Jacob Prasch: Fake Debater Extraordinaire

In a previous blog post I talked about fake Jew Jacob Prasch’s rationale for demanding debates from dozens of religious leaders, then deliberately not pursuing them (or undermining them so they don’t happen). That post was written when the number of debate demands to Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim leaders/teachers stood at a massive 28. After recently doing a spot more research I’ve uncovered a further FOURTEEN demanded debates, meaning now a full 42 people have received their social media summons to the court of Prasch.

The 42 are:
Anton Bosch
John MacArthur
Rick Warren
Nicky Gumbel
Gary Burge
Chuck Colson
R.T. Kendall
Stewart Menelaws
Stephen Sizer
Phil Johnson
Francis Chan
Anthony Hilder
Paul Manwaring
Dr. Michael Brown
Phillip Church
Hank Hannergraaff
Chris Rosebrough
JD Hall
Todd Friel
Paul Wilkinson
Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein
Rabbi Shmuel Arkush
Robert Sungenis
Scott Hahn
JD Farag
Dr. Thomas Ice
John Piper
David Nathan
Jan Markell
Ahmed Deedat
Rabbi Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach
Daniel Juster
Craig Kacev
Karl Keating
Bill Johnson
Steven Furtick
Gayle Erwin
Ian Bilby
Wayne Hughes
Phil Pringle
Leif Munk
Stephen Tollestrup

Here are the 42 demands:

UPDATE Since making this blog post, the video has been updated from 42 to SIXTY demands, which you can watch below.  The associated blog article listing all 60 names can be read here.

In this 5th edition Prasch breaks out Goliath’s sword and threatens decapitation of a rival(!!). It is actually an ideal view of the failure of Prasch’s Midrash teaching (which contrasts OT and NT and tries to draw parallels and consequently draws them out into present day), with Prasch’s fool conclusion to David & Goliath being that when you debate someone you are comparatively the shepherd David attacking Goliath, the Bible is comparatively David’s stones in his slingshot, Goliath is comparatively your debate opponent, and Goliath’s sword is comparatively a false belief system, and therefore since David cut off the head of his opponent with his own sword, Prasch thinks he’s to take the false belief system of his opponent and execute them with it! This is total nonsense and you could insert any situation into any in the Bible as a means of justifying a godless bent to attack people as Prasch commonly does. By teaching Midrash whilst being an angry person, Prasch has reduced it into his system of destroying others. He is a dangerous lunatic in my honest opinion.

The original video wherein Prasch stuck his head in the Midrash vice and tightened it until he believed he was King David, can be seen in all its ‘glory’ here:

If you know of any more demanded debates from Prasch please post a YouTube link in the comments. Update: Unfortunately comments are closed since the Prasch Cult made a death threat against one of Prasch’s opponents in the comments of this blog around Christmas 2020.

Update April 2021: 77th bout discovered!

There are now SEVENTY-SEVEN known times Prasch has shadow-boxed adversaries he’d never dare actually debate in reality. There are 60 audio and video debate demands, and a further 17 found in written format. Find out who the 70th person is and how they are linked to a wild case of rank hypocrisy here, or merely see the whole list of 77 here.

12 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Fake Debater Extraordinaire

    1. My favourite part of Prasch’s challenge:

      “Andrew, whether you are a biblical ignoramus, a deceiving liar, or both – I do not know.” (Jacob Prasch)

      I’ve heard Prasch break out this type of forced Catch-22 logic a few times. Prasch’s scope of vision for people who have differing opinions is so narrow and his tolerance of them so small, that a person in disagreement with him is reduced to either
      1) a moron
      2) a deceived moron.

    2. So that was Bout 57.

      This is Bout 58, shadow boxing Alan Campbell (info from the website https://academickids.com/encyclopedia/index.php/Alan_Campbell_%28pastor%29 )

      “The Truth About KJV Only first appeared in the summer and autumn, 2001, edition of Moriel Newsletter, and was written by the director of Moriel Ministries, Messianic Jewish preacher James Jacob Prasch. This article claims that Alan “recently ran scared from a debate challenge by a distinguished Professor”. However, when asked about this proposed debate, Prasch has given a muddled and contradictory answer. In point of fact, when Jacob Prasch visited Belfast in September of 1997 and denounced British-Israelism at the Agape Christian Fellowship, Pastor Campbell preached a sermon the following week refuting Mr. Prasch’s criticisms entitled “Identity Truth Defended 1997 (An Answer to J. Prasch)”. Alan also made a point-by-point rebuttal to Mr. Prasch’s anti-KJV article in June of 2002 entitled “Jakob [sic] Prasch vs. the King James Bible”. Recordings of both sermons can be purchased from Open-Bible Ministries’ website, although the former is referred to as “REPLY TO JACOB PRASCH” in the catalogue.”

