Prasch, Moriel New Zealand, Panhandling, & The NZ Charities Act

In my December 2019 film ‘Moriel 2020: A Fetid Stench‘, I suggested Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Ministries would likely in 2020 cease operating in the UK and the USA due to complaints being put in to the Charities Commission in the UK and to the IRS in America because of various financial irregularities that have been spotted which are made more glaring by Prasch’s inconsistencies and flat-out lies about money. For instance Prasch claimed on camera to not receive a salary from Moriel, only to then be exposed by spiritual abuse charity head Graham Baldwin as taking close to $100,000USD per year from Moriel. Prasch back-peddled in a video (which I questioned) saying this money was “love offerings” “designated” to the grotesque bloated fatman by his disciples. In Prasch attempting to put out that fire he inadvertently caused another fire because Prasch’s fool explanation immediately undermined why his similarly grotesque bloated fatman “secretary/treasurer” at Moriel—David Lister—received nearly the same amount despite being rarely even seen or even known about to ever be designated ANYTHING let alone to be designated nearly the same vast sums as the bloated fatman figurehead Prasch who every Moriel supporter does know of.

In light of Prasch being busted as receiving a larger slice of the charity pie than Prasch’s own attack target Todd Bentley recieves from his “charityFresh Fire Ministries (Prasch taking 14.6% of Moriel’s donations to Todd’s 10.9% from Fresh Fire Ministries’ donations—watch this video from the 5-minute point about this) Prasch has apparently deliberately failed to submit his Moriel 2018 accounts to the IRS in America by the deadline of May 15th 2019, incurring late fees because of it. I believe this is because he and David Lister are willing to pay the IRS‘s late fees over the course of a maximum 3 years (when a charity is then struck off the charity list) in order to let the collosal exposé storm blow over, then in 2021 they’ll submit the forms as late as possible hoping nobody is by then looking anymore for the shamefully large slices of pie they serve themselves (or by then Prasch will retire and vanish all the money).

I suggested in the same film that if Moriel were actually shut down in the UK and USA Prasch would just set up shop in some other country he exports his violent screaming schtick to, such as India or South Africa. And oddly enough, in doing 10 minutes of research about that this week, checking the charity lists in countries Moriel operates in, I found Moriel New Zealand were set up as a charity in 2008, racking in about $40,000NZD per year until 2014. Then for 2015, 2016 and 2017, guess what? Moriel DIDN’T SUBMIT THEIR ACCOUNTS to the government and were STRUCK OFF the New Zealand government’s charity list!


So I ask you, is this the behaviour of a trustworthy charity? Is refusing to admit to the government what you are doing with finances a Christian virtue?
And if Prasch’s Moriel has been struck off the list of legal charities in New Zealand in 2017 due to it breaking the law of the Charities Act by not submitting its forms for several years, then what do you make of the grotesque fatman turning up in Christchurch, NZ, in Fall 2019 and getting himself caught on a hot mic urging his New Zealand volunteer Marguerite to publicly announce to his audience where the panhandling will be occurring so Prasch can make some dime out of his Kiwi punters?

If you give money to support Jacob Prasch then you are a chuffing idiot for 2 major reasons: 

1) the money largely goes into his pocket, not just via the 14.6% slice he stuffs into his elasticated slacks, but also via the hidden bonuses he recieves which the IRS documents outline such as free travel for his galavanting around the world (in Business Class, remember, because he’s apparently too ill to fly economy—or, more likely, too fat to fit), and an “occupancy” allowance! The free travel Moriel gets totaled $98,669 in the last submitted IRS form! Nearly $100,000 to fly the bloated heifers Prasch and Lister around the world! All that money comes from idiots who fund him, and if Prasch does most of that travelling then in actuality he’s not taking 14.6% of all charitable income, he’s taking closer to 30%!
2) Prasch has used the money to produce for himself a 22+ year collection of ranting idiocy which has largely been geared towards attacking people—often Christians and Christian ministries—meaning if you have given money to support the actions of Prasch then you bear some responsibility for his actions through your enabling him.

