Jacob Prasch: A Jack Daniels on the Rocks (or the hard place)

A couple of weeks ago, Amos Farrell (the bovine conspiracy theorist and member of the Moriel police squad) launched a witchhunt on his thinker and protector Jacob Prasch’s quarry and former friend Bill Randles. I touched on it briefly in this video, and suggested Prasch put his ventriloquist’s dummy Amos Farrell up to it (considering when Prasch had tried to witchhunt Randles in summer 2019 it blew up in his alcoholic-looking flushed face), and Prasch gave it his seal of approval by reposting it on his Moriel TV Facebook feed:

The witchhunt was based on Randles saying God loved the world once at the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. Amos, like a typical village idiot, tried to force the conclusion that Bill was saying God doesn’t love the world in any other way pre or post crucifixion, and then tried to say Randles has a different Jesus or some similar trash. Amos was roundly ridiculed, although he was supported by the Moriel Ultras who are triggered at the whiff of blood into frenzied attack mode.

The Moriel Ultras in response to blood.

Randles in defence simply stated he was reiterating what respected theologian David Pawson taught. It was a classic moment as the Prasch camp don’t exactly want to point anybody to Pawson at the moment after Prasch has been humiliated by the re-release of David Pawson’s epic description of Prasch and his Ultras in a 1998 arbitration report which proved Prasch’s wickedness has been the same for at least 21 years, and his associates just as pathetic and gutless in holding him to account for his Satanic behaviour. Various other eye-opening documents from the same era can be read here.

Despite the exposing of Prasch this past year, and his railing self-filmed screaming sessions he freely shares with internet audiences which demonstrate his evil, Prasch miraculously still has a couple of supporters inside the Christian world. One of the key supporters/enablers has been Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, where its news-junkie-pretending-to-be-a-prophecy-teacher John Flubber Haller has acted in October 2019 as Prasch’s shameless advocate. And the Fellowship Bible Chapel pulpit has also been a common stage for Prasch to demonstrate his bad behaviour from, as during this very year of endless public witch-hunts, Prasch was at the FBC pulpit checking half the Oregon Liquor Commission’s list of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication. The FBC leaders have enabled Prasch—at the height of his godlessness—to still be presented as a Christian teacher to tens of thousands around the world, despite him exhibiting ZERO fruits of the Spirit yet perversely exhibiting more than half the deeds of the flesh, to the point where a spiritual abuse charity labelled Prasch a “pagan” who should be “excluded from the church“.

However, as Prasch, through his ventriloquist dummy Amos, has been gunning with his faulty discernment blunderbuss for Bill Randles for teaching God loved once at Calvary, the pastor of Fellowship Bible Chapel, Steve Mitchell, decided last week to publicly teach the SAME thing:

So, are Amos and his dummy master Jacob Prasch the fake Jew going to be consistent in their argumentation and call Steve Mitchell a heretic and witchhunt him across social media? Well, it’s between a rock and a hard place for the sozzled old slob Prasch and his bottle of Jack Daniels, as if he is inconsistent and ignores Steve Mitchell teaching the same thing as he is witchhunting Randles for then it proves the Moriel squad have targets whose words they twist as a pretext to destroy them, and if Prasch is consistent and attacks Steve Mitchell for the same thing he illegitimately attacked Randles for, then that will immediately close the door on him slumping over a chair at the FBC pulpit jealously ranting at Dr James White.

So which is it going to be?

76 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: A Jack Daniels on the Rocks (or the hard place)

  1. I wish you were nicer about John. He doesn’t work for Moriel. He has little contact with them. John is a good man.
    I actually brought up immediately to Moriel about Steve preaching the same thing as Bill.
    Bad decision on my part. I’ve been taking a beating since then. I’ve been lied about. I will just say go to Amos page on YouTube and read the comments. Im beginning to think Reginald Uke is Jacob Prasch. Im shocked at the lies. I would not do what he accused me of.

    1. Haller ‘works’ for Prasch in enabling him, advising him on his fool lawsuits, and yearly gives the incorrigible drunk a platform at FBC. He earns zero courtesy points from me.

