Prasch Targets Bill Randles and Peter Danzy

As Jacob Prasch tries to eliminate Bible teacher and pastor Bill Randles by linking him to heretics, as covered in the previous blog post, I thought I’d do some digging and answer the question about who the alleged heretic is.

Now bear in mind Prasch has declared half a dozen people heretics this past year using the most fake and ridiculous twisted information (as documented in the 24-part video series), so nothing Prasch actually says can be trusted in any way, but it appears Prasch sent this email about 4 months ago (a month prior to his first lynching of Bill Randles), that tried to link Randles to someone Prasch deemed a heretic…


Bill Randles goes astray from his faith.

Christian Greetings

I am replying to your question and request. It is not confidential. You may circulate it as you believe you are led of The Lord to do so. I do not care as I would not say such things privately that I would not say to someone’s face.

You ask what heresies specifically.

I told you Patri-Passionism & Pneuma-Passionism (his own unique version of the 2 ancient heresies).

Peter Danzy who Bill placed in his pulpit at his church in Iowa teaches that Jesus did not complete the work of salvation but only His role in it. He mis-identifies the 2 Witnesses in Revelation Chapt. 11 as God the Father & The Holy Spirit coming in incarnated human form like Jesus and needing to die in Jerusalem and like Jesus raise from the dead with Jesus as their Lord (‘where their Lord was also crucified’). Then and only then will the work of our salvation be complete. Peter Danzy teaches that when Jesus said ‘It Is Finished’ the Greek word ‘telostai’ meaning ‘paid in full’) the price for our sin was not paid in full; Jesus only paid His share of the bill. God The Father and The Holy Spirit also need to come in human flesh and pay for our sin.

As with the word-faith money preachers in the tradition of Branham, Copeland, Hagen, Joyce Meyer etc., Peter Danzy rejects the finished work of the cross and the Blood. But Peter Danzy goes even further. Even the Branhamites say that resurrection of Christ completed the process of salvation (after He was tormented 3 days & nights by Satan in hell – according to their apostasy). Peter Danzy ventures beyond this denying even the sufficiency of the resurrection as well as Calvary. Peter Danzy teaches that God The Fsather and The Holy Spirit must be resurrected from the dead for us to be ultimately saved,.

Patri-passionism and Pneuma-Passionism are ancient heretical beliefs that God The Father and Holy Spirit also died in Christ on the cross at Calvary. In Peter Danzy’s version however, they did not die at Calvary but will die as men in the future. This is what The New Testament defines as “Another Gospel” , fundamentally denying the completed work of Jesus in His death & resurrection to give us salvation. The Epistle to The Galatians says that Peter Danzy is therefore ‘anathema’, that is that he is accursed of God for preaching a different Gospel yet Bill Randles is in bed with him inviting him to preach at Believers In Grace and he is likely helping to organize Bill’s itinerary in Australia (as far as we are still aware).

He has taught this in at least two churches in the USA in California and probably in Australia. When I last saw him in Sydney he affirmed to me that he still believes it. He also got Geoff O’Toole (an Australian missionary in Japan) into believing it. He was with Moriel, but we immediately got rid of him. It is unclear to us if Geoff O’Toole still also believes it or not. Peter Danzy had been on the Moriel Council in Australia for some years, but once we discovered the heresy he was teaching we immediately got rid of him as a heretic. Bill Randles however, invited him to his pulpit – much the same as Bill Randles publicly defended the promoters of David Nathan despite Bill knowing and publicly admitting that David Nathan is a heretic who does not believe the scriptural Gospel.

Although Bill Randles later withdrew his two blog statements defending David Nathan’s supporters and promoters as “his friends”, this is the second time in well under a yea that Bill Randles publicly chose to compromise with those who deny the true Gospel and/or those who promote a false Gospel. Something has very plainly gone wrong with Bill Randles and it lends credence to those who left his church on very ugly terms who now say that Bill Randles is a false shepherd who is deluded by self deception and by the devil.

Defending the promoters of what you know is a heretical denial of the eternal efficaciousness of the Blood of Jesus and giving platform to one who has preached and believes a false gospel is not a shepherd protecting The Lord’s sheep, but rather one who feeds The Lord’s sheep to wolves.