  1. Bout 59 has been uncovered. Prasch read a comment by an “O’Sullivan” on a Tribulation blog which had done the dread thing of calling Prasch a railer, pointing out how he railed at Treena Gisborn for fact-checking him. Prasch responded to “O’Sullivan” this way:

    “I do not object to honest diatribes aimed at me or my views, but I would appreciate it if Mr. O’ Sullivan did not misrepresent my views without first accurately understanding them. If he then wishes to
    debate me (preferably from the original Greek text) that is fine. But he owes it to The Lord, to The Body of Christ, and to himself to first understand what he is talking about.

    Mr. O’ Sullivan’s citation of defamatory remarks from a mentally ill woman and someone who chooses to be her messenger boy are surely beneath him. I would respectfully request he deals with the
    doctrinal issues and leaves his personal attacks out of the equation.”

    So Prasch does his typical thing of
    1) claiming people who disagree with him don’t know what they are talking about
    2) claims his opponents use ad hominem
    3) Prasch, hypocritically then uses ad hominem.

    So Bout 59: Prasch vs. O’Sullivan.

    The Prasch toys-out-the-pram rant can be seen here:


  2. Bout number 60!!!

    Prasch demanded a debate with Robert Morey with a rather unlikely list of prerequisites…

    “I am willing to accept a challenge to debate from the Hebrew text of Ecclesiastes if Morey really wants to debate. Set up the debate at a neutral venue, get me a ticket, and contact Biola or Talbot and get two qualified Hebrew lecturers as independent linguistic moderators, and I will gladly accept.”


  3. So you are a Kiwi. And you are the producer of the cartoons of Jacob. You admired him and felt you could not beat him in a debate in 2006, though Jacob agreed to meet you.
    Your admiration turned to hatred shortly after that.
    And the obsession/hatred has lasted these 13 years.
    How many more churches have you planted since then?
    Andrew/tall, skinny,Kiwi

    1. ‘Bouts’ 62 and 63:

      Bout 62 is with James McConnell and is found on the BBC website comments section of this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ni/2009/06/megachurch_in_succession_turmo.html

      Another mention is in Prasch’s Moriel Quarterly 1/1997

      Bout 63 is with David Blake and is found in Prasch’s August 1996 Newsletter https://webarchive.nla.gov.au/wayback/20120321044850/http://www.moriel.org/Newsletter/1996/3Q-1996_Towards_a_Second_Reformation.pdf

  4. Bout 65 was in the May/June 2010 Moriel Quarterly where Prasch demanded a debate with Bishop John Shelby Spong. To add to the comedy Prasch repeatedly misspelt Spong’s surname as ‘Sponge’:

  5. Bout 66 was in 2013/2014 when Prasch created a website called http://www.DiscerningDeborahDuRand.com to attack Deborah from http://www.discerningtheworld.com for committing the crime of disagreeing with him, albeit with Prasch hiding behind the alias ‘Anonymous’ (yet accidentally revealing it was him due to ‘Anonymous’ using many Praschisms, using the royal ‘we’ to refer to himself, and demanding Deborah debate him!). Prasch is such a hypocritical and inconsistent fool that in the website he attacked people for “cowardly” using aliases, before signing off with the email address anonymous@discerningdeborahdurand.com

    Of note is that out of the 66 bouts, only two have been women (Deborah Du Rand and Jan Markell) which is odd considering Prasch seems to like screaming at women, but it appears he is largely too terrified to actually face them.

    1. Bouts 67 and 68 are against Randy Clark and Dr. Craig von Buseck, found in this article by Prasch


      And bouts 69 and SEVENTY are from a screaming rant by Prasch from 2014 against Larry De Bruyn and Mark Mullins, as found in this article


      …which subsequently became this exposé article by me: https://tbckawaii.com/2021/03/31/prasch-damns-his-fellow-speakers-in-devore-church-as-busy-body-women-whose-teaching-is-devoid-of-any-biblical-mandate/

      And then the 71st bout is against Brian MacLaren:


      And bout 72 is Elim’s John Lancaster:


      Bout 73 is Mark Stibbe:


      And bouts 74 & 75 are son and father Dave & Ray Borlase…
      And bout 76 is against Richard Snowden…
      And bout 77 is against Andy Wood…
      or they are 59, 60, 58, and 57 in the updated video series:

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