      With Reginald Uka, he’s just a silly fool Prasch Cult member in the UK. His mind seems so dominated by his ‘lord’ Prasch that everything he writes sounds like Prasch, but that’s just because he can’t do his own thinking so parrots Prasch. However if you read Uka’s long-winded posts you’ll see flashes of sheer idiocy the type even a drunk Prasch doesn’t utter.

      I’ve encourage you about a year to cut ties with the fool cult, Linda, but you keep cropping up in the midst of every new cult witchhunt. You’ve gained a really crap reputation because of it. Why do you stick with them, Linda?

      1. The only thing I can’t figure out is your gravatar significance.
        And while I’m conversing with you…I like Deb Menelaws. I really do. I think I have from the first time we texted. I really like her weekend shows.

      2. As you can tell…I rarely get on WordPress.
        Does Jacob know you are tbckawaii?
        I have tried to figure out your motive. Maybe bad publicity is better than non at all? It has worked. Moriel numbers are so high compared to last year.
        But…you sure are a weirdo. I love Jacob. I love Deb. Deal with it. I have been nice to you. Polite.
        I wish you would lighten up a bit. The little cartoon with Jacob as a samurai is really cute 🙂
        Lang may yes lump reek Charles.
        Have fun storming the castle!

      3. Sorry TBC Linda loves the little attention she gets notice how mentally off her comments are. First she like Prasch and then she doesn’t and says stuff to try to straddle both sides of the aisle. No way she should be an admin for FBC. Shows Haller’s lack of discernment. Haller is tied at the hip with Prasch.

      4. PS, Charles…I think you know John does not work for Moriel. He is not an affiliate, such as the manner Marco is.
        John takes no pay and receives no funds. And I think you know the chance of brother Jacob coming to FBC is slim and none.
        Why are you doing this?
        I thought you loved your friend. He sure loves you. I’ve never seen a betrayal like this before.
        And Tim…he is going to have a heart attack when he finds out who he has idolized.

    2. The truth here is that John Haller and FBC is a Moriel affiliate and actively promotes James Prasch and RTN which is part of Moriel.

      1. How is Donna? How are your four kids and grandkids? Do you get to see them at all during this wretched pandemic? Do you ever get to teach the drums anymore? I can’t find any videos of you playing.
        Merry Christmas, Tim. I hope your and Donna’s holiday is blessed celebrating our Savior.

    1. He is not your friend, Tim. He is not anyone’s friend. He is playing a game and you and Moriel and the Menelaws and Bill are pawns.
      He desires to take your eyes off Christ during the End Times.
      To fight and get distracted.
      You think you’ve struck a blow to the other side.
      In truth…no one mentions it. No one cares.
      Please just stop. Just stop.
      Like Christian in Pilgrims Progress…keep moving forward toward the goal which is Christ Jesus.
      Stop trying to hurt people. Do His work.
      Leave your revenge and your pain in the past.
      These are the final days, Tim. Will you at least pray about it? Pray and ask God if what I am saying is the truth?
      I have some work to do. I will check in again in 6 months.

      1. You are so funny 🙂 😃 I hate to admit it. You are growing on me. And I like Deb also. She is really very sweet.
        I think…Scots have a wicked sense of humor.
        My hubby was putting up Christmas lights with scotch tape yesterday. …I guess he never put them up before in Falkirk. 🙂
        He has been here 13 years. He said to me yesterday, “Linda, I heard today Americans eat crow!”
        I just couldn’t let that pass.
        I said, yes we do sometimes.
        He thinks its disgusting.
        I think haggis is disgusting. I don”/ care if special “yummy” spices are in it. I don’t eat sheep gut!
        I don’t like the Prince Charles Avatar. I’ve never liked him. But…you were funny.
        I was told you are just doing this for laughs and giggles.
        For fun. I’m sorry I bothered you. I am protective of those I love. Lots of people are still coping with the grief over Pastor Steve. Plus I have lost family and friends, too with the covid. So many are depressed. Thank you for giving me a smile.
        Can you please find the 12 days of Christmas peom/cartoon you did last year? Its a favorite of mine and I can’t find it. The 12 days of Christmas start today.
        Thank you. Over and out from Salem, Oregon USA

