Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels

On Christmas Eve 2019, apparently timing things to ruin a few people’s Christmas, Jacob Prasch the godless railing loon had his echo chamber-dwelling ultra-fan Amos Farrell release a video to rival Amos’s 2018 bovine conspiracy theory effort (that was lampooned in The Good The Bad And The Echo Chamber), in which the pair of idiots stupidly publicly misattribute my release of The Jacob Prasch Files to one of their targets Dave Borlase from the Christian ministry Intercessors For Britain. They spend 30 minutes agreeing with each other, despite being wrong from the beginning, and Prasch, with an aquamarine A4 information pouch at the ready, tries to present the case that he has Jewish blood. I conclude that the whole scene is like watching an idiot interview a lunatic in an asylum whose dressed in a Count Dracula costume.

See also Treena’s report on Amos’s interview with the vampire: https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com/2019/12/the-prasch-menace.html

20 thoughts on “Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels

  1. Tim Wirth posted the above video in the comments section of the Moriel TV Facebook feed. The dissonance provoked an hilariously blind/idiotic response from the Moriel squad:

  2. Tim also posted the video on Amos Farrell’s Facebook page, and Amos’s reaction to the cognitive dissonance was a knee-jerk ad hominem attack:

  3. A Prasch disciple called Rosemary V. also responded to the pain of cognitive dissonance, stating, a bit moronically, that Tim Wirth made the film, and that he had filled it with “lies”, but, just like Prasch, she failed to give any supporting evidence:

  4. I concur with Rosemary, in that everyone would be berean and check every word presented here. That would be the collapse of Moriel and Jacob Prasch if they would indeed fact check. The lies contained in this one video by Amos and Jacob are so blatant and egregious that for anyone to continue to follow blindly certainly shows their completed indoctrination into the cultish mindset of Moriel/Jacob Prasch. You have done an excellent job in continuing to expose the lies, thank you.

  5. Petia Iotova, Prasch’s ultra-supportive blonde Russian “translator”, like Rosemary V., stated the video was full of lies (without giving any examples we can research for accuracy) and then unleashed the typical Moriel ad hominem attack to cover for her failure/inability to interact with the evidence:

  6. Next up is another Prasch Ultra, Suzanne Baruch who makes some claims about Prasch’s half-Jewishness, claims to have SEEN Prasch’s waved-about papers(!), before James rings some dissonance about Prasch’s family:

    Suzanne Baruch, who seems to have a very short fuse, claims to be a Jew herself which is part of her argumentation for knowing all about Prasch’s half-Jewishness:

    …and with a surname like Baruch that seems likely, but it becomes a bit odd when her YouTube account has a rather non Jewish-sounding surname of Dingus:

    Could it be another case of being a fake Jew? Another angry fake Jew?

  7. I took a screen-capture:

    The flow of his sentence does indeed try to suggest a link between his uncle and the Jews. Very carefully crafted, like much of Prasch’s Jewish facade, to make people conclude he’s half Jewish without stating it outright.
    Also Servus Christi believed Prasch was Jewish in December 2017 half a year before joining Moriel. The question then is, did Beavis Christi abandon Butthead Prasch when he researched to find Prasch had hoodwinked him? He may never say because he’s too busy pretending to be women in the YouTube comments section.

    Beavis deleted his Twitter account several months ago (possibly because he finds it easier to operate sock puppet accounts than be himself).

  8. I think old Servus has sussed JP out and realised his whole ministry would be one of working to produce damage limitation videos for Prasch. I think that he possibly decided JP was a liability and a hindrance to his own ambitions! Servus is not as blind as old Amos and has abandoned a sinking ship!

  9. A lady viewed Amos’s video of Prasch’s obfuscation, and concluded, rather illogically, that Prasch is worthy of her money. A rational person named ‘Van’ says she needs to educate herself. This request triggers a Moriel cult member Yachannan Ben Israel (another one like Suzanne Baruch who sounds like a fake Jew) demands that ‘Van’ “repent” of this. The probable fake Jew Ben Israel continues by stating that Van’s request that a person investigate (be a Berean) in this case is evidence a person is not honouring to God and is Satanic in origin. What a freaking lunatic! Where do these people come from?

  10. I commented on Amos’s video asking him why he believed Jacob’s dad was Jewish.

    I think he deleted the comment which is interesting, and also hypocritical as he has mentioned other people deleting comments from their website.

    1. It is a sign of the psychological pain the question triggers in Amos. A week ago before the film was made, Amos would have happily answered your question by saying ‘Because he (Prasch) said so’. Now, however, he’d have to reply that Prasch’s dad WASN’T Jewish ‘Because he (Prasch) said so.’ The question undermines Amos’s faith in his thinker/protector, the question provokes cognitive dissonance, hence instead of answering one way or the other, he just eliminates the source of the dissonance by deleting the question.

      It is unavoidable now, the knowledge that Amos believed Prasch’s dad was Jewish, since he stated it clearly, so Amos’s belief in Prasch will always be fractured because of it. It’ll always be a source of pain which he’ll try to avoid, so I recommend always reminding him about it! Amos can now, if he wants, make a film describing how Prasch isn’t Jewish as a means of reducing the psychological pain in his own mind due to the conflict, but try as he may it’ll always remain because he has been lied to and Prasch made a fool of him.
      I wonder if Beavis Christi had the same psychological pain and that’s why he fled Moriel in December.

    2. Amos deleting your questions reminds me of the Moriel “RUN AWAY!” manoeuver they learned from the Monty Python team back on Halloween 2018 when David Lister posted this message on the Moriel TV Facebook feed:

      It was pure dissonance-reduction in action.

    1. A ‘Reginald Uka’ (who writes like Prasch speaks, only without the drunk/dyslexic bits), announced Prasch is Jewish and consequently had some sort of power to announce Reginald as his capitalised “Son”:

      I genuinely worry about these people. The things they come out with (commonly sprinkled with random Hebrew terms, and pronouncements of how aligned to the Jews they are) are the types of things you hear from patients in The Royal Edinburgh Mental Hospital.

      1. Frank Rogers reposted Tim Wirth—the Simply Agape Project’s—video about how Amos was caught by himself on camera saying to Prasch that Prasch’s dad was Jewish, only for Prasch to reply with the ministry-destroying “no no no no”, and Tim, in the comments, pointed this out to Amos—GCR TV—and Amos, like someone who has been lobotomized, said Tim should become a clown as he has no place in adult debate!!! 😀

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