Update: Prasch responds, 19 January 2020

Prasch responded to the above exposé with this statement posted on

Statement about Moriel New Zealand, January 2020

In the prolonged aftermath of the former Moriel NZ Administrator Nigel Nicholson going to be with The Lord after a history of illness, Moriel suspended its operations, ceasing most financial activities in New Zealand. Newsletter publication, and all book and recorded material orders were shifted to Moriel Australia branch and Moriel’s NZ registered charity status was left to expire in NZ in 2017.

This was to be a temporary provision. In compliance with New Zealand law however, Moriel NZ did at this time register with the NZ IND (tax authority) who backdated our tax obligations to the time of Nigel’s departure, and Moriel reported any NZ income to the NZ IND instead of to the Charity Commission.

As a matter of Christian ethics, Moriel offered a return of all donations to our NZ supporters as we were, for legal purposes, technically not operating as a tax deductible charity during the interim period. Generously and graciously however, our NZ Prayer partners understood the transitory circumstances and no one sought any return of contributions to the ministry. Although operated by “remote control” from the Australia branch, Moriel’s NZ activities continued temporarily as a satellite of Australia. During this time of course, book sale and other income was for accounting & auditing purposes, (as is legally required,) reported in Australia where Moriel also has a legally registered status.

A new administration is now in place in New Zealand and the New Zealand branch of Moriel is in the process of being fully reactivated and re-registered transiting back to a charity and is no longer a satellite of Moriel Australia, (just as Moriel Canada branch is now independent and no longer a satellite of Moriel USA branch, or as Moriel Ireland branch is now independent and no longer a satellite of the Moriel UK branch).

Ahhhh, so when Moriel admin Nigel Nicholson passed away in 2013/14 Moriel “suspended” their charity in NZ as they didn’t have anybody to do the accounts, yet they still went to all the trouble of registering with the tax authority and submitted all the same accounts to them instead? And then Moriel NZ went on the extra task of contacting everybody who’d donated to them that year to ask if they wanted a refund? Moriel did all of that extra stuff to stay “legal“, yet rather contrarily just let their charity registration “lapse” rather than properly closing it down in line with them shifting to the non charitable status they were then working on and completing?
Prasch talks about remaining “legal” and waffles about “Christian ethics“, yet didn’t demonstrate the courtesy to the NZ government to follow the law which instructs charities to inform them if their charitable status has changed:

I don’t believe a word of Prasch’s propaganda.

Also add to this Prasch’s January 2020 spiel about the “new administration” in Moriel New Zealand—Pierre and Marguerite Moseley—who, rather than being “new” have been in charge there for 1 month shy of 5 YEARS according to the Moriel website:

26th February 2015 being just 2 weeks after Moriel’s last submission to the NZ Charity Commission, which hardly provides the scope to allow the charity to “lapse” due to inactivity.

The “new administration” of 2015 were recorded in Prasch’s own publication ‘Moriel Quarterly‘ (in the first issue of 2016 fittingly titled ‘Beelzebub: Lord of the Flies‘) on pages 2 and 24 (click here for the pdf).

4 thoughts on “Prasch, Moriel New Zealand, Panhandling, & The NZ Charities Act

  1. So they must be playing the same game here in the US. Thinking of Steve Millers “Take the money and run”.

    1. In the last submitted IRS form, Moriel said they had $421,733 in assets, and if their net income in 2018 was the same as 2017’s $100,270, then half a million dollars of charitable giving could potentially go walkabout.

      1. I’ve also spoken to many ex Moriel folk about giving. They gave through the mail by check and never received an IRS slip to deduct off their taxes for charitable giving
        Still do not get why they say they give an accountant guy in Pittsburgh over 11K
        When David Lister does all the books
        Seems a bit heavy a salary to give to a guy perhaps doing year-end taxes only

      2. So if Moriel didn’t give those people the proper legal documentation to get a tax deduction, then what was stopping Moriel also not letting the IRS know it was donated to them in the first place? The lack of financial accountability with Moriel is shocking! How much just went straight into their pockets?!

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