      2. It’s a little amazing to see your false flattery and back-peddling once you are caught red-handed in your lies, treats and use of fake ID’s. PS I never stated that Deborah and Stewart Menelaws was TBCkawaii that’s what you stated. You are in very serious trouble Linda and your falsehoods, lies and threats are coming to a quick end. The best you can do is publically repent, tell the truth and just leave people alone. I don’t know why you are like you are but really seek some professional help and leave people alone

      3. Tim…I wasn’t talking to you. I’m never talking to you. You have a very un-Christ like attitude. I find it best not to converse with you.
        You got fired three years ago. You became bitter. You heart hardened. And you have sought revenge since.
        That is your choice how you live in the last days.
        I’ve told you many times I am not interested in you. I am happily married. Yet you don’t get it. You stalk me and everything I post as I work on FBC, Devore, etc. You screenshot my simplest of posts. And it is the subject of the talk if your day.
        You think it is threatening to me to post the city I live in.
        Tim…I do not want any attention from you. I want you to ignore and leave me alone. As for your job of three years ago…Get. Over. IT.
        Get a life. Live it for Christ.
        I am not interested in you.

      4. Tim took a “temporary hiatus from Moriel to focus on my first ministry which is my wife” according to Moriel’s OWN social media on August 1st 2018:


        It was only months afterwards when Tim supported Prasch’s witch-hunt victim David Nathan that Prasch started reworking the narrative by saying Tim was fired. Linda, you’re welcome to join Prasch in his narratives, but the fact is they are lies that are rather easy to document and prove, as seen above, and if you engage in those lies it makes you, by definition, a liar, and unrepentant liars don’t make the cut for heaven, so you need to work out who you are going to serve.

        Also, Tim documents your posts elsewhere because you have a history of writing lies about people (as proven in this thread alone), and then when caught out you delete them.

      5. Chuck, Tim documents everything. That is nothing new. It gives him something to do. It gives him a feeling he is still connected to Moriel.
        Nope, I am not lying. I have no reason to. Do I?
        Yes, Tim needed time off with Donna. Joshua was brought in. Thank goodness.
        Unfortunately it had been a while since Tim could concentrate on his job like he needed to. He was making huge mistakes. Mistakes that could have done alot of damage.
        Tim uploaded one of Jacobs teachings. I was listening to it and thought my goodness they are chatty! Usually they get right to the lesson.
        Tim started sharing really private stuff. About how he did not want to sleep with his wife anymore. She was active at night and he wasn’t getting enough sleep. She wanted to lay her head on his shoulder all night. He said he wished they had separate beds. About this time Jacob started sharing his political views.
        I can up out of my chair and immediately tried to get ahold of John and then Tim.
        Tim had unfortunately forgot to edit the video. He meant to. But he was tired and forgot. I finally got ahold of Tim and he pulled the video. Edited and put up the edited one.
        So…it is my fault Tim was not kept on at Moriel after he took his leave. It’s not Jacobs fault or Amos. I told what happened. The blame is on me.
        You can say I’m lying. I’m not. To the best of my ability and knowledge, I tell the truth.
        I love the Lord. I will serve him for the rest of my days.
        I am not affiliated with Moriel or FBC. I’m not on a payroll. I volunteer. Iam gifted with promoting and fund-raising And I will never abandon my friends at Moriel or FBC. I just love that soft gruff, Jacob. And I admire the group.

      6. Oh, about deleting my comments. Yes, I have always done that. I get in trouble when a certain someone sees I responded to you. And…I keep sayingvI won’t respond anymore. Then I read something…usually not true…and off I go again responding. I run amuck! Stupid woman!
        I had stopped a long time. Then was asked to help research you. I really need to go do Christmas cards or something more worthwhile. Back some shortbread etc.
        Merry Christmas, Chuck. 🙂

      7. Because of Linda’s constant trolling if you would like to complain about Linda who is in an admin position on FBC’s YouTube page please email John.Embaugh@fbchapel.com
        And heads up log ins of people exposing Moriel have been attempted to be hacked. I would suggest using a 2 step process for all your accounts.

