Meno Kalisher…is it OK for you to support Jacob Prasch??

Jacob Prasch the serial Walter Mitty with his decades-long half-Jew lie, and all his godless deeds of attacking various Christians during a witchhunt season running from Fall 2018 to present day (with historic offences going back to 1998), has arranged his Moriel Northern Conference in Spring 2020 in England. The 2019 Moriel Northern Conference featured Prasch’s infamous 9-minute lying, slanderous rant at Deborah Menelaws which was seen in my video that chronicled his wickedness.

Prasch’s co-speaker in the 2019 conference was Yossi Ovadia, who could easily have been unaware of Prasch’s godlessness when he signed up to appear alongside Prasch in probably late 2018, but now for the 2020 conference, well-known Messianic Jewish teacher Meno Kalisher has signed up to appear with Prasch.

The chances that Meno doesn’t know about Prasch’s behaviour is minimal since exposés about Prasch are now widespread on the internet whereas they weren’t so prevalent a year ago.
Meno Kalisher, if you are willing to stand alongside Prasch and aid him in maintaining a position inside of Christianity when he exhibits no evidence of actually being a Christian with his screaming rants, his falsifying information in order to attack Christians, his Jack Daniels problems, his using fake police officers to intimidate people, his spiritual abuse directed predominantly towards Christian women, his attacking actual Messianic Jews (David Nathan, and Amir Tsarfati) as a means of gaining their followers, and his coersive cult-leaderesque instruction for Bill Randles to commit suicide, then do you realise this action will make you his enabler? Open your eyes, or enable a vicious wolf. Your choice.

One thought on “Meno Kalisher…is it OK for you to support Jacob Prasch??

  1. Yossi was with Prasch since the very beginning. Yossi is a really nice guyI actually met him in Israel. I find it hard pressed that Yossi is not aware of Prasch’s attitude toward everything. I have seen way too many people who Jacob has bewitched just explaining Jacob away and make excuses for him. Sandy, Haller and many others. Marco is way too weak-minded to even give any credit of sensibility to

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