Exposé Special: The South African Job (A Jacob Prasch Caper 21 Years in the Making)

Amos Farrell the Ultra member of the Jacob Prasch personality cult has just released a video he has been sitting on for nearly 3 months. It becomes apparent very quickly why it was held back for so long, and anybody with even half a brain inside the cult would have deleted it. Amos doesn’t have even half a brain though, thus he has made and released to the public the SINGLE MOST DAMAGING ACCIDENTAL LEAK about Jacob Prasch EVER. Now bear in mind Amos has done some amazingly idiotic things to accidentally undermine his thinker and protector Prasch over the past 16 months, from launching a bovine conspiracy theory to attack Prasch’s enemy, faking a police report to cover up Prasch’s spiritual abuse, to capturing Prasch admitting he’s a fake Jew, but this new botched video by serial video-botcher Amos, lifts the lid on a ongoing Jacob Prasch caper in South Africa going back 21 years that in just a few minutes utterly destroys Moriel and Prasch. Well done Amos!

To view Prasch’s 3 cybersquatting websites in archival form as seen in the above film, click the archive.org links below:

The www RepublicOfSouthAfrica dot COM version

1) in 2004 cybersquatting form https://web.archive.org/web/20040828171233/http://republicofsouthafrica.com/
2) in 2013 charity front form https://web.archive.org/web/20131228210644/http://republicofsouthafrica.com/
3) in 2018 cybersquatting form: https://web.archive.org/web/20180328123239/http://republicofsouthafrica.com/

The www RepublicOfSouthAfrica dot NET version
1) in 2013 charity front form https://web.archive.org/web/20130620213846/http://republicofsouthafrica.net/
2) in 2018 cybersquatting form https://web.archive.org/web/20180110001352/http://republicofsouthafrica.net/

The www RepublicOfSouthAfrica dot ORG version

1) in 2011 charity front form https://web.archive.org/web/20110923232723/http://www.republicofsouthafrica.org/
2) in 2018 cybersquatting form https://web.archive.org/web/20181124165925/http://republicofsouthafrica.org/index.php

3) as of 28 June 2020 it is the only of the 3 websites to still be live on the internet in cybersquatting form at http://republicofsouthafrica.org/index.php

4 thoughts on “Exposé Special: The South African Job (A Jacob Prasch Caper 21 Years in the Making)

  1. If it wasn’t for Amos Farrell, Jacob Prasch wouldn’t have broached the topic of his finances and been immediately outed as a career fraudster!

  2. Yeah Amos didn’t do the make-believe-Jew any favors to be sure😂
    It made my side hurt from laughing after reading Yacov mounting his defense, he ALWAYS dug himself in deeper. He isn’t as bright as he would have people believe. Unfortunately, I don’t think Lydia aka Servus Christi is as stupid as Jacob Prasch. Close but not as unhinged.

  3. True. As much as Prasch wishes to present himself as an intellectual, he is undermined by 1) his baffling stupidity, and 2) his near total reliance on volunteers since the 1990s for doing everything he can’t, and for paying for his Jack Daniels.
    Beavis Christi has managed to become to some degree more well-known than Prasch through his own hard work.
    Beavis Christi and Butthead Prasch are both morons for peddling their 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon schtick, and for persisting in ‘ministry’ despite their disqualifying sins, but Beavis is what you might call a moderately high-functioning idiot.

    And Amos is merely a ham-fisted baboon.

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