Jacob Prasch & The Shameful ‘Enabling 8’

During Fall 2018 Jacob Prasch the at-the-time-believed-to-be Jewish-American Bible teacher, sparked a series of witch-hunts on South African minister David Nathan, Scottish Christian heads of Christian media group Global Vision 24/7 and British Christian group Intercessors For BritainIt caused various people to begin looking into Prasch’s claims that all were heretics or something akin to that.  Research found that Prasch had lied about them all (as clear as day in video form).  When that evidence was presented, instead of repenting of his exposed sins, Prasch doubled down, and encouraged his followers to do the same.

Catalyst Counselling, a British charity that helps those damaged by abusive religious groups, began investigating Prasch and found him to be guilty of spiritual abuse and bullying “of the worst kind”, and concluded Prasch was not a Christian as he showed non of the fruit of the Spirit the Book of Galatians in the New Testament says will be exhibited in true believers.  Starkly, contrarily, half the bad fruit of the unregenerate person that Galatians 5 also speaks of could be seen in abundance in Prasch.

The exposing of Prasch and his charity Moriel caused a lot of people to move away from any association with Prasch, astonished at how evil he had been behind the scenes as well as publicly, with railing emails sent out to various targets whom he tried to bully into submission.

From January 2019 to present day in mid November 2019, Prasch’s witch-hunts have continued with Anton Bosch, Dr. James White, and Amir Tsarfati being on the receiving end of his attacks—in each case Prasch utilised faked or slanted information against them, going so far as lying about the contents of his own books in order to escape the apparently small charge of spelling words wrong, the result being Anton Bosch being consigned to eternal Hell as a heretic.

Whilst it is understandable that in Fall/Winter 2018 few people would have known quite how Hellish Prasch had been acting, and it would have taken people time to fact-check the exposés on him, but now, a full calendar year after the first exposé was released, there is no excuse for “Christian” leaders and heads of Christian ministries to support him.  Consequently I’ve made a list of the Enabling Eight: those being the 8 “Christian” individuals/group who have worked hard to ignore the evidence, and have tried earnestly to be Prasch’s apologists in order to assist him in maintaining his position in the Christian community to the detriment of the Christians he (and some of them!) have openly attacked and spiritually abused.

The Enabling Eight:

  1. Marco Quintana

Marco is on the Moriel Ministries board as well as being a minister in Devore, California.  He has used his church’s YouTube channel to release a video in Spring 2019 which saw him bare-faced lie for 5 minutes, repeating multiple times that no evidence existed against his Moriel ‘President’ Prasch.  Marco was a speaker alongside Prasch last week in England at the Moriel UK Conference 2019.

  1. David Lister aka David Filister

Lister is the grossly overweight “treasurer” of Moriel who is paid $87,100 per year to do 35 hours per week by Moriel.  He seems to spend the majority of this time writing apologetics for Prasch, and allows his name to be put to badly misspelt documents damning people, which were clearly written by the dyslexic (and drunk?) Prasch.

  1. Joshua Chavez aka Josh Chav aka Servus Christi

Chavez was taken on as the Moriel social media man in early summer 2018 and his presence has coincided with Prasch’s moral collapse.  He has also worked hard to assist Prasch in presenting false information against the likes of Amir Tsarfati, and to try to clear his boss of wrongdoing.  To this day he introduces Prasch in Prasch’s Moriel TV slanderous “attack” videos.

  1. Amos Farrell

Amos Farrell threw his weight behind Prasch late 2018 and released a baffling video made to assist the Monty Pythonesque witch-hunt of David Nathan which boldly stated David Nathan had started the New World Order.  To add to such insane nonsense, Farrell also put his name to a fake document claiming it was from the “Police” of the UK, New Zealand and South Africa, that had—surprise surprise—cleared Prasch of all spiritual abuse charges.  Farrell persists in attacking Prasch’s targets via social media and is known to turn up at churches and cause trouble.

  1. CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International)

CMFI is the “Christian” organisation in Britain who Prasch is part of (as are some others on the list due to the fake credibility CMFI peddle) who were asked to seriously look into the claims against Prasch and Moriel, but only excused him whilst admitting they’d only looked at Prasch’s evidence.  They are known to publicly support the books published by Anaheim-based Witness Lee Cult ‘The Lord’s Recovery’ (see this video from 1:45).

  1. Mike Benade

Benade is the second of 3 alleged Police members who put their names to the fake Police document Prasch used to excuse his behaviour.  Benade is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and is believed to be the retired Police Captain and Moriel affiliate who Prasch tried to arrange to get his former colleagues to turn up at the door of researcher Deborah Du Rand after she wrote a negative article based on facts about Prasch.

  1. John Haller

Haller is an attorney and “prophecy” update teacher based at Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, USA.  Haller has worked behind the scenes with Prasch and plotted to sue Christian Jan Markell after Jan correctly pointed out Prasch has mental problems.  Haller has acted as an apologist for Prasch as recently as October, and, like Quintana, is on his Moriel teaching circuit.

_________________ Cut/tear along perforation line? ____________


UPDATE: The 8th member below, Bill Randles, has become a hero in the months after this original blog post was published.  I’ll leave the text below simply as a record of the tremendous change he has gone through in becoming one of the most vocal faces of the movement to warn the church publicly about Jacob Prasch.  Well done Bill!

  1. Bill Randles

Randles is a minister in Iowa who was for years on the Moriel teaching circuit, and when expected to stand up to his long-time friend in Fall 2018, he briefly did, before chickening out (see first 3 minutes of this video), having enabled Prasch by assisting in Prasch’s witch-hunt of David Nathan, spin-doctoring, going so far as to have brought in a drifter to film anti-Nathan films in his church (see minute 8-9 of this video).  When Prasch eventually called Randles his Judas and witch-hunted him, Randles became a full-time history revisionist to protect his inflated self-image (see comments section of this film and from this blog post).

