The Jacob Prasch Files No.4: Moriel Australia Inc. & Prasch’s “List of Imaginary JW Supporters and Heretics”

I have uncovered several rather eye-opening articles about Jacob Prasch from the late 1990s. This is the fourth in the collection:

This article comes from July-December 1999 after Prasch’s disasterous assault on the Elim denomination in Australia that resulted in the utterly humiliating arbitration report submitted by theologian David Pawson that pointed out how attack-oriented and unaccountable Prasch was, to which Prasch responded by attacking David Pawson and damning him, despite Pawson having been Prasch’s hand-picked arbiter!  Prasch’s troubles caused his Moriel branch (of volunteers) in Australia to fear being sued by Elim, so they made moves to avoid this since they weren’t to blame for it all, it was Prasch over in England who was entirely to blame due to his outrageous, slanderous attacks.  It resulted in a standalone ministry called Moriel Australia Inc. briefly coming into being, which Prasch naturally raged about whilst clearly not taking into account the situation he caused that necessitated it.

This is the way Moriel Australia’s volunteers recorded the events:

Moriel Australia Inc.
This is the only official web site for Moriel Australia Inc.

July 1999

Since the time of Jacob Prasch’s legal problems with the Elim Pentecostal Church in 1998 — their court action resulted in him retracting his extreme and misleading statements, agreeing to place an embarrassing apology on the Internet, and in submitting to an arbitration process before David Pawson — Jacob’s actions and attitude have made it impossible for the team at Moriel Australia to continue in association with him.
For Jacob’s sake, we have done everything in our power to limit the fallout from his extraordinary behaviour, but his persistent attacks make it necessary for us to provide some public explanations.

Jacob made two things clear to us during his visit to Australia in June/July 1998: (1) he had spent over UK£20,000 on lawyers during the action by Elim and (2) no such financial support would be forthcoming if we were sued as a result of any actions we had taken on his behalf.
The only sensible option open to us was to register Moriel Australia as an incorporated association. We lodged the application for incorporation in June 1998 and were granted incorporation in September 1998.
Since the dissolution of our partnership with Jacob, he has frequently accused us of “stealing” his name. In reality we have offered to relinquish the name in return for his indemnifying us against any legal consequences that might yet arise from our role in publishing his material and compensating us for the costs involved in the entire process. Jacob has consistently refused our offers.

In December 1998 Jacob made an unsuccessful visit to the USA. He was repeatedly urged not to undertake a tour at that time and it was dogged by blizzards, cancellations and poor attendance at most venues.
At one point Jacob especially embarrassed himself by speaking and acting rudely at a meeting with a group of supporters in Pittsburgh. One of the outcomes of the event was an escalation of rudeness and hostility by Jacob toward Annie Rogers, who had been Jacob’s representative in the USA since mid-1997.
Annie Rogers resigned from Moriel USA in early March 1999. Jacob’s response was to broadcast a false report about her beliefs to a group of prominent Christian leaders across the USA, accusing her of endorsing heretical views of the Trinity.

As someone who had maintained very close contact with Annie Rogers throughout her association with Moriel, Henry Sheppard felt it only right and just that he speak out in her defence. On 23 March 1999 he sent an e-mail to the same people that Jacob had addressed (plus those members of Moriel around the world who had a right to see what was going on).
Jacob responded angrily, now including Henry on his list of imaginary JW supporters and heretics. Henry replied to Jacob’s attack, triggering a few more rounds in a similar vein.

It is not worth working through all the boring details, other than to say that by the end of March 1999 it was obvious that the relationship between Moriel Australia Inc. and Jacob Prasch was over.
Our preference was to sell Jacob the remaining copies of the book we had created for him (at wholesale prices), give him the masters for the two books and the twenty-odd papers we had published for him, and just quietly go our separate ways.
But Jacob wouldn’t settle for that; he wanted revenge. To date we have received four threatening letters from Jacob’s lawyers in Australia [Moore’s Solicitors, PO Box 340, Box Hill, VIC 3128], and numerous phone calls and e-mails. Most of the letters are headed:

which has been a source of amusement to those who have read Jacob’s defamatory e-mails to Greg Sowerby, in which, among other things, Jacob has described Henry Sheppard as “an evil man,” “demonised,” “a backslider,” “liar,” “slanderer,” “false brother,” and “satan’s instrument.”

