Often Attacked by the Cult…but Never Refuted by the Cult: Chronicling the Fake Jew Cult Leader Jacob Prasch

I’ve made 3 seasons of videos chronicling the lies and various types of fraud of Jacob Prasch. In 18 months he and his cult have attacked me, damned me to Hell as “an apologist for apostasy“, tried to reduce the dissonance I’ve caused in their echo chamber, thrown out ad hominem and unsubstantiated assertions, and in it all helpfully PROVED that all the ministry-terminating things I’ve exposed about Prasch, have been TRUE by virtue of the deafening silence when it comes to compelling evidence to debunk what I’ve recorded.

If you know someone in the Prasch personality cult, consider sending them a link to one of the 38 videos on the list (and then brace yourself for attack).

*The one mentioned in the video where Prasch uses his failed theory utilising his deliberate mishandling of John MacArthur’s statements and then applying his fool conclusion to me in order to damn me, is Episode 3.

Jacob Prasch Season 1:

Ep.1 The Phoney Argumentation of Jacob Prasch

Ep.2 Prasch Pt.2

Ep.3 Jacob Prasch the Arch-Damner Strikes Again

Ep.4 The Good The Bad And The Echo Chamber

Ep.5 Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General

Ep.6 Jacob Prasch: Witch-Hunts, Ivory Towers & Shooting Arrows At The Faithful

Ep.7 Jacob Prasch & His Ongoing Battle Against Observable Truth

Ep.8 When Moriel Propaganda Fails

Ep.9 Jacob Prasch: The Lost Weekend

Ep.10 Jacob Prasch: Anatomy of a Railer

Ep.11 Epilogue: “Thinking” Inside A Personality Cult

Ep.12 Epilogue Pt.2: The Total Corruption of the Moriel Police Squad

Jacob Prasch Season 2:

Ep.13 Attacking Amir Tsarfati

Ep.14 Prasch Beast Mode

Ep.15 Important Grey Matter is Missing

Ep.16 Prasch: Gone Hunting (and Camping)

Ep.17 Jacob Prasch: The Rolling Stones are Stupid

Ep.18 Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles

Ep.19 To Hell (via Jonestown, bypassing Dissonance) [The 50 Sins of Jacob Prasch]

Ep.20 Marco Quintana & The Women Who Fondle Wolves

Ep.21 Prasch: One flew East, one flew West, and one flew at those not in the Cuckoo’s Nest

Ep.22 “But for the cowardly…” [Jacob Prasch’s “Fall” World Tour]

Ep.23 Moriel ‘Boss Level’ Strategy

Ep.24 Jacob Prasch: The End

Jacob Prasch Season 3

Ep.25 John Haller: Devil’s Advocate [Faking Prophecy to Enable a Devil]

Ep.26 Jacob Prasch: Peering Out of Cloud Cuckoo Land in Midrash-Tinted Glasses

Ep.27 The Escape From Monkey Prasch

Ep.28 Prasch Series: Overlook/End

Ep.29 Bulletproof Cuckoo [A Critique of Jacob Prasch’s Moriel 2019 Review]

Ep.30 Moriel 2020: A Fetid Stench

Ep.31 Once Upon a Time in an Ivory Tower…

Ep.32 Dracula Prasch and His Jewish Blood/Alcohol Levels

Ep.33 Amos Farrell the Intellectual Midget and his Thinker/Protector Jacob Prasch

Ep.34 il culto di Moriel (1975)

Ep.35 Epilogue: Jacob Prasch: $147,000 Salary For Witch-Hunts!

Ep.36 2020: The Year Moriel Arrived at 1984

Exposé Special: The South African Job (A Jacob Prasch Caper 21 Years in the Making)

Series Overview: Often Attacked by the Cult…but Never Refuted by the Cult: Chronicling the Fake Jew Cult Leader Jacob Prasch, by tbckawii

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  1. Amos “Foiled Again” Farrell, Jacob Prasch’s incompetent conspiracy theorist pageboy, fighting for the truth to be covered up in the Prasch Cult’s echo chamber:

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