Meno Kalisher: Prasch’s Pawn for Credibility in 2020

In December 2019 I questioned the logic of Israeli Bible teacher Meno Kalisher signing up to appear alongside the godless railing Walter Mitty fake Jew Jacob Prasch in his Moriel 2020 Northern Conference from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March 2020 after Prasch used that platform in 2019 to Satanically attack Deborah Menelaws and spew vile lies and debunked argumentation at her in his idiot 9-minute live-streamed rant, behaviour which has been consistently godless since 1998 when Prasch was first recorded slandering Christians—back then Prasch’s lunatic lies endangered the lives of Christians in Northern Ireland when Prasch lied and said the Elim leadership there had told people to “JOIN ELIM AND KILL FOR CHRIST” amongst other evil things that resulted in him being labeled a “predator” instead of a pastor, who slanderously declared targets were “neo-Nazis” as means of damning them to his pro-Jew audience.

Subsequent to that post asking Meno Kalisher to think twice before associating himself with the Jacob Prasch Personality Cult and all its evil (and before he becomes one of The Enabling Eight—the group of prominent ‘Christians‘ who’ve shamefully misused their platforms to enable Prasch’s witch-hunting [the Eight being Marco Quintana, David Lister, Servus Christi, Amos Farrell, CMFI, Mike Benade, John Haller, and Bill Randles]), Prasch has exposed himself as using Meno Kalisher as a pawn in his continued efforts in maintaining his platform (a platform he is disqualified from for his attacking the innocent, driving a woman to the brink of suicide, persistently lying, faking being half-Jewish for decades, persistently embellishing his son’s position in the IDF, fueling himself with Jack Daniels, and demonstrating zero fruit of the Spirit) by Prasch releasing on his website an online form to invite people to the March 2020 Northern Conference using Meno’s name as a draw:


And on 26th January Prasch released a short promotional video trumpeting Meno’s involvement, waxing lyrical about the importance in his giving Israeli teachers a “platform” in the Western churches, the irony being that there is much greater importance biblically in NOT giving lying godless bloodthirsty wolves like Prasch a platform in the church—the very thing Meno is doing by giving Prasch the credibility he craves by appearing beside him.

By allowing himself to be a pawn in Prasch’s hand, Meno Kalisher has indirectly set the rather appropriate date of Friday the 13th March 2020 as the day he joins Prasch’s squad of enablers, alongside new recruits Charles Jardine of Azimuth Radio (for his making Moriel propaganda and posting Prasch’s Christmas Eve 2019 slander video), and Steve Mitchell from Fellowship Bible Chapel for his continued support of Prasch by repeatedly surrendering his pulpit to the godless oaf, swelling The Enabling Eight into The Enabling Eleven.

Friday the 13th approaches…