Because a full year has passed since evidence first began to be disseminated about Prasch’s wicked, godless and Satanic behaviour, and all these people have persisted in making excuses for Prasch in the face of that evidence, they all carry much of the blame for the spiritual damage Prasch has caused.

UPDATE March 2020:

The squad of Prasch-loving idiots has expanded with more alleged ‘leaders’ in the Christian world supporting him and giving him the platform the Bible forbids him from taking due to him being a compulsive liar, a railer, a slanderer, and a drunk. The now Thirteen enablers are listed here.


9 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch & The Shameful ‘Enabling 8’

  1. Bill Randles has separated from Prasch a few month ago already and you know that, yet conveniently leave that part out. You keep on making posts like this and only mention certain things. Maybe it’s time to stop, what good is coming from this continued campaign?

    1. I mention clearly that Prasch turned on him and witch-hunted him. It’s like 1/3 of the Randles entry is post-split.
      I appreciate your question about why continuing it though, Francois. It’s because Prasch is continuing on as if nothing has happened, and so are his apologists. When you consider the damage they’ve done over this year, if it continues as it looks set to, how many more will be damaged?
      But personally I’d like to see it end and Prasch be called to account. It isn’t happening though, in large part because of his enablers.

    2. I’ve added a ‘perforation line’ between 7 and 8 for you, Francois, to better highlight the option a person has to separate Randles from the rest of the gang if they wish to.

  2. The good that is coming from this is that the facts are continuing to be presented as a warning to others to beware of these men. Jacob Prasch and Bill Randles may have parted ways but the company that they’ve kept with each other over the past couple of decades certainly reveals a pattern of toxicity that both continue on in. Jacob and Bill both continue to trash David Nathan. Only difference is, Bill still calls David a “friend” just a few days ago Bill said
    “Anyway, I meant it when in April, I told you that I considered David a friend, I did at that time, until he repudiated me to you, in “fact checking Bill Randles”. I was surprised by David’s reply, and answered him immediately, point by point. I have yt to hear from him. In God’s good time I will endeavor to reach out to David, but I realize I may not be succesfull. Too many people making it worse by lodging false accusations, misreading motives, and pouring fuel n the fires of strife” Bill said this five days ago. ”

    In August Bill puts out an article (Abusing Discernment) saying again of David Nathan:

    “In one recent case a serious heretic was being confronted, but had the good sense to just stand back and allow one of the leading defenders of the faith who was confronting him , to spew forth his anger and bile. The heretic presented himself so much better than his chief detractor, remaining calm, trying to show himself pacific (up to a point) , that he gained many followers though it all in spite of his open and outrageous claims denying the Father as Creator, and diminishing the blood of Jesus in the Millennium.
    How did this blatant heretic get away with it?
    His chief detractor was right doctrinally, but so wrong personally, engaging in vicious rhetoric with several people at once, members of his ‘ministry’ created vicious graphics to ridicule his enemies, He called a confessing Christian woman vile names, lashing out right and left and virtually spitting and frothing at the mouth, denouncing anyone who tried to bring moderation as Judas, (All in Public!).
    All the heretic had to do was act humble, seem moderate, double down on his false teaching, and let his detractors shoot themselves in the foot. As far as I know, he is more popular than ever and still spouting outrageous claims in the name of the LORD>.”

    In one of his videos Bill has put out just a few weeks ago “defending” himself from Jacob’s accusations, he still points out how he stood with Jacob against David Nathan. How do you call someone “friend” then “serious heretic”? If Bill applies Matthew 18 as a point of reconciliation with Pat and I and he thinks it’s the correct process then why isn’t he contacting not only David Nathan but Treena Gisborn and tbckawaii as well? Instead of telling us how bad they are? Why does Bill pray for reconciliation with Jacob, even after Bill points out Jacob’s error of teaching from the Kabbalah? Jacob is an unrepentant man and Bill wants to reconcile with him? It was the responsibility of each of these men listed here to step up and apply the scriptures to restore. They have justified their own agendas at a very great cost. One year later and who is stilling talking about David Nathan and the Menelaws? Jacob and Bill.

  3. I was looking through the stats for this website and noticed this week a ‘referrer’ website was Servus Christi’s fool website beginningofsorrows.org
    So basically Beavis Christi on 6th January 2020 posted a fool blog post titled ‘Does Your Character Match Your Reputation?’ in which Beavis tried to call people to righteous living (ooooohkaaaayyy, so read his entry in this blog here which details his involvement in enabling the Jacob Prasch Personality Cult’s abuse of victims). In March 2020 someone had replied in Beavis’ comments to that blog post and in it linked THIS blog post that basically showed Beavis was a fool hypocrite! GENIUS!
    But after Beavis Christi clicked the link and arrived here, he DELETED the comment to stop people seeing what he’d been up to in 2019! However, the link recorded in my stats showed where it came from, and that he had chosen to reject the comment after clicking it’s link!

    Hmmmm, I wonder why Beavis Christi wants to hide the evidence that he’s a hypocrite and a godless little thuggish turd?


  5. It’s not by my standards that I present Prasch as a drunk, Micki, it is via the state-wide standard method of ascertaining alcohol intoxication presented by the Oregon Liquor Commission.

    If stuff like that doesn’t change your mind about Prasch, what about his South Africa million dollar fraud?

    Or do you overlook fraud too?
    I get it you like Prasch, Micki, but he has rendered himself the most disqualified “Christian” teacher known to man.

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