Jacob Prasch Versus the Australian “Neo-Nazis” in Cloud Cuckoo Land

In November 2019 I stumbled upon a cache of priceless documents from 1998 detailing Jacob Prasch’s lunatic attack against the Elim denomination; his witch-hunting his own Moriel volunteers in Australia and the USA; and his demonstrating perfectly back then the exact same type of railing/lying/unbalanced behaviour as I’ve chronicled since 2018.  Today I did a little more searching and uncovered one of the funniest attacks/claims Prasch has ever made in a decades-long career of damning everybody who makes the dread mistake of disagreeing with his half-baked pronouncements about all and sundry.

So the story begins in 2000 around the end of Prasch’s diabolical attack on his own volunteers in Australia and the USA, and revolves around—oddly enough—another Australian group, this time being a collection of theologians who write a monthly(ish) magazine called Diakrisis who together have “a mission of teaching, informing and equipping the church.

Prasch, who first became well known in Australia in the 1990s, apparently read the Diakrisis magazine, not as a person seeking to be taught, informed and equipped, but as a means of finding material inside to use to attack the authors and, I’d imagine, to destroy the magazine and absorb its followers into Moriel (as has been the Prasch modus operandi with ‘rivals’ Jan Markell, JD Farag, and Amir Tsarfati in recent years).  Prasch made Diakrisis aware that he wasn’t happy with their view of Bible teacher David Wilkerson’s prophecies uttered some years prior about the ‘imminent’ demise of America (their view was that the prophecies hadn’t happened and that the word ‘imminent‘ couldn’t be extended any more to accommodate them).  Prasch exploded and made them aware he was going to publish an article in his own magazine Moriel Quarterly tearing them apart for disagreeing with his own half-backed pronouncements about David Wilkerson.

As you may be aware if you’ve viewed the Jacob Prasch series of critique videos I’ve done, when Prasch attacks someone, he doesn’t use logic or reason or facts, instead he tries to connect his target tenuously to somebody else, and then damns them via that fake association.  For instance Prasch attacked me not by interacting with the information I presented against him in November-December 2018, no, he simply found a comment I’d made about John MacArthur, and then flung himself on it and flung his credibility out the window by saying I believed Christians were all to take the Mark of the Beast (via his half-baked, widely-spread fool pronouncement that MacArthur himself taught that, despite my comment itself being a weblink to an article explaining that MacArthur didn’t say what Prasch said he’d said—if Prasch had actually read the linked article, his argument wouldn’t have worked, but as that was the only argument he had he went with it and was willfully blind).  Additionally, when Prasch wanted to absorb Amir Tsarfati’s hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers in summer 2019, Prasch seized one error Amir had made (one that many of the Reformers also made—which Prasch had to lie about to cover) and associated Amir with….David Koresh and the Branch Davidian Sect!  Yes, that’s how mentally unwell Prasch is, and that is the pattern Prasch has shown since 1998 when he tried to damn all his Moriel USA and Australia volunteers as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

So, with that background presented, let’s move to the group Prasch tried to connect to the team at Diakrisis in 2000…

Prasch, unhinged as always, in trying to defend David Wilkerson (who I’m sure wouldn’t have appreciated Prasch’s intervention on his behalf) declared Diakrisis were basically NEO-NAZIS!  Prasch wrote:

“Australia, where ‘Diakrisis’ is published and where Mr. Arnold lives, appears to be a breeding ground for this manner of attempted character assassination. Indeed, we ourselves have been victimised by internet operators in Australia influenced by the Neo Nazi beliefs of the ‘identity movement’ which rejects black people as ‘beasts of the field’. Such people charge Jewish believers in Jesus with the crime of ‘being Jews’.”

The Diakrisis article writer, Mike Calydon, in response to such idiocy, wrote,

You might well ask – what brought this ire down upon us? Well, we dared to question the accuracy of the prophecies made by Wilkerson 15 years ago depicting the ‘sudden’ and ‘imminent’ demise of America, (nowhere in our writings have we labelled David Wilkerson a ‘false prophet’ as charged by Prasch). We also questioned Wilkerson’s application of Scripture written specifically for National Israel, to the church age. Mr Prasch asserts that Jesus prophesied events that have yet to take place yet said they would happen soon, and that therefore we have applied ‘misguided criteria’ in voicing our concerns.

