2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984

Due to the destruction of cult leader Jacob Prasch’s Jewish facade, the accidental cause of that destruction—Prasch’s ultra fan Amos Farrell—has ramped up his propaganda effort to strengthen the two remaining pillars of belief in the cult by creating an hilarious cartoon TV set for Prasch to scream from for an hour and a half, the idea being to present his thinker and protector as a professional-looking newsreader/expert, which apparently makes his phoney argumentation believable.
As with everything else Amos touches, the whole thing immediately crumbles due to the obvious fact that only a person in the cult’s echo chamber or in an asylum would fall for it, with the end result looking like a couple of idiot bedlamites trying to enact an iMovie version of George Orwell’s 1984.

For an in-depth look at the foolishness of Midrash, go to this website: https://peacefulpolemics.home.blog

UPDATE 12 March 2020:

So clearly the blowing whale Jacob Prasch has reacted to the negative press surrounding his 1984-esque effort, so has had the video updated for upload to his own idiot channel Moriel TV, and has forced Amos Farrell the failed propagandist into cutting out all of the zooming in and out in order to hide the full extremity of his fake TV studio exposed in my above critique video. The Moriel TV version of Amos’s junk video now has an alarming 90-minute close-up on Prasch’s red and gray blotchy face, which makes it look more like the totalitarian talking head from the final seconds of my video!

11 thoughts on “2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984

  1. A see a couple of mindless people have been chanting devotion to Prasch on Amos’s fool channel GCR TV:

    I’m interested to know what ‘Peta323’ thinks faithfulness to God looks like, because if she thinks Prasch demonstrates it, then Satan must be scratching his head as to why he has been rejected by God yet Prasch has qualified.

  2. The website radioisrael.nl published a puff piece about Prasch yesterday:

    As they accepted comments I thought I’d write one which I snapshot in cases they didn’t publish it and decided to quell the dissonant information…

    They didn’t publish my comment, probably because they didn’t want reality tearing apart their yarn.

  3. I listened to some if it. It’s becoming more difficult to listen to him. Though I was wondering if he mentions Kabbalah among all the other false teachings he lists? I am really at a loss at to what Amos and Jacob are attempting to do here with the green screen. Perhaps Jacob could spend some of his raise from last year and get an actual studio? If the intent was to legitimize him, it failed. Or perhaps he could create a new mission’s to donate to, so they could slot monies for a REAL studio? I’m sure they could come up with something to call it…..like “Your weekly dose of dazed and confussssed”. Thank you powerplaypause.

    1. In the second video he defends Midrash and mentions Kabbalah. He calls people “idiotic” for not understanding. So, yes, I’m an “idiotic” for not understanding how Prasch is John the Baptist Mk.2, and has the spirit of Elijah, and has been chosen by God to announce the Second Coming, as he waffles about in the 2019 Moriel Canada Conference. I’m also “idiotic” for not seeing how the Bible is a weapon used to bludgeon people to death with as Prasch outlined in his David & Goliath talk.
      The set debacle just wouldn’t work on any level, even if it was real and cost a million dollars, because you’d still have the flailing slob presenting his badly researched rubbish whilst overacting and chewing the scenery.
      Prasch is maybe testing the waters with the videos on GCR TV and may roll it out onto Moriel TV if it succeeds. It’s bizarre that as of 4th March 2020 it isn’t on Moriel TV considering it has Moriel TV slapped all over it. If it doesn’t get put on Moriel TV then that’s a slap in the face for that berk Amos Farrell.

  4. Amos “Village Idiot” Farrell has been doing the Moriel TV ‘This Week in Prophecy’ videos since January after taking over from Servus Christi/Beavis Christi, and you can tell when he took over since all the Amos films are spelt wrong as ‘This Week in Prophesy’:

    However, the misspelling does actually fit more what is going on with Prasch making his fool declarations coupled with Prasch’s assurance that ‘Moriel’ (‘God is my teacher’), since ‘prophesy’ means “to predict with assurance or on the basis of mystic knowledge”. Prasch certainly uses his midrashic mystic knowledge in interpreting the world.

  5. One of Prasch’s enablers Charles Jardine of Azimuth Radio TV accidentally asked a rather pertinent question about his thinker Prasch with this badly-worded tweet.

    Well thanks for asking the question Charles. I think the answer is a most definitely YES considering Prasch teaches Jesus is Kabbalah figure Metatron, teaches that he himself is John the Baptist for the second coming of Christ, and that he himself has the spirit of Elijah!

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