Moriel UK Conference 2019

Today, Friday 15th November 2019, marks the start of Prasch’s long weekend Moriel UK Conference at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanick. According to the Moriel website the conference is “sold out”.

The conference slogan is ‘Strengthen Those Things That Remain’ and the image is an abandoned wooden church leaning to the side, with, of course, those pretend pillars of virtue Jacob Prasch and Marco Quintana either side of it at the foundation-level.

What a vile joke. The church is founded on truth and when it holds to that truth it remains strong. Moriel, by contrast was built on lies and is maintained by lies. For instance, Prasch has founded his ministry upon the blatant lie that he is half Jewish, and then has built his ministry around attacking people (the innocent alongside the guilty) with fake information. Consider his Moriel Scotland Conference earlier this month when he said the following grotesque things about Deborah Menelaws for doing the dread thing of fact-checking Prasch:

As you can see in that clip, Prasch is so far gone that he sees the righteous as wicked, and sees himself—a grotesque and possibly drunk person—as Elijah the prophet!

Moreover the lies don’t stop with Prasch, consider his conference co-speaker Marco Quintana. Quintana is on the Moriel board, and in order to defend his master against the spiritual abuse and bullying allegations he was accused of (and proved to be true in that above clip!), Marco recorded himself lying on behalf of Prasch, repeating the lies multiple times, to help maintain his position in the church. I covered the lies in a video looking at one of Marco’s recent teachings.

Lies are hated by God and liars are forbidden entrance to heaven, yet hundreds of English Christians gathering today in Swanick are apparently more than happy to go listen to two liars wax lyrical about how the Church is teetering. Muri ga toreba dori hikkomu (when unreason comes, reason goes).

With Prasch doubtless taking the opportunity at the conference to share his Midrash interpretation of the Bible (the belief that made it possible for him to conclude in the clip above that he is the equivalent of Elijah the prophet), it is imperative that the Conference audience become aware of the dangerous cultic roots of Prasch’s hermeneutic: