Marco Quintana: Prasch’s Propagandist Strikes Again

Marco Quintana, one of The Enabling Eight, and Moriel associate and Moriel board member, was this month (November 2019) at Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Hayes Conference which was the bitter end of Prasch’s Fall World Tour.  Now if you remember, Marco Quintana staunchly defended Jacob Prasch in Spring this year, producing the famed ultra-repetitive idiot video posted on his Devore Truth YouTube channel and immediately mirrored on Prasch’s Moriel TV channel (with a suspiciously prepped new title card) in which Marco for 5 minutes told his audience that no evidence against Prasch even existed.  He repeated the astonishing lie 3 times, comically after having said that Nazis repeat lies until people believe them.  And bear in mind Marco was making these claims when the evidence Prasch was heavily documented on various websites.  Consequently he was lampooned in several of my exposé videos, most notably in Marco Quintana and The Women Who Fondle Wolves.

Well half a year later, with Marco still on the Moriel board as other pro-Prasch people have fallen [been lynched] by the wayside, Marco has decided to offer some more pro-Prasch propaganda at said conference in Swanick, England.  This time around Marco has stated rather brazenly in his opening monologue that Jacob Prasch is of a very certain ethnicity!  He says 30 seconds into this video:

“I remember the first time I listened to Jacob, and I said, ‘Who is this guy? Who is this Jewish guy? Where has he been all my life?”

Here is the clip:

Does anybody actually still believe that Jacob Prasch is Jewish?  Didn’t Treena Gisborn totally debunk Prasch’s decades-long claim of being half Jewish in springtime?  Over half a year ago didn’t spiritual abuse charity head Graham Baldwin publicly ask Prasch for evidence of being half Jewish?  Clearly Prasch couldn’t offer anything, so has tried to ignore the request, because if he admitted he wasn’t half-Jewish, he’d have been caught in various lies.  You can see various clips of Prasch at the bottom of this page stating things that can only conclude he is claiming to be half-Jewish for the statements to make any sense.

I believed Prasch was half-Jewish for the majority of my first season of films about him, and changed that once reviewing Treena’s research, but that was in springtime 2019.  This is half a year later, and Marco will be very aware his boss Prasch isn’t Jewish, or at least will be aware that compelling (and as-yet not refuted) evidence exists that shows how Prasch cannot be half-Jewish, yet Marco is peddling the belief that Prasch is Jewish.

So, as Marco Quintana is so certain this is the case, (as is fellow Moriel associate Sandy Simpson), I ask him to kindly present the information that has confirmed to him that Prasch is Jewish.

Update December 2020: Prasch AtteMpts to ‘Neuralize’ His Disciples!

Bible ‘teacher’ Jacob Prasch (real name James Aloysius Prasch Jr.) and his personality cult have been battered since Summer 2020 by waves of cognitive dissonance caused by various exposés which have uncovered and defrocked him, proving him to be a career-long fake Jew charlatan who has fabricated a half-Jewish background in order to gain some credibility in teaching ancient Jewish Midrash to gullible types who’ll give him money for the insights. Prasch has been widely recorded claiming deliberately indirectly in audio and video to be half Jewish for decades, with even his own self-published books claiming a Jewish connection through crafty wordplay:

Back cover to ‘Shadows of the Beast’ by Prasch

In Summer 2020 Chris Rosebrough researched Treena Gisborn’s 2019 work on Prasch’s genealogy and went on a deep dive to prove via a birth certificate,, and through Prasch’s full biological BROTHER Bob, that Prasch is a 0% Jew, a 100% Irish-American, and therefore a 100% fraudster.

Prasch, in reaction to being outed, doubled down in his lies and went on camera with a forged DNA report to attempt to prop up his facade, which I and researcher Fonzy debunked here in August (see update from August 2020 above).

Now, after what I’d assume to be a large amount of pressure from inside his personality cult, Prasch has broken out his Men In BlackNeuralizer’ to attempt to have his cult forget all his decades of lying to them by presenting a slightly altered narrative. He gave his brand new take on his Jewish ‘identity’ in the opening minute of his stupid December 12th 2020 UFO-related video:

In that opening minute Prasch states:

“…bearing in mind my mother was Catholic and my father was no religion, I, uhh, acculturated into Jewish culture basically through marriage and living in Israel.”

