Moriel Northern Conference 2020

I saw on the Moriel website that Jacob Prasch  has been struggling to shift tickets for his 2020 Moriel Northern Conference seeing as the website has for a month now had the warning that registration is closing. Apparently that warning was more an attempt to trigger the social psychology heuristic of scarcity wherein people are more likely to want something if the something is in short supply. The way it works is if people are made aware a stock of something is almost sold out, the heuristic cue (or mental short cut) people take is to think if it is nearly sold out it must be really good! Shops use faux scarcity all the time to trigger that reaction to get rid of old stock or just to drive up sales. However the thinking person won’t take the heuristic cue and will instead ponder, and reckon whilst there may be a scarcity, there also may not be, and they don’t need the object anyway, so they, after thinking a bit, pass by happy that they haven’t been fleeced and aren’t having to engage in post-choice dissonance to rationalise their mistake of buying something they didn’t need.

With Prasch, declaring a month ago that registration was “closing” yet is still using that trigger 2 days before the conference starts tells me

1) Nobody bought the basic psychological ploy because they were rational and realised Prasch isn’t worth anything to them

2) The pool of cult members has drained so that few are left to be triggered by the psychological ploy

I reckon the truth would be a bit of both with emphasis on the latter option as Prasch has been widely exposed over the last 18 months, and the exposing of his lies and godless behaviour has been most extreme recently from December 2019 to last week when Amos Farrell—Prasch’s Ultra village idiot—has been flailing around undermining his ‘Lord Jacob’ by making a series of fool videos to exalt his thinker and protector but has ended up fatally undermining him so that even less people will want to be associated with Prasch, except the unthinking people like Amos who are too heavily invested in the personality cult to be able to think rationally.

As Amos has accidentally undermined Prasch for 15 months, exposing him by mistake as a fake Jew, recording Prasch’s 9-minute screaming rant from last year’s conference, capturing Prasch being misogynistic to his own wife on stage the month he claimed to not be a misogynist, I thought I’d aid the accidental underminer Amos by making a poster for this weekend’s conference with a bit of that terrible reality sprinkled in that pains the cult so much:


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