Amos Farrell the Intellectual Midget and his Thinker/Protector Jacob Prasch

On 1st January 2020 Amos Farrell* filmed himself accidentally publicly undermining the foundational belief his thinker/protector Jacob Prasch’s personality cult is built upon. This video is a study in the effects of cognitive dissonance on Prasch’s ‘ultra’ cult members and compares them to the experiences Leon Festinger recorded in the early 1950s when a similar cult also had its foundational belief undermined publicly.

*Thanks again to Amos Farrell (the new Moriel TV social media clown) for again providing the wealth of information on his cult leader which has been used to expose Prasch for the lunatic Satanitc railer, liar and spiritual abuser that he is. If it wasn’t for you, Amos, and your stupid fake police report, the now 32 episode series exposing your hero would have ended 22 episodes ago! Long may your association with Jacob Prasch continue!


22 thoughts on “Amos Farrell the Intellectual Midget and his Thinker/Protector Jacob Prasch

  1. Yes, that was a real Kodak moment. What is worse is how the Moriel cult now tries to explain away the very words Jacob said.
    The demonic deception is indeed deep.
    If we are here to witness the antichrist coming to power how will they escape that deception?
    What jesus are they serving?

    1. Right! And if the Antichrist is a fake Jew (the “Assyrian” from Micah 5) who has delusions of grandeur (thinking himself to be God in Matthew 24), then what better way to prep yourself than to believe in a fake Jew who thinks he’s John the Baptist Mk.2 with the spirit of Elijah as Prasch does!

  2. Moriel ‘Ultra’ Suzanne Baruch saw the “no no no no” cult-destroying moment from Prasch, and had this hilarious ad hominem knee-jerk reaction to the dissonance:

    1. What is even more insane is Suzanne replying to the person who is using me as a fake ID. Hinting it’s me and using my picture. SMH. These people cannot even think straight or they are having a good laugh at my expense with their preschool taunts. Well, she is condemning to hell one of her own buddies in the cult Moriel.
      They are like dogs chasing their tails and even if they caught their own tails they would not know what to do with it. The most troubling response which really reveals how much of a cult Moriel truly is was this in response to John Hallers personal social media person.
      Charlene xxx
      1 week ago
      @Linda MacIntyre I’m not referring to his looks. I’m concerned about his health and how hard it is for him traveling and speaking. I’ve told God I would be willing to give my life up for Jacobs healing of his body. That’s how much I want him healed. end quote.
      Wow-what can you say to that?
      You could do a series of films on Moriels followers and how spiritually sick they really are.
      But hey you have pointed it out so those who have ears to hear.

      1. I know and even Linda Macintyre John Hallers personal social media person has you confused with Emergent Church leader Tall Skinny Kiwi. I laughed out loud when I saw that. Totally void of reality. Just spreading gossip and manure for John Haller.

      2. If 10 different people all had access to Linda’s account and all posted random messages without having heeded the output of the other 9, Linda’s messages would make sense.

      3. I’ve read Linda’s ramblings under the YouTube comments, wow! She just can’t stop. She has committed to me on Amos, channel and I don’t ever respond because it would be pointless. I can see the potential for some of these people to possibly harm someone that points out there leaders lies.

      4. The fact that John Haller(who is part of FBC Church in Columbus leadership) actually sanctions Linda’s out of control lies and rants is even scarier than Linda’s actual lies and false witness. But hey there is always the pausable deniability factor which Moriel and their associates are pros at using.

      5. I fully agree that there is potential for a Prasch cultist to harm someone. Remember Prasch contacted a retired South African police officer (Mike Benade?) to encourage his ex-comrades to go to Deborah Du Rand’s house to put the scarers on her and shake her down for the crime of….criticizing Prasch on a blog! And then Prasch fully expected Bill Randles to commit suicide for the crime of….criticizing Prasch on a blog! If the cult leader is willing to go to those lengths, who knows what cult members would do to escape cognitive dissonance that tells them their thinker/protector champion is nothing but a hellbound oaf awash with Jack Daniels.

      6. When I left Moriel I sent via snail mail letters to David Lister and Moriel’s pawn John Haller letting them know they are not welcome at my home. With Linda, there are other things going on that I cannot speak publically on but yes I would encourage anyone who has been threatened to contact their local police department (who happen to be real cops) and take the required cautions to keep family members safe. Moriel lackies will also poke around to the best of their abilities to access accounts they should not be in within your computer. Trust me my family is very safe.