S U M M A R Y :

1.  Annie Rogers is not a “heretic.” She supported Jacob Prasch at her own expense and created the foundation of his success in the USA. When she failed to accept Jacob’s demand that she believe his accusations against a fellow-Christian, despite a complete lack of evidence, he turned on her and slandered her name around the world.
2.  Peter Michas is not a “heretic.” As an evangelist and teacher (something Jacob Prasch also claims to be), he has been careful to avoid the confusion that often arises in the minds of new Christians on the subject of the Trinity by refusing to use the word “person” — defined in every dictionary as “an individual human being.” Jacob Prasch has refused to discuss the significance and implications of Peter’s choice with him, preferring instead to label him a “heretic” and attack him from a safe distance. [We have been embarrassed by the number of Australians who call themselves ‘Christians’ who have been happy to parrot Jacob’s accusations, without making the slightest effort to hear the other side of the story. ]
3.  Henry Sheppard is not a “heretic.” He has displayed the moral fibre necessary to stand up to a professional religious bully who attacked an innocent woman and attempted to destroy her reputation around the world.
4.  David Pawson has probably made the most important contribution to this web site. We endorse his opinion that this kind of disagreement among Christians should never be published on the Internet. However, Jacob Prasch’s use of the Internet to attack innocent people has left us with no alternative but to respond in the same medium.
David Pawson’s “Arbitration Report” is a lengthy document (thirteen pages of hand-written notes in the original), and a little slow in parts; but it was written nine months before Jacob Prasch launched his irrational and dishonest attack on a woman who has never done him anything but good. As such it provides an unintentional, but very important, independent confirmation of the character flaws that have allowed Jacob Prasch to lash out at people he knows to be innocent. We respectfully request that anyone who has listened to Jacob’s attacks on Annie Rogers / Peter Michas / Henry Sheppard read it thoughtfully.

August 1999

We have no choice but to respond to the amazing comments made on Jacob’s Moriel UK web site as at 18 August 1999.
· At no point did Jacob Prasch ever personally profit from
the sale of audio or videotapes sold in Australia. Honorariums
and contributions made were merely applied to airfares to bring
Mr Prasch to Australia, and when his family visited, it was at
his own expense;

At no point has any such accusation been made publicly by anyone associated with Moriel Australia Inc. Jacob is defending himself against a non-attack; we wonder why?
But seeing he has raised the subject, we have to say that Moriel Australia has never, at any time, entered into any agreement regarding air fares. The two times that Moriel Australia was involved in trips to Australia by Jacob Prasch, the air fares related to his trip to New Zealand; Australia was simply a bonus stopping-off point for him.
Moriel Australia Inc. still has the records relating to the transfer of thousands of dollars to Jacob’s personal bank account; transfers that were made at Jacob’s direct personal request. (These records are only ever likely to become significant if Taxation authorities in the UK become interested in this case. In the meantime, his attempts to piggy-back his demands for all papers relating to Moriel Australia onto the back of the sale of the books seem to be more meaningful in the light of his protests concerning his taxable income.)
The travel to the USA, New Zealand and Australia in June/July/August 1999 by Jacob’s family was not at his expense, as claimed, but on Frequent Flyer points built up from previous trips around the world at the expense of people who believed that Jacob Prasch was a genuine minister of the Gospel.

· We do not claim a monopoly on Hebrew Root teaching
but do warn against counterfeits of the teaching;

There are two forms of counterfeit: one involves false teaching, the other involves true teaching, mixed with a false life style. “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees…”

· At no point did we threaten to sue Mr Sheppard for
damages but sought to enforce our copyright in certain
Moriel materials;

To date Henry Sheppard has received three letters from Jacob’s solicitor threatening legal action against him, amongst other things, for “defamation.” The copyrighted materials in question consist of twenty odd papers and one book edited and placed in print by Henry Sheppard for Jacob Prasch’s benefit. Jacob is desperate to disguise the fact that the papers which served to make him well-known in Australia were all created by Henry, even to the point of demanding that the Preface page of the book (which shows Henry as the editor) be ripped out before Jacob will allow the book to be sold.

We sincerely regret that people had their name removed from
our mailing list by Mr Sheppard and we invite anyone wishing
to receive our Prayer and Newsletter to resubscribe to the
official Moriel.

The insinuation here is that names were removed from the Moriel Australia mailing list without Jacob Prasch’s knowledge. In fact, names were regularly pruned from the list with Jacob’s full knowledge and approval, a practice that he himself followed in the UK.

September 1999

Jacob’s response to this web site has been to launch another attack — this time against David Pawson. Amongst other things, Jacob characterises David Pawson as being “used by the wicked one to mislead God’s people into something plainly satanic”.

December 1999

During September/October 1999, Margaret Godwin sent two e-mails in which she attempted to intimidate us by claiming she was acting under instructions from a solicitor. (In the real world, solicitors act on the instructions of their clients, not the other way round.) We treated her threats with the contempt they deserved.