      8. That is a lie, Tim. I am not, nor never have been a Admin. Only members of FBC are Admin. There are two. Both men. As a Moderator, I cannot ban people. I can remove nasty remarks, like yours, but cannot ban.
        Once again you are stalking and butting in. Lol

      9. Yes, you are a moderator, not an admin. my mistake. (that’s what the wrench means next to your name)
        If you would like to complain to Fellowship Bible Chapel about their moderator who trolls and causes trouble across the internet and who moderates their Livestream and represents their church Linda Macintyre

        please email.John.Embaugh@fbchapel.com

      10. You admitted you were wrong! I have never seen that before! We are making progress.
        Now quit talking to me.
        I only want to talk to Chuck.

      11. As Linda sets up her own “autonomous zone” For the glory of Metatron, Prasch and Haller I have to ask TBCkawaii is Linda referring to you as Chuck or Charles does she mean Charles Jardine?
        Wow, that would make you a double agent.
        Possibly a triple agent.

      12. There are some must haves.
        Must live in Scotland. Talk with a Scottish accent.. Male. High IQ. Movie buff. The best equipment. Superior knowledge. Has attended Carrubber Christian Centre.
        Is not posh but has a higher education Edinburgh accent.
        Probably in his late 50s. And probably self employed. And good looking. May be in the Motherwell area.
        I’m thinking, Frank Rogers.

      13. Wow, great detective job there.
        According to you
        First TBCKawaii was Deborah and Stewart Menelaws
        Then TBCKawaii was someone named Charles or Chuck
        Now TBCKawaii could be Frank Rogers?
        That great work now lets narrow it down only seven billion seven hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-seven to go.
        Glad this mystery is finally coming to a conclusion

      14. You are not very intelligent are you? Please stop responding to my posts. I am not talking to you.
        Frank and Charles live in the same town. I am not the only one working on this. There are several. Now bug off with your childish remarks. You are a leech who feeds off of Christians arguing. Of course you would never want this resolved. You are incompetent. That is why you were let go. You are fixated on me. You won’t stop. There is no evidence of Christ’s love in you.
        If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

      15. Just. Quite. Stalking. Me.
        I was talking to Chuck. Not you. You are obsessed with me! I am not interested in you! I’m never going to be interested in you.
        Congratulations on your daughters engagement.
        Go help her pay for the wedding. Address invites or something constructive.

      16. Hey, I asked you to leave my family out of this and if you saw my daughters engaged you must be using a fake ID on Facebook in order to see my posts.
        I think I have made it pretty plain that I am not stalking or interested in all in you. at all
        Maybe Google the word “Yuk”

        I really believe you get some kind of insane pleasure from taunting me.
        Makes sense that’s cult-like behaviour
        You’re very sick get help and you had better stay away from my family you are already in enough trouble Linda

      17. Are you kidding you say I’m stalking you and you stalk my personal Facebook page which both you and Peter are blocked from
        And you accuse me of using fake ids and stalking?

      18. Do you remember, it was about a year ago this time, The Rogers Group et. al. decided enough with all this. That they all would stop. At New Years. No more attacks. I believe this was on Franks page. And New Years came and people said goodbye. Some started investigating Bethel Church in Redding. And all was quiet and peaceful. Until May. When Azimuth came in and started teasing and provoking until the fighting started again. I don’t know if it was Amos or Charles. I don’t know why they did it. I begged them to stop. And they ignored me. Why would they want to start fighting again? I do not understand it. It really hurt.

  2. Linda wait you thought the Menelaws was TBCKawaii now you think TBCkawaii is someone named Charles after you shared with others in depth how you figured out that TBCKawaii was Deborah and Stewart. You really need prayer and for sure need it. Again please seek professional mental health help. SMH

    1. Tim… You’ve been smoking the wacky tobacco.
      You can insult me all you wish. It does not effect me.
      I wish you could move on. But I fear your heart is hardened.
      Still, I pray you find peace.