-Prasch, 12 December 2020

Ahh, so for years Prasch was raised half Jewish via his half Jewish father (whom Chris exposed as being 100% Irish-American Roman-Catholic), but now he’s outed as a fraud, and DESPITE the idiotic doubling down in the lie earlier which produced the farcical and imbecile forgery of the DNA report, Prasch is now backpedaling furiously by claiming his Jewish identity was only picked up after he moved to Israel in the 1970s, 20+ years after his supposed Jewish upbringing he talked up just months ago!  In other words, Jacob Prasch has accidentally exposed himself as a career liar by glaringly altering his tall Jewish tale to better fit the now widely exposed and documented undeniable reality.  This tells you two things: 1. Prasch hasn’t repented of the decades of lying, and 2. Prasch has treated his disciples like morons by apparently expecting them to wilfully be Neuralized into accepting this new take sans the realisation he has lied, thus he has effectively pulled the wool again over the eyes of those who he has for decades pulled the wool over the eyes of!

Patient zero: Marco Quintana

The funny thing is the first person to experience Prasch’s Neuralizing—his Patient Zero—has been one of his squad, Marco Quintana.  Marco is a baffling individual, because he was aware Prasch had been outed as a fake Jew way back in Spring 2019 when Graham Baldwin the spiritual abuse counsellor stated he was such in his excellent Prasch exposé series, wherein Graham asked for Prasch to back up his half-Jew claim with factual evidence (which he failed to attempt to do until in reaction to Chris Rosebrough’s 2020 exposé when he broke out the farcical faked paperwork).  It’s provable Quintana knew about Graham’s fake Jew claim against Prasch because Marco went on record in reaction to Graham’s videos with his own video of such astronomically foolish proportions, wherein Marco Quintana, a minister in an actual church in Devore, California, openly and repeatedly lied about his boss Jacob Prasch, claiming quite farcically that no evidence even existed against Prasch!  I made light of his lies in this short reaction video:

And half a year later in early Winter 2019, Marco Quintana, working as a propagandist for Prasch, came to the UK to take part in Prasch’s quickly shrinking Hayes Conference, and openly stated the lie that Prasch was a “Jewish guy”:

Whilst Prasch, in this December 2020 video, sprung his new take on his Jewishness onto a clearly unprepared Marco Quintana, shoehorning the information into his reply to Quintana’s intro that itself didn’t set itself for the type of Jewish-identity-history-alteration info dump Prasch would make, it has to be noted Prasch seized the most key moment to do it, for his watching disciples would likewise to Quintana have been both taken off guard and would have been in that giddy moment of first seeing their “lord Jacob” on screen; and bear in mind Moriel TV’s average video watch time is merely NINETY SECONDS (as documented in Episode 10), you can understand why Prasch threw in his near non sequitur within the first 60 seconds.

Yet at much as Prasch may be now trying to rework his crafted and crafty Jewish tale to fit widely exposed reality, by doing so he makes all that came before—for decades!—suddenly unworkable, since his new take doesn’t allow for what is even printed on his own BOOKS, since they claim he attended a Jewish community centre as a child, let alone his more recent Summer 2020 videotaped doubling down in those claims in reaction to Chris Rosebrough’s exposés! With him merely adjusting his narratives to better fit the reality he fought for months to cover up, and to do it so brazenly without owning up to the decades of lucrative lies the altered narrative naturally expose, reveals Prasch is once again using deception to maintain his financially successful business, and is hoping his disciples will be too stupid to realise they’ve been ‘neuralized’ deliberately into forgetting all the mountain of Prasch’s half-Jewish lies that came before.

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  1. First, the elephant in the room. Marco and all the Moriel affiliates believe Jacob is without error in everything he affirms. They believe what Jacob says is true, is true.
    Should say Bible instead of Jacob but who wants to be confused with actual facts.

    1. David Pawson called out Marco’s mode of thinking in the 1998 arbitration report, stating of Prasch:

      “His unusual background, knowledge and experience have attracted many followers though, as with other persuasive communicators, some of his devotees regard his pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue, an attitude he does not appear to discourage. The title of his newsletters (‘Moriel’ means ‘God is my teacher’) has more than a hint of a claim to special revelation, whether this is intended or not.”

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