The full article can be viewed in the original pdf file on the Diakrisis website here, and here is the page in question below:


After a period of silence, Prasch returned to his Australian targets for a second attempt at killing them off in Spring 2004 in demanding the Diakrisis authors debate him and his mate Philip Powell in Brisbane in 2004.  Hilariously the Diakrisis team turned down the railing oaf and his lackey for this epic reason:

After serious thought it was decided that it would not be correct or prudent to meet with [Prasch and Powell] who between them have written describing us as ‘jerks, insignificant jerks, liars, infantile, doomed, jealous, dishonourable, theological buffoons, Ruckmanites, radical cessationists, and at one point likening our writings to that of the ‘Neo-Nazis”.
Hectoring e-mails were sent to us and copied into an email list of supposedly 3-4 thousand people. Other ministries have suffered similar treatment in the past few years. When the challenge was declined further e-mails followed accusing us of ‘running scared’. Nothing could be further from the truth – both of us are either interstate or overseas at the time nominated anyway!


Prasch claiming the group were “running scared” from debating him is one of Prasch’s stock comments to supporters/fans/disciples whose belief in such an idiot notion provides Prasch with narcissistic supply he hankers for and feeds off of like Frank Booth feeds of his gas cannister in Blue Velvet.


Prasch has made 56 known debate demands in video/audio form compiled in this video, and for all his boasts about his opponents running scared, Prasch is yet to participate in his first actual debate. Quite from running scared, his targets more commonly apply the same logic as Diakrisis have in asking why they should entertain a master in ad hominem slurs.

The series of slurs Prasch aimed at them reminds me of the infamous 2012 attack Prasch launched on Deborah Du Rand of the website Discerning the World when its authors made the dread mistake of fact-checking Prasch’s book Shadows of the Beast, a ‘crime’ that resulted in a long list of slurs from Prasch that then resulted in this famous graphic that compiled all the slurs Prasch made in a couple of possibly drunk retaliatory comments:


Diakrisis’s 2004 refusal (on page 7) to entertain the couple of railing idiots also highlighted Prasch’s LYING about the contents of the Diakrisis magazine—a claim which the Diakrisis author asks people to fact-check by giving issue and page number—which reminds me of the Christmas Eve 2019 idiot film Prasch made with his new lackey and fellow idiot Amos Farrell of Genesis Christian Radio wherein Prasch claims on video that my ‘The Jacob Prasch Files’ documents DON’T contain certain information, which I subsequently filmed and showed that they DO in this critique of the two muppets (he also said someone other than me released the documents, such is his cretinous lack of research).

After Prasch’s idiot secondary attack-via-debate failed, the lunatic then admitted he had been wrong about David Wilkerson’s prophecies anyway!  Diakrisis justly scoffed at the chump in the next issue of the magazine (on page 7), and keenly noted a trait in Prasch:

“We are pleased to announce that Jacob has corrected his past judgements and properly discerned Dave Wilkerson’s deceptive teachings in an article available on the Moriel website. However, Jacob cannot resist the temptation to once again malign us and repeat another of his many false accusations. (We simply are not ‘Radical Cessationists’ as he states).”


It all demonstrates that Prasch’s pattern of attacking people with faked information for the crime of disagreeing with his half-backed pronouncements, and using illogical guilt by association (when the association exists only in his mentally ill mind) has been clearly seen from 1998 to present day, so he has been attacking the church for that long, and during the whole time, Christians have been willingly FUNDING these Satanic exploits! Shame on them!

To get a better understanding of how Prasch manages to persistently categorise people so incorrectly (and to laughably categorise himself as some great Christian hero in the likeness of John the Baptist and Elijah) watch this video:

13 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch Versus the Australian “Neo-Nazis” in Cloud Cuckoo Land

    1. Good research!
      I see Prasch couldn’t hold back from making a fool link between Powell and the JWs AND Islam:

      Prasch keeps roping his mates into joining the witch hunts by recording their own statements. We saw it in video form with Amos The Intellectual Midget’s video in Fall 2018 with him, John Flubber Haller, Bill Randles and Ian Huxam all trying to earn some cultic points by parroting Prasch.