      1. No, I don’t smoke pot left that way behind in the 80s and never smoked it much either.
        The exchange has been interesting
        You come here under false pretences and then get called out on it
        You then come as yourself passive-aggressive as always and you lie.
        Your lies are quickly and publically proven to be lies
        You then continue to lie.
        You pretend to know me and other people and you really don’t know anyone very well.
        So then you just make up things.
        You speak to Josh’s wife and then lit to and you have no clue about their relationship because you were not there.
        You pretended to be in the know and show you really know nothing.
        You really are blind and mentally ill.
        I no longer feel sorry for you because of your documented threat’s against others including me and my family.
        You are sick but
        There will be consequences

  3. Dear Linda, you struggle with confusion. I have seen you on Joshua’s channel where you made up as you go that he is single and 40, both aren’t factual. Making things up like that is wrong, if you don’t know the facts then keep it to yourself, because I want to help you and think you do need help, I am not saying this to be nasty. But you can’t go around like Jacob telling people Joshua is not married, that is a delusion, perhaps you have been oppressed by listening to them. So come out from under them and ask for forgiveness from God for promoting them, you may feel better. I am pretty certain you will feel more healthy when you come out from their headship. Neither of them is accountable for the way they treat people. I suggest people don’t yoke themselves with them until they humble themselves, repent, get biblical church order, and love their wives.

    1. Chayah,
      He is in his forties.
      I don’t know why people call him a young man.
      I haven’t been on there for some time.
      But…saw a wee bit of his current one regarding pre-trib rapture. And it looked really good.
      I was there for a short time.
      Thanks for asking and no, you did not hurt my feelings.

      1. He is 35, unlike you I know his exact date of birth the 9th of October 1985 and age. Hope you will just stop already. Don’t assume to know him and about him when you don’t or speak about him in public false facts.

      2. Linda all the time you devoted here was devoted to telling lies if you want to scoot thats cool. If you want to hang around and lie some more and get exposed for those lies. Great. If you want to come back under fake names and act wacky again. No one can stop you.
        You seriously need mental help.
        You should not pretend to be able to tell Josh’s wife how old he is etc..
        Maybe just go back and troll somewhere else
        Your already in enough trouble as it is
        so Ciao as you said before

      3. Tim, it is a poor reflection on her headship if they are dishing out lies to Linda, or if they don’t correct her. I am not picking on Linda as I know many people will spread false information and I know Joshua can defend himself and isn’t bothered himself about a lot. I just think she has been neglected by her headship and needs some extra care and don’t like seeing someone in this state.

  4. And Linda as much as I love watching you chase your tail you have threatened me as well as members of my family so please leave them out of the conversation. You love to go around and stir up trouble and bear false witness.
    Police have been notified about threats made so maybe just go somewhere else and play. Doesn’t mean I do not forgive you. It just means I do not believe a word you say because you are not honest or trustworthy. I do commend TBCkawaii for trying to urge to leave the cult you are in

      1. Andrew Tall skinny Kiwi is an Emergent church guy I believe. Linda does not even have the right continent ant. Very confused just like her masters at Fellowship Bible Chapel in Columbus Ohio and James a Prasch of Moriel.

  5. John Haller gif I meant doing the chubba bubba dance. Wasnt John in Goonies?

    (Edit: These ones, Tim? -tbckawaii)

  6. Linda states P
    S, Charles…I think you know John does not work for Moriel. He is not an affiliate, such as the manner Marco is.
    John takes no pay and receives no funds. And I think you know the chance of brother Jacob coming to FBC is slim and none.
    Why are you doing this?
    I thought you loved your friend. He sure loves you. I’ve never seen a betrayal like this before.
    And Tim…he is going to have a heart attack when he finds out who he has idolized.

    Linda, you are a pathological liar and that has been proven time and time again from someone who thinks they are in the know but knows nothing.
    Taken just not from Moriels site at this link https://moriel.org/links/moriel-affiliates.html
    (Edit: I added a screenshot, Tim. -tbckawaii)

    Again Linda no Im not going to have a heart attack and you need to repent of your many lies

  7. Linda asking TBCkawaii if he knows he is TBCKawii (because Linda previously has stated outside this blog that Deborah and Stewart Menelaws is TBCKawaii). Linda states As you can tell…I rarely get on WordPress.
    Does Jacob know you are tbckawaii?”
    This is a sign of pure mental instability and getting caught up so far in your own lies forgets what she says elsewhere.
    So TBCKawaii are you TBCKawaii? Asking for a friend lol.