It is worse than this however. Peter Danzy has a false Christology. By teaching the 2 Witnesses of Rev. ch. 11 are God The Father & The Holy Spirit in human form whose Lord is Jesus The Son, Peter Danzy has an utterly false pneumatology (doctrine of The Holy Spirit), an utterly false Theology (doctrine of God), and an utterly false Christology (doctrine of Christ).The real Christ of scripture is not His Father’s Lord. As with the Mormon Christ – the spirit of brother of Satan and not the ‘mongenes’ Only Begotten of The Father), Jehovah’s Witnesses angelic Christ, the eucharistic Christ of Roman Catholicism who returns in the Mass straight out of the baker’s oven and from a jug of wine, or the false Christs of Christian Science, Islam, Christadelphianism and various cults – Peter Danzy has and has preached a different Christ. This got him a preaching invitation from Bill Randles. Both Peter Danzy and David Nathan have false Christologies; but Bill Randles publicly compromised directly concerning one and indirectly regarding the other. This is a false shepherd.

Galatians warns us firmly of those who preach another Christ, yet by his actions Bill Randles could not care less. First it was defending the promoters if David Nathan, now opening his church and pulpit to Peter Danzy with his deviant gospel and false Christ.Lordship over His Father is not merely a false attribute of Christ – but a different Christ altogether. Bill knows this but it made no difference to him by virtue if his public actions.

Bill has tragically gone off big time and needs to get out the ministry. A pastor must protect The Lord’s sheep from deceivers, not have them in his pulpit. A Christian author who represents himself as an apologist for truth and an opponent of egregious error cannot give such deceivers a platform and expose the flock to them. Again, none of this mattered to Bill Randles. It is little wonder his church split and that we have stockpiles of his books that no one wants to buy and read anymore. The Lord’s Hand is no longer on Bill Randles. He has aligned himself with those teaching things from the devil to deceive the elect in the Last Days that Bill once fought against with nobility.

Peter Danzy’s former pastor & mentor – Alan Hodge (whom Bill knows) tried without success to convince Peter Danzy against these terrible lies he preached. Alan is a good brother and a solid pastor, but he got no place with Peter Danzy (I am unsure about Geoff).

But it gets even worse still. I read Peter Danzy’s 8 page defense of his heresy and by theological definition Peter Danzy is a Gnostic. He arrives at these grossly heretical errors by means of a false hermeneutic based on a subjective revelation that comes from mysticism. Instead of contextual and co-textual exegesis and using typology and literary symbolism to illuminate and illustrate doctrine, his claimed revelatory interpretations conclude his dogma from the symbolism.

Once again, this is pure Gnosticism and mysticism and after the time of the Apostles in the Patristic era these things very nearly destroyed the Body of Christ. While not an academic, Bill is an author and not in the doctrinal sense unscholarly , nor is he totally ignorant of early Church history.

When you defend those who support a false Gospel and false Christology one time – maybe it is a mistake, how be it a rather serious one. When you do it twice, even inviting a Gnostic preacher of a another Gospel and, in de facto terms, another Christ, it is no longer a bad and sad mistake. It rather becomes a shame and a disgrace.

These are the proven facts and I can document every syllable.

Once more, I am miserably drawn to King David’s tragic Lament: “How The Mighty Have Fallen’ !

Let it be a warning to the rest of us, and not least of all to my own self.

In Jesus,

Jacob Prasch



As far as I’m aware, Prasch has only talked about Peter Danzy on video one time, in the process also publicly damning former Moriel Japan missionary from Australia, Geoff Toole (not O’Toole), and this was back in 2015’s Moriel Conference held at John Flubber Haller’s joint in Ohio:

It is important to note that it was at that same 2015 Moriel conference that Anton Bosch found Prasch had invented quotes of Charles Spurgeon (which led to Prasch attacking him, as documented in ‘Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General‘). In this case I’ve not researched the claims about Danzy and Toole, but I kept the video rolling to Prasch’s damning of John MacArthur because that I have researched, and was the basis for the part 3 video in December 2018, where I brought it up since Prasch tried to damn me to hell for posting a link to a defence of John MacArthur’s statements about the mark of the beast, aware then that Prasch would use any phoney argumentation to damn anybody his twisted mind wished to damn:

Jacob Prasch The Arch-Damner Strikes Again

UPDATE 25 September 2019

Bill Randles responded to Prasch’s idiot and phoney claims on Facebook. A very good response wherein Randles takes the Muppet liar Prasch to task for exaggerating claims about Peter Danzy.

UPDATE 9th October 2019

Bill Randles released a second video response to Prasch’s tall tales: