Jacob Prasch’s Paying Customers Dwindle to a QUARTER in a Year

John in the comments section of this video pointed out to me how few people it seemed—from the Moriel TV video evidence—were attending Prasch’s ‘big’ Moriel Conference (the Hayes Conference) this November 2019 compared to the year he attended it, so I researched it a bit…

Now, keep in mind that the day before the Hayes Conference 2019 began, Moriel boasted on their website that it had sold out and they were “FULL“:


Well what exactly does “new are full!” mean?  Perhaps a typo meaning “we are full!“?  Anyway, the Conference was “full” either way.  So consider what Prasch said about the Hayes Conference at the much earlier 2019 Northern Conference:

So Prasch said in Spring 2019 that Moriel would get 300-350 people at the Hayes Conference in Swanwick to the point that the facilities “got too small” and Moriel subsequently had to expand to ‘regional’ conferences like the Northern Conference in order to spread out that type of turnout.  Remember how during that Northern Conference Prasch went on his infamous 9-minute long slanderous rant at a Scottish Christian woman?  Hmm, well she used to help arrange his Scottish Conference, so keep that all in mind when you consider what Prasch said at his subsequent 2019 Moriel Scottish conference which assembled after his various pathetic attacks on that Scottish woman:

So Prasch interpreted his sparse turnout in Scotland a month ago to be evidence of people going to his YouTube channel instead of paying to see his Punch & Judy act (or rather Punch & Jezebel act) live, rather than correlating it with the more obvious vociferous attack on a Scottish Christian who they’d have known well.

So, all that to say, Prasch, in Spring 2019 expected a big turn out of 300-350 at the Hayes Conference.  In the past (2017) Prasch’s gig there had been held at Hayes’s Derbyshire Hall which seats 400 people max.  You can match the 2017 location by the large curtain that hangs from the head of the room:


This year, however, the curtain is gone and this is the background:

apparent multitudes

This is clearly not the same Derbyshire Hall, but the Hayes’s Main Conference Hall, albeit with the wood walls now painted white:


The Main Conference Hall seats 80 less than Prasch’s usual haunt, a total of 320.  So you might say, Oh but 320 isn’t that much down from Prasch’s 350 claim. That’s correct, and the videos from the 2019 conference seem to suggests big numbers as the camera frequently zooms out a bit for no apparent reason beyond trying to emphasize the numbers in attendance.  But then the event was filmed it seems due to the shoddy sound by either Moriel TV social media clown Servus Christi who was caught masquerading as a Christian woman called Lydia posting positive buzz about his boss Prasch, or it was village idiot and Moriel Police Sergeant Amos Farrell who sacrificed his credibility for his thinker/protector Prasch last November by putting his name and face to the bovine conspiracy theory that stated rather boldly/stupidly that Prasch’s quarry David Nathan had launched the New World Order and named it The New David Nathan Way, so Servus Christi, or Amos, both with their reputations forever bound to Jacob Prasch would be keen to zoom out to create propaganda that makes their thinker/protector still seem popular.  Buuuut Servus Christi or Amos pressed zoom-out once too hard and immediately shot himself in both feet by accidentally revealing the back row giving us this shot:

about 70-80

OOPS!  I counted 68 heads, and there’s a corner to the back left cut out I suggest about 10-12 are in meaning about 80 people.  Besides the lone chair on the extreme right, and the guy right at the back, there appears to be 7 rows of 17 chairs, totalling 121 chairs (many of which are empty).  So, Prasch used to pull in 350 at this conference, and after his year-long slanderous assaults on various Christians and Christian ministries using his faked information and lies, approximately 3 quarters of his paying customers have jumped overboard from Moriel’s sinking ship captained as it is by a spiritually blind godless, self-absorbed, grandiose-thinking, demonised lunatic railer.

As you’ll find in the forthcoming Jacob Prasch Files posted on this blog, Prasch is highly reliant on people funding his lifestyle, and has been since the late 1990s, so his collapse in paying followers will be agonising to him, and deservedly so for his extreme wickedness and unchecked spiritual abuse of Christians.