Jacob Prasch Files No.6: Prasch: Pastor or Predator?

I have uncovered several rather eye-opening articles about Jacob Prasch from the late 1990s.  This is the sixth in the collection:

So I stumbled upon this page on the Moriel.org website:


The Prasch post says: “Dear friends, following the recent article “Jacob Prasch – Pastor or Predator” and other materials on the Internet web site called “Moriel Australia Inc.” the board of Moriel has issued this warning to provide facts for all concerned…”  After reading that intro I was naturally interested in trying to find the article it talked about, especially since Prasch was wanting to provide “facts” in response to it, and we know that Prasch’s “facts” over the past 13 months have largely been ‘fabrications’, meaning the document was rendered more likely to be true due to Prasch’s track record of repeatedly presenting lies and deception.

Thanks to Australian Government website Trove for keeping it for 20 years.

The document comes from the same crew of former Moriel Australia volunteers who ripped Prasch and his argumentation to shreds in the previous posts, so judge for yourself if what you read below is fact or fiction…

Jacob Prasch
Pastor or Predator?

    During the early 1990s, Jacob Prasch, an American preacher who claims to possess insights into the Jewish secrets of the Bible, came to prominence in a few small church groups in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

A number of God-fearing believers in each of the countries in question banded together to provide Mr Prasch with financial and material support. At their own expense they published newsletters, constructed web sites to promote his work, duplicated audio and video tapes for distribution to interested parties, financed his frequent trips around the world, and organised and promoted meetings across their respective nations.

None of this was enough for Mr Prasch, who complained constantly about an alleged lack of financial support and the failure of his (unpaid, volunteer) workers to do what he wanted, where and when he wanted it done. For their part, many of the volunteers became disturbed by Mr Prasch’s apparent hatred of women. He often refers to both his wife and his mother in a belittling manner, and disparages the efforts of women on his behalf. Many of the women who had actively supported Mr Prasch in the USA stated that they were, upon meeting his wife for the first time, shocked by her apparent fear of her husband. A number of them stated that they thought her behaviour and mannerisms to be consistent with that of a battered wife.

Another constant problem was Mr Prasch’s tendency to publish or broadcast the most extreme attacks on individuals, many of them people he has never met. He doesn’t bother to correspond with his victims before launching an attack based on his own half-baked assessment of their ideas. In one instance his accusations about Christian leaders in Northern Ireland placed individual lives at risk when he suggested they were actively involved in the ‘troubles’ there. The denomination involved, Elim, took legal action to silence Mr Prasch and protect their member’s lives. A copy of the subsequent apology and retraction by Mr Prasch can be read here.

In June 1998 Mr Prasch was forced to submit to an arbitration process before David Pawson, who published an ‘Arbitration Report’ on June 29, 1998. This report is probably the most extensive and balanced assessment of Mr Prasch’s personal weaknesses published to date. It is instructive to note that Mr Prasch personally selected David Pawson for the role of Arbiter in this matter, but since the publication of the Report has done everything in his power to denigrate both David Pawson and the Report. A copy of the Pawson Report can be read here.

Mr Prasch consistently disregarded the advice of his supporters concerning the timing and frequency of his visits to their countries. In December 1998 he made an unsuccessful visit to the USA. He was repeatedly urged not to undertake a tour at that time and it was dogged by blizzards, cancellations and poor attendance at most venues. At one point Mr Prasch especially embarrassed himself by speaking and acting rudely at a meeting with a group of supporters in Pittsburgh. One of the outcomes of the event was an escalation of rudeness and hostility by Mr Prasch toward Annie Rogers, who had been his representative in the USA since mid-1997.

Annie Rogers resigned from Moriel USA in early March 1999. Mr Prasch’s response was to broadcast a false report about her beliefs to a group of prominent Christian leaders across the USA, accusing her of endorsing heretical views of the Trinity. The matter degenerated into a series of arguments and counter-arguments, many of which once appeared on the Moriel Australia Inc web site. An abbreviated collection of the more significant documents have been placed here for your convenience.

The original team at Moriel USA emphatically disassociate themselves from Jacob Prasch. Former supporters in South Africa, including those who provided the South African web site, no longer wish to be associated with Mr Prasch. The former team at Moriel Australia have stated publicly that Mr Prasch’s actions and attitude have made it impossible for them to continue in association with him.

Additionally, Mr Prasch has entered into public disputes with conservative Christians in several countries.  The following links may provide further information for anyone interested enough in Jacob Prasch to have read this far.

Prasch spoke about all this in an undated video. Here is the clip:

The Jacob Prasch Files

The Jacob Prasch Files

  1. David Pawson’s 1998 Report on Prasch’s Behaviour
  2. Prasch Damns His Own Chosen Arbiter David Pawson!
  3. Prasch the “Malevolent and Breathtakingly Ungrateful Thug
  4. Moriel Australia Inc. & Prasch’s “List of Imaginary JW Supporters and Heretics”
  5. Head-kicking” Benny Hinn, and “Culling” Moriel’s “Aunt Maybel” Subscribers
  6. Prasch: Pastor or Predator?
  7. Prasch: “Women Are Vulnerable to Spiritual Seduction More Than Men Are”
  8. Australian Cult Information Service Places Moriel on List of Possible “Extremist Groups/Destructive and Manipulative Sects/Cults/High Pressure Groups”
  9. Half-Jewish Poison Comes To Hectorville
  10. Inglorious Praschtards And The Handbook For Decapitators of Gay Nazis
  11. Prasch’s Embarrassing Apology to Elim… and Subsequent Screaming Rant
  12. Annie Rogers Exposes Prasch to the USA!

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  1. Wow again. And know I feel even more guilty about not checking this guy out more before I joined Moriel TV. I should not have just taken Sandy Simspson’s word on Prasch but been a good Berean. (not Sandys fault though I am accountable for me not Sandy)Again I am really sorry if I caused anyone to stumble during my years with Moriel-Blessings in Jesus-Tim

    1. Bear in mind these 6 documents were uncovered via Australia’s web archival site Trove and the websites they were originally published on ceased to exist around 2002/2003, so if you had researched Moriel you’d have found little negative (add to that the way people feared to ‘out’ Prasch due to his OTT reactionary attacks/slander/heretic claims). In 2019 it is different and that’s why his supporters (David Lister, John Flubber Haller, Beavis Christi, CMFI, Amos Farrell, Sandy Simpson, Marco Quintana, and Mike Benade) are totally without any excuse and need to be outed as enablers of a notorious spiritual abuser and godless railer devoid of any fruit of the Spirit.

  2. The links at the bottom of the article have now been activated via Archive.org as most were otherwise dead links. I hope you find them interesting.

  3. To answer the question though
    Pastor and Predator
    He uses his platform to prey (not pray) for and on others
    Do I win a free coffee cup now?

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