The Jacob Prasch Files No.5: “Head-kicking” Benny Hinn, and “Culling” Moriel’s “Aunt Maybel” Subscribers

I have uncovered several rather eye-opening articles about Jacob Prasch from the late 1990s.  This is the fifth in the collection:

In this rather revealing email to his Moriel volunteers in Australia (before they were falsely blasted as heretics by Prasch the following year as seen in the previous post), Prasch is rather open about the making of money out of the sale of his VHS tapes and books, and shares a rather dim view of Moriel’s “Aunt Maybel” subscribers, the ones, it seems, who are subscribed but aren’t buying anything off the recordings list Moriel are mailing by post to them all.  Prasch also says he wants to be like the great theologian, apologist and thinker Francis Schaeffer, with Prasch boasting about his own oratory skills, all the while referencing the Moriel system of battling heretics: by “head kicking“.

Culling Mailing lists

Subject: RE: Newsletters
From: Jacob Prasch []
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 23:54:40 -0000

Dear Henry,

Not all the News letters in the UK have been “head kicking”.

Things like “What The Reformers Forgot” and “Towards A Second Reformation” dealt with practical theological issues and got a good response in Britain. The language however was needed to get our stuff read by the more educated of the clergy and to get it into bible colleges etc. to help influence future clergy. “Satan’s Seduction of The Hebrew Root Movement” dealt with a major topical issue and likewise got a good response.

However, we have toned down the head kicking. The “Slain In The Spirit” issue got a tremendous response because it addressed a contemporary problem in the form of a bible study.

Anyway, I accept the difference in what you are saying about the News Letters. The only thing I was suggesting is that we need to include a tape list with an order form in OZ if we do not already, with a bold print advert for “New Titles”.

The rest of the stuff you say about the “Aunt Maybel”subscribers is deadly accurate. I do not bthink it is possible to totally stop this, but periodic culls keep it in check to a fsome degree. It is a never ending battle. We are planning a cull in England next autumn. We are going to ask people to send in a response form or be cut off the list, with an announcement they can pull it off the internet if they are interested.

I will ask our video service about VHS masters. I simply do not know. If we could get Super VHS duplicating machines, is there a legal way to beat an import levy if the duplicators are for religious purposes?I do not know.

I know the bible teaching is the issue . But I can show you a stack of letters of people who have been set free from Toronto, Hinn, and the rest of it precisely because I have openly named the names of the deceivors. But as I said, we are toning that thing down. The point being that during Toronto and the lawsuites(including against you guys in Oz) there was a time and a need to do that.

The tapes are out there and so is “Christianity In Crises” and some other people’s material along the same lines. They have heard it. If they want they can get the back audios. It is time for the rest of us to move on. If people will still believe in men like Hinn after the proof that he is a heretic and still believe in Pensecola in light of the videos exposing it for what it is – these people must want to be deceived, or at least not care if they are. They have had their warening and there is nothing else that I or anyone else is going to say that is going to change their minds.

I will still speak out on contemporary issues, but not to the degree I have done unless it is in the form of a book addressed specifically to the purpose or a bible teaching so custom designed like “Slain In The Spirit” was. Moreover, VANGUARD will be the vehicle for this, not primarily MORIEL. I believe with Toronto, there was a need for strong clear voices to take a stand at the time, but now we must concentrate more on bible teaching, although I do not see a problem with a reactive element being included in that when the need arises and The Lord so leads. I mean, Paul’s epistles did it!

Concerning the “head kicking” look at your book on The AOG. I believe at the time at least there was a need for someone who had been on the inside and publish the truth. All I am saying is that now there is less need for that kind of thing, and we need to move on. But this does not mean that there was not a need for such things to be done at the time.

Our UK conference this year was 6 teachings on “Understanding The Rapture”. I would loce to have a weekend residential conference in Oz doing that subject if it weere possible at some future point. It had no head kicking (except at one point when I dealt with three charismatic figures who are currently teaching against the rapture, which was necessary to the over all content).

The fact that one cannot make any roads into the bible colleges without academic packaging (not that I would expect to get too far anyway in bible colleges) is a prioblem. Another problem lies more with me.

* My initial university background was in science. I had to write lab reports, not too many essays.

* I began as a street preacher. I learned to preach on the streets and in Speakers Corner in London. I began by evangelising Jews on the street corners of Manhatten and Tekl Aviv. I am by nature a much better verbal communicator than I am a writer.

* I studied academic theology in the British system which is very scholarly in emphasis.. So by the time I did begin to write essays, it was all in academic language because I was expected to interact with published scholarly opinion.

I have been aware of these problems for some time, which is why I always placed more stress on tapes and videos than in what is written. Having tapes transcibed by yourself, changes that. My thinking is that when the upcoming book comes out which is reactive, the collection of transcribed teachings by yourself can be copy edited by a professional copy editor and made into a follow up book of a pro active nature.

As a speaker I can by the grace of The Lord coupled with sanctified human ability pull things off well. In a written format however, I am afraid that I am a prisoner of my educational experience and training. Jesus said to feed His sheep, not his scholars. Problematically, 99% of theology is written for theologans, not the sheep.

I always wanted to be like Francis Schaffer. He was personally scholarly, but as a writer, he knew how to recycle academic material into something of practical use for ordinary Christians. I have the ability to do that as a speaker seemingly, but not as a writer. That is one reason I believe The Lord brought you on board to transcribe and edit what is spoken onto a published format.

For mysel;f though, I will always be primarily a verbal communicator.

In Jesus, JJP.

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  1. This explains one reason why it was difficult to read his books, I wonder if most of his books have just been transcribed from tapes? My guess would be he is more comfortable as a “verbal communicator” as he can hear the sound of his own voice and it is much easier for him to exert verbal abuse than written. I commend you on presenting these communications as they clearly show that Jacob has been on this course of abuse, damning others and trying desperately to elevate himself for decades now, with no accountability and no moral or spiritual conscience, condemnation or guilt.

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