      7. Trust me in saying that do not take anything for granted with Moriel cult members. Linda who is a self-proclaimed social media person for John Haller and his chur FBC is a troubled person. There are things going on that I cannot talk about but it’s always best when feeling threatened to go to your local police department (real policemen) and report any perceived threats. I recently posted my emails to show I sent logins and passwords to ex Moriel TV Josh Chavez. My personal Amazon with all my children address on it was also breached without my permission after I left Moriel. I was then pressured by Moriel heavy John Haller to give up my personal account. I did not and showed both Moriel and Haller how this could be resolved and it was. Moriel loves to threaten because they are a cult. I then sent letters via snail mail to both John Haller and David Lister letting them know that they were not welcome in my home anymore. I never ever judge someone else’s salvation because only God knows for sure. But it’s up to me who is welcome in my home or on my Facebook page. If you are threatened by anyone its always best to take it to the real police (your local law enforcement) to make sure there is a record of any and all threats. It’s a wacky world out there

  3. Stainless64 is my YouTube account. I did not know Susan had replied to me as it didn’t come up on my notifications. My other YouTube channel under my own name John Steele was blocked by Amos. My comments appeared when I was logged on but not visible otherwise.
    I had a conversation with two other ultras, Reginald Uka and Ken Faulds. It is impossible to reason with these people, as you say it is just ad hominem attacks.
    I commented under the fake Tim Wirth account. I do hope that they deal with the culprit or culprits.

    I have watched the no no no no clip a few times now just focusing on Amos. I think he really had a couple of minutes of inner turmoil. His body language, the whispered yes and scratching of head tells you he knew Prasch was re – writing history. Although sadly it appears he had convinced himself by the end that he was the one who had not understood properly, but deep down he knows the truth.

    Linda MacIntyre makes Bill Randles look unwavering.

    1. Linda MacIntyre is John Haller’s social media person. And it’s unbelievable that Haller lets her do what she does and use his name as well as FBC. But I have learned that is typical Moriel associate churches MO. John, Marco and others usually stay out of commenting live but they will knife you and lie to your friends out of the public eye.
      I had to let David Lister know to take me out of the email string’s after I left Moriel because all the emails about me were coming to me. It is odd that Suzanne Baruch is responding to the picture of me on a computer (another fake ID) like I stole Moriels computer and am condemned to hell. As well as the other account that is fake using my ministry name. But when you don’t have any proof you have to gossip and lie. It’s just the leadership at Moriel and their associate churches will do it behind the scenes out of the public eye. Totally delusional. Plus with the alleged theft of equipment here is an email from David Lister showing they did not even know what they had sent me
      Wed 8/22/2018 7:21 PM
      Dear Tim:
      I did go to the P O Box so I will check again.
      Well, I was hoping you had a list of all the material Moriel has bought, sent you, and was mailed to you.
      In Peace,
      David-end email
      I sent the gear out in 3 loads because there was a very heavy Anvil case which was used to transport stuff on the plane a lot of their gear was in there. But really accuse me of theft and not even know what they purchased for me? And I have other emails showing Lister confusion on what gear Moriel bought. And I sent back stuff they were not even aware they bought it with their credit card.
      And this is an International Ministry?
      Are you kidding me?
      Plus as we know David Nathans videos are still on Moriel TV Vimeo. Josh did have a problem with it at first because he was using the wrong log in I sent him using Gmail instead of Hotmail. Here is David Lister’s response. to that one. David Lister
      Thu 8/23/2018 9:07 AM
      Dear Tim:
      First off thanks for the Viemo information Joshua said that was the ticket. end email comment

      So I guess they do not really think David Nathan is a heretic. Whew, I’m relieved.
      Glad I kept all the emails

      Blessings in Jesus

    2. Yes, watching Amos in the aftermath is fascinating. He moves his hands around a bit, does a Stan Laurel head scratch, but otherwise looks distant. Amos, though broken, is apparently convinced by the fool argument Prasch then gives in his loud and confident manner that Henry Sheppard noticed was Prasch’s system for making his disciples swallow his bilge lies:

    3. Well with ex-cop ex Bill Randles stooge and Moriel Groupie Sergio mejías-Mariani sauce seemingly taking over for video guru of Moriel TV it should be interesting. Funny Jacob surrounds himself with ex-cops. If they are doing bodyguard duty as well I hope they are charging by the pound.

  4. Well Moriel TV Vimeo was corrected and the David Nathan videos removed and a new Jacob video added.
    I want to personally thank the Moriel Cult members for watching our channels

      1. Also glad that they included Moriel groupie (please Jacob let me work for you) another ex-cop Sergio mejías-Mariani sauce. lol

  5. I noticed a bit of an inconsistency in the Moriel lackey Charles Jardine of Azimuth Radio. His channel—like Amos The Intellectual Midget Farrell’s channel Genesis Christian Radio—has much ado about Prasch with the railing Jack Daniels sponge being the central teacher offered on the network. However Charles hasn’t got the memo (of phoney argumentation) that Prasch says John MacArthur is a false teacher, as Charles has rather incongruously got John MacArthur as his second teacher next to Prasch:

    It undermines Prasch massively to have him paired up with his phoney witchhunt target, and I reckon Azimuth uses good teachers (MacArthur and Martin Lloyd-Jones) to pull in listeners, and then they present Prasch as the best, when Prasch is the least qualified to even touch a Bible much less teach from one.

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