in Prasch’s witchhunt of David Nathan. People who are leaders in churches have a responsibility to safeguard the Sheep. Haller decided instead to promote a wolf.
      If Steve Mitchell allows his pulpit to be taken by someone who sues Christians at the whim of a madman, and allows that madman to sit on a large padded couch on the FBC stage looking sozzled and ticking half the Oregon Liquor Commission’s list of Signs of Visible Intoxication, then he ultimately has to share in the blame.


      1. Not so. John never sued anyone. Never said he was going to sue anyone. And when I asked him he was furious. He said he would never sue another Christian. If you are talking about Jan Markell, she and John are friends. She has called FBC recently. She is nice. She wishes John were pre-trib…but hey, you can’t have everything 🙂
        John is not Moriels attorney.
        Johns’ church is the best known of all the churches Jacob has taught at in 2019?
        Are you aware it is a small church of just 75 people? And most are white-haired. It is a poor church. The only paid staff is Pastor Steve. I’m asking for mercy as a sister in Christ. John is a good man. He is a man who will never abandon a friend. Ever.
        Steve Mitchell. I’ve himbly asked that you leave him alone. He is probably the best pastor I’ve ever heard. He doesn’t complain. But is battling leukemia. Please. Mercy.
        I just wanted to ask on their behalf.
        I won’t be posting anymore.
        A blessed New 2020 to you and yours.
        PS Tim already told you John did not sue anyone. He never even threatened to.

      2. LOL I think about choking some people, but I never do 🙂 I hope you have a good and healthy new year, Mike.

  7. give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves merely means the betrayer will eventually show his true colours by his own hand. COME ON HES NOT TELLING RANDLES TO KILL HIMSELF

  8. Hi Daryl,
    Prasch says at 32:25 into the video the following:

    “…but it’s too late
    and in some way or another
    they hang themselves I don’t necessarily
    mean with a noose around their neck but
    it could be that.”

    Prasch was stating the possibility and expectation that his own Judas he had described (Randles) would kill himself.

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