Her response to our silence was to publish self-styled final commentsabout this web site on the Moriel UK web site in October, and to distribute the same comments across Australia in early December 1999.

Concerning her statements, we offer the following observations:

1. This web site challenges Jacob Prasch on more than fifty separate points. Margaret Godwin has carefully ignored the vast majority of these — thereby extending her tacit confirmation to over 90% of our statements.

2. She plays a cute trick concerning our offer to relinquish the name “Moriel Australia,” by placing two statements alongside one another so as to imply some dishonesty on our part. What she carefully left out are the dates and the real significance of those two offers. The first — an offer to relinquish the name at no real cost to Jacob — took place in March 1999. The second was an offer in August 1999 to transfer control of the incorporated association “Moriel Australia Inc.” Both offers were dependant on Jacob honouring his earlier commitment to purchase the books. The real difference between the two offers was $5,000 — a far smaller amount than what it would cost Jacob to set up his own incorporated association in Australia. (The astute reader will have observed that Margaret Godwin’s organisation is not an incorporated association.)

3. When Jacob first raised the idea of his visiting Australia in 1999, we flatly rejected the idea. (The enormous expense involved did not justify annual trips, in our view.) Jacob responded by saying that he had accumulated substantial Frequent Flyer points which would expire in 2000. For him it was a case of use-them-or-lose-them, and on that basis he intended taking his family with him around the world in 1999.
Now Margaret Godwin informs us that, rather than use points that would expire shortly anyway, Jacob casually reached into his back pocket and purchased three round-the-world air tickets on a whim! Staggering! We are gob-smacked…
The reader needs to understand that literally from the first day we met him, Jacob has constantly complained about being under financial pressure. He led us to believe that he existed on the brink of financial disaster. We voluntarily carried the costs of creating and distributing a newsletter for him for three years in the belief that he had absolutely no money with which to finance the venture. Margaret Godwin now informs us that not only were we deceived, but uses that revelation as a basis to call us liars!

4. Margaret Godwin also offers some statements concerning the financial transactions between Moriel Australia and Jacob Prasch over the period June 1996 to March 1999.
A) Margaret Godwin had no involvement of any description in the matters under discussion. She has never sighted any papers relating to the transactions in question. She has no first hand knowledge of these matters, yet arrogantly offers her opinion as though it were the authoritative last word on the matter.
B) She says that “any money ever taken out of Australia was only adequate to cover Jacob Prasch’s travelling expenses.” How does she know how much was taken out of Australia in that period?
C) The context of our original comment was as a response to Jacob’s claim that he never personally profited from the work in Australia, when in fact he had instructed us on several occasions to transfer substantial sums of money to his personal bank account in the UK. How Jacob subsequently disposed of those monies is his problem entirely, but they were indisputably paid to him. If intended as a refund to Moriel UK for air fares, why didn’t he instruct us to transfer the monies to the Moriel UK bank account?

5. The statement that “Jacob (had during his recent tour) boasted that he expects to become independently wealthy through an insurance payout (relating to his accident) in the near future” is a true and accurate report of Jacob’s statements during a phone conversation when he was in Australia. Whether he intended it as hyperbole or sober fact is for Jacob to advise.

6. The statement;
      “We emphatically deny that Moriel spent £20,000 or any sum
vaguely resembling it in its legal defence against Elim and we
challenge anyone who publicly states otherwise to provide proof.”

is classic Jacob Prasch!
The figure was given to us by Jacob in 1998 (as part of his consistent pattern of pleading poverty). If the figure is inaccurate, he could simply quote the true figure. Instead he issues a childish and aggressive challenge intended, presumably, to intimidate us all.

We recognise Jacob’s talent (indeed, we spent three years labouring at our own expense to support him), but his demands that we accept his defamatory accusations against genuine and sincere Christians, on no other basis than his say-so, is quite unacceptable. We are happy to leave Jacob to his own devices; sad that he (and his representative) persists in slandering us.
The Team at Moriel Australia Inc.
15 December 1999

Here is Moriel’s “forced” reply in Prasch’s magazine Moriel Quarterly December 1999.  Compare its opinion with what Henry reported above.

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  1. For over 20 years this this guy has been going from bad to worse. He’s only been able to keep this going because so many sincere people who’ve been attacked by Prasch have remained silent in the hope to protect the body of Christ, where the Godless Prasch has no qualms about publicly destroying faithful christians.

    It’s sad to see this but I truly hope the followers and enablers of Prasch will seek The Lord humble themselves and do what is right.

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