    1. They seek him here. They seek him there. Those Praschies seek him everywhere. Is he in Heaven? Or is he in Hell? That demmned, elusive, TBCKawaii.

  8. Boy and that affiliate list keep shrinking. Wonder if Lister will find any affiliates in Mexico?

  9. Numerous complaints have been made to John Hallers Fellowship Bible Chapel Church in Columbus about Linda and it all falls on deaf ears. SMH

  10. So Prasch tries to back peddle about his Jewish heritage with Marco from Devoid of Truth Church in California. Why people do not call Prasch out for his lies is beyond me. Its in the first couple minutes so you don’t have to stomach the cult’s teaching.

      1. People don’t seem to care that Prasch flat out lied for decades and there is a ton of clips out there with him lying. Cult followers just don’t care. At the start of the tape, Marco seems to be a little caught off guard when he states that his dad was no religion. Prasch is caught in a ton of lies. I wonder if that’s why Lister fled. All that bootie they collected may be catching up with the, Who knows

      1. God says numerous times in His word He doesn’t forget His covenant.
        Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? yet my people have forgotten me days without number. Jeremiah 2:32

  11. TCB, Here in America Linda is what we call a “Karen” and in life they’re easy to spot and clearly be avoided. Sadly, in the age I f internet these “Karen’s” are almost omnipresent. They can be in many different places, invading many different peoples lives, all in one he name of Christian “love” of course.

    You were wise to remain anonymous because Prasch specializes in personal attack’s – it’s his demonic way of deflection. Because he doesn’t know who you are he has had to deal with his numerous lies, which in turn has made him tell him Ben more lies and ultimately be exposed by you.
    Good job, Prasch could only dream of having discernment at your level.

  12. And my comments exposing Linda’s habitual lies are in parenthesis.
    Linda that is these little things FYI (. )

    Linda states “Tim… wasn’t talking to you. I’m never talking to you.(you respond to my posts all the time in this very thread) You have a very un-Christ like attitude. I find it best not to converse with you.”

    (then please don’t)

    You got fired three years ago.
    (Nope never terminated, told I was done, resigned blah, blah as TBC shows as well. I gave the logins to Josh and was locked out of the system. PS did you miss all the videos where I thanked God for that?. Getting out of the Moriel cult. You know this and have even commented on one of the Frank Rogers videos so you know the truth but refuse to tell it and instead, you choose to lie and bear false witness)

    Linda states.”You became bitter. You heart hardened. And you have sought revenge since. ”

    (No I do not have a hard heart at all and do not seek revenge just seek to try to get people out of the Moriel cult)

    Linda states “That is your choice how you live in the last days.
    I’ve told you many times I am not interested in you. I am happily married.”
    (Are you are suggesting I am somehow interested in you romantically? Besides that being gross and revolting I am faithful to my wife Donna. You have played this card many times and you are a mentally unstable liar who needs to be under the authority of her husband Interested in you? Ick. Sorry if that was harsh but it just shows how nuts you really are.)
    Linda states” Yet you don’t get it. You stalk me and everything I post as I work on FBC, Devore, etc. You screenshot my simplest of posts. And it is the subject of the talk if your day.”

    ( I do not stalk you anywhere that’s a blatant lie. Prove it in court Linda. I responded to you once where someone gave me the heads up that you were saying I was some fake ID on Josh’s channel. I don’t follow Josh and never have but I did respond to you and ask politely that if you meant me -because you only state “Tim knock it off,” that you would stop. PS only time I have ever left a comment on Josh’s YouTube channel. I have 2 YouTube channels and that’s “The Simply Agape Project” and “Tim in the Morning.” That’s it I never have used fake ID’ds I have no problem signing my name to a response. I want people to know it is from me).