      1. All those years Powell the Pentecostal was really part of a sleeper cell for Al Qaeda whilst David Nathan was planted by George Bush to carry on his sinister plan for a NWO lol

      2. The wild-eyed beliefs and arguments from Prasch and Amos ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Farrell (the latter who indeed said David Nathan had launched the NWO, the former who connected Amir Tsarfati to David Koresh) illustrate a failure to handle truth or even grasp reality. The pair are a couple of Ultimate Morons.

    2. Got to love the retro pic of Prasch which Moriel used on their old website and material to promote his itinerant ‘ministry’:

      I found my version to have the more pertinent questions about his behaviour…

    3. I’d heard the name Philip Powell before but never listened to him, so since the Diakrisis team said both Prasch AND Powell had used slurs against them, I thought I’d see if he was anything like Prasch. The FIRST video I loaded found Powell calling Rupert Murdoch the media baron a “mongol” instead of a “mogul” (deliberately mispronouncing it) then laughing with his audience. There are Mongol people (Mongolians), but in the UK where he’s from ‘mongol’ is also a “highly offensive name for a person affected by Down’s syndrome”. It’s open to interpretation which definition he meant, but to my ears it was the heinous slur. It’s at the 16:23 point:

      1. Yes he does use the word Mongol to disparage Rupert Murdoch, although to be fare he appears to be repeating what someone in the audience said. I myself been from the UK remember using the insult of Mongol or Spastic growing up. We do need to guard our tongues and stick to the issues and not make personnel attacks in the heat of the moment. Prasch is an expert at it, like reducing those who have produced evidence of him been of pure Irish Catholic descent, as been some CRAZY people on the internet!

        The above article on Diakrisis is so typical Prasch. I remember him having a go at David Wilkerson some years ago. As Diakrisis said, he finally got there! When Prasch uses his phrase “Watchman who are not Watchman”, maybe he should look in the mirror. But who has Prasch not had a dig at? After all he is one perfect in knowledge according to Praschites
        Here is link to Prasch statements on Wilkerson.


  1. Hilarious! Time is forever the enemy of loud mouths like Yacov. He has had been running his mouth for years! There must be countless pages and recordings that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what a huckster and fool he is.

    1. Prasch is a ‘Master Level Prize Fool’. His enablers daily advance up the same ranks of fooldom after Prasch by their sticking with him after each exposé is released. Amos went from a basic ‘Level 1 Low Functioning Idiot’ to a ‘Level 8 Prize Fool² Squared’ during the past 14 months of throwing his weight behind the most exposed evil cretinous Oaf Of The Century, Prasch.
      Servus Christi was advancing up through the same ranks, only in the female division.

  2. I have stated this before but even when confronted with their own emails to prove they are liars unhinged people like Moriel Ultra Suzanne Baruch continue to talk to fake ids of me claiming to know who it is. That makes John Haller’s social media person look sane.Plus even after a heads up more than a year later they finally removed David Nathans videos from Vimeo. Even after a heads up. SMH. These guys are focused on one thing and that is money. It shows in their exposed 990 reports (now hidden from the public). Trickle-down Moriel economics to the few missions they really help. Check the numbers, follow the money. It will be interesting to see what schedule Prasch will have in the future. There is no way he is going to just stay home. Blessings in Jesus-Tim

    1. To adopt Prasch as a thinker/protector requires a departure from the rigours of thinking for one’s self, and then to keep Prasch on a Christian pedestal when the Bible (Galatians 5, Revelation 22:15, Proverbs 6:16-19) shows he cannot be a Christian requires a plunge into non-Aristotelean thinking of blurred categories. From that point I can well see how the Praschites are unable to see obvious counterfeits. They have been reduced (through being cognitive sluggards led by a chump) to brainless idiots. The idiocy is blindingly obvious to anybody outside the cult, yet inside the cult the ‘idiocy’ is wrongly categorised as heroic/godly.
      The Prasch cultists remind me of the monks in Monty Python and the Holy Grail hitting their own heads with planks of wood:

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