Bulletproof Cuckoo [A Critique of Jacob Prasch’s Moriel 2019 Review]

Jacob Prasch put on his Midrash-tinted glasses and looked in his contorted magic mirror in Cloud Cuckoo Land and released a boastful year-end review of his and Moriel’s activities during 2019, interpreting everything from the perspective of one overcome by Teflon Narcissism. He bids farewell to Beavis Christi aka Lydia, as well as 2 of his late cult-members, pulls on his bulletproof vest and breaks out his dollar-shaped sponge in anticipation of shaking down his echo-chamber-dwellers to fund his lavish lifestyle which has firmly hit the skids for his proposed reasons that don’t work in reality.

The Trove website links seen in the video can be viewed and found here: The Jacob Prasch Files