    Linda states “You think it is threatening to me to post the city I live in.” (I was responding to someone else’s post, not yours. And then poof you magically show up”. Here is the context of my Salem Oregon comment “michaelphilpsngbotgan
    december 11, 2020 at 6:13 pm
    Hell Deborah you fat smelly mutant tuna fish stinking aids ridden unwanted piece of garbage.

    Just had a look through your vile websites, not impressed I must say. This is because you don’t even have the strength the put your name on your vile juvenile posts that wouldn’t merit the attention of a chimpanzee.

    Anyways, pleasure as always! – I guess your still living in that pish stained dump of place through in Scotland’s unwanted zone? (East coast, namely fife?). – I may actually come through one night and pay you a “visit” – ah yes.

    Anyway, needless to say I will now be moderating your posts, remember this – you may hide behind a fake alias; Alas, so am I, nevertheless I can get to you anytime :-).
    Speak soon, you fat waste of space, tell that plank face hubby I was thinking of him, and the kids (oh wait you don’t have any).

    Caio; Michael.

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    Tim Wirth
    december 11, 2020 at 7:46 pm
    Wow, an actual threat. TBCKawaii is not Deborah and Stewart Menelaws. I heard you figured this out and your wrong. Being in Salem Oregon you’re a long way from Scotland. But for sure we can turn this threat over to the officials” end comment”

    (Wow, that’s a big oops! there Linda)

    Linda states “Tim…I do not want any attention from you.(then quit lying) I want you to ignore it and leave me alone.(ditto) As for your job of three years ago…Get. Over. IT.
    Get a life. Live it for Christ.
    I am not interested in you. ”
    (Thank God yuk and sorry I am already married ) end Lidas post and comments

    Linda with your latest barrage you are in truly deep trouble.
    Just repent and move on
    And I apologize for being harsh but my wife is the apple of my eye and people that know me know that.
    You don’t know me so please stop pretending you do.
    I forgive you but there are always consequences for your actions. Tim (The Real Tim lol)

  13. Linda stated “Tim started sharing really private stuff. About how he did not want to sleep with his wife anymore. She was active at night and he wasn’t getting enough sleep. She wanted to lay her head on his shoulder all night. He said he wished they had separate beds. About this time Jacob started sharing his political views.” end comment.
    Linda that’s a bald-faced lie and half-truths as well.
    And obviously, since I did re-edit you can make up whatever you want.

    The story is I was at Prasch’s beckon call when to film. This was the first night Donna had Sundowners.
    here is the medical definition”The term “sundowning” refers to a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and spanning into the night. Sundowning can cause a variety of behaviors, such as confusion, anxiety, aggression or ignoring directions. Sundowning can also lead to pacing or wandering.Sundowning isn’t a disease, but a group of symptoms that occur at a specific time of the day that may affect people with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The exact cause of this behavior is unknown. end definition
    Donna never said she wanted to lay her head on my shoulder she was just up all night talking to herself.
    I told Prasch about this and he understood because he and Pavia slept in separate rooms (or did at the time)
    The suggestion was to get a twin bed or sleep on the couch so she does not wander out.
    The remedy was if Donna had another episode of sundowners.
    I sleep with my wife in the same bed every night.

    Linda, what kind of person lies tells stories like this? And yes Prasch shares his political views all the time and still does even in the latest tape with Marco of Devoid Truth.
    And yes both Linda and Peter frantically tried to get ahold of me but I was finally out and asleep. Within 24 hours I had the video edited and back up within 24 hours.
    Yes I made an editing error and left part of a personal chat on video (which you misrepresented here)
    With over 600 videos that’s a pretty good score.
    And if you watch the latest video with Marco and Prasch well it’s pretty poor.
    I’m not jealous that’s for sure.
    Linda how can you call yourself a Christian and bear false witness toward others, lie about Josh’s age to Josh’s wife smh, makeup stories about me and accuse me of stalking you lol. Are you kidding?
    Please come into the real world and seek professional help.
    You are very confused
    Only God can help you

  14. “He lacks a Scottish accent. Is American.”
    Anyone here want to let Charles Jardine he is American?
    I’ll pass

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