Jacob Prasch’s accomplice Sandy Simpson Attacks Dave Borlase

Sandy Simpson, formerly a good discernment minister who unfortunately got in tow with the Jacob Prasch personality cult, recently went on the offensive against Dave Borlase of the British ministry Intercessors for Britain in a knee jerk reaction to Dave’s video about Covid 19.  

The video was about the dangers of misunderstanding Covid 19 and the government’s intervention in controlling it, and the trouble of Christians getting caught up in conspiracy theories surrounding it all.

Dave started his video clearly stating his talk wasn’t about anybody or any comment in particular that he’d read in emails to IFB or on the IFB Facebook comments or on the IFB website comments, rather he said he’d try to cover many views generally by grouping together common notions people had presented.

Sandy Simpson had a knee jerk reaction to it, because as Dave described all the zany theories barking people had come out with, he unintentionally described Jacob Prasch and everybody at Moriel as they are all heavily into doom-mongering and conspiracy theories.  When you describe internet conspiracy theorists generally, Prasch would naturally hear himself described, because Prasch is a typical conspiracy theorist.

And the Moriel staff: Sandy Simpson, Marco Quintana, and Amos Farrell, all make a living primarily off of making junk videos or Facebook posts about the end times and Chuck Missleresque speculations and conspiracy theories presented as fact, and all those guys have adopted Jacob Prasch as their thinker and protector, and have over time become high up in his personality cult that numbers several thousand people.  

So by Dave Borlase simply generally describing internet conspiracy theorists being wrong, Sandy and probably the other Moriel staff as well, all faced a barrage of cognitive dissonance, the psychological pain of hearing that their whole understanding and framework for interpreting the world, was wrong, and Sandy here has gone on the attack to destroy the source of his psychological pain.  

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The end result is perhaps the most inept attempt at discernment I’ve ever witnessed—for Sandy, the self-described discernment minister—has unfortunately written his response whilst shrouded in a deep fog of cultish thought wherein the central belief he wishes to uphold is not the inspiration of Scripture or anything like that, but the unparalleled greatness of his thinker protector Jacob Prasch instead.

Sandy 2

I’ve underlined all the self-refuting, false or cultic statements I’ve found in his 3 page essay.  Some of it is highly amusing, because it in places gets full-on nuts.  


To start with Sandy states Dave Borlase’s website Intercessors For Britain contains “attack ads he has posted which are patently disgusting“.  If you look up that website there is nothing of the sort.  A couple of times now Prasch, Amos Farrell, and now Sandy, have all apparently tried to somehow link Dave to my website here.  For Sandy to begin his essay with a pretty obvious misattribution and says he won’t provide a link/citation to back up his claim, pretty much sums up the standard Prasch’s cult operates at.  Note the way there are actually zero links/citations, whereas my response is loaded with links for readers to fact-check.


One common thread in Sandy’s unstable cultic attack on Dave Borlase is his repeatedly trying to make out that the number of people who are against his lord Jacob Prasch are “small”, they are “a tiny group”, they are a “miniscule group”.  

It appears Sandy’s determined effort to characterise those against Prasch as being so small that they are of no consequence is undermined logically by Sandy taking the time to even pen this document in the first place.  And if the naysaying group was so small, why is it my website that chronicles Jacob Prasch’s cult’s behaviour is the third result you get when you internet search his name?  The reality is there is an ever-growing audience becoming aware of the Jacob Prasch cult and the evidence of his behaviour and his ultra cult members’ behaviour that all has for a year and a half stood frequently attacked but never actually on any level refuted by the cult.  

By Sandy trying to paint the waves as mere tiny inconsequential ripples, he’s trying to reassure others in the cult’s echo chamber that all is OK, and that they have still selected the correct thinker and protector, and all the time invested in it, and all the money donated, has been worthwhile.  


In the document Sandy describes non-believers in Jacob Prasch’s supreme greatness as suffering from “Prasch derangement syndrome” [wouldn’t that be a more accurate name for what Prasch himself suffers from as he is deranged, or ‘Praschesque Fake Jew Unhinging Syndrome’a proposition for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which could be the name of the rare comorbidity of Hyper-Jewish Thinking, Jerusalem Syndrome, Messiah Complex, Persecution Complex, Walter Mittyism, Narcissism, and alcoholism], and Sandy thinks these non-believers cannot see that Jacob Prasch is a “true Bible expositor(d).  Hmm, a true Bible expositor surely is someone who not only explains the Bible but also does what it says right?, otherwise they are a hypocrite in God’s eyes.  

So why is it Sandy’s thinker/protector Prasch cannot produce the evidence of being an actual spirit-indwelt believer by exhibiting fruits of said Holy Spirit?  That fruit, listed in Galatians chapter 5 are what nobody sees in Prasch because he doesn’t produce them, logically because he doesn’t have the Holy Spirit indwelling him, making him as a Bible expositor an automatic hypocrite for he doesn’t do what the Bible he exposits from says.  However, in Galatians 5 there’s also the list of the signs of the lack of the Spirit, known as the deeds of the flesh, and I’ve listed again and again Prasch ticking many of those hellish boxes, and presenting the videoed evidence that has, as stated, stood and not been refuted at all in a year and a half.


Sandy however doesn’t mention fruit—you know, the markers of being a Christian—since he can’t, but instead tries to point out how super smart Jacob Prasch is, and how he speaks various languages.  The reality is Prasch speaks English, and is ham-fisted in his attempts at Greek to the point that actual Bible scholar and Greek expert Dr James White ridiculed Prasch’s efforts in a video where Prasch mispronounced every Greek word he tried, and most of the attempts were short 2 syllable words.

If you can’t pronounce even short words, you cannot “speak” a language.  But apparently since Sandy doesn’t know any better, because he infamously doesn’t fact-check anything regarding his cult leader, he simply believes Prasch’s mangling of Greek is perfect.  But you see how ignorance is bliss?  If Sandy stays deliberately ignorant as he appears to like to do, he can believe he has found the bestest Bible teacher in the world in Prasch.  If, however, he let reality kick in, the bliss would be shattered and he’d become aware that Prasch is an out and out cult leader who has never acted like Christ but constantly acts Satanic.  But you see then why people like Sandy try to kill off dissonance so that they can delay or totally avoid ever having to allow reality to invade and destroy their little ignorant world of cultdom?

Regarding reality again, if Prasch was as “smart” as Sandy says he is, then why did Prasch boast about his wildly successful secular website career in January 2020 yet at the same time foolishly gave evidence which when researched found him out as a liar and a fraudster who’d attempted to sponge over a million dollars off of the South African government whilst also redirecting charity funds into his own pocket for years to build sufficient savings to send his 2 children through private education and law school?  Was that the action of a “smart” man, to basically rumble himself?  No.  Not very smart at all.


Sandy then tries to attack Dave Borlase by using arguments about how Dave praised the government of the UK, said the Covid-tracking software is reasonable for people to carry, and how he suggested people should think more realistically about big pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates rather than assuming the worst, and Sandy’s listing of those arguments only make sense IF Sandy naturally believes the conspiracy theories Dave Borlase was exposing!  

Great, so Sandy is a conspiracy theorist who is against vaccines, against technology, and against the government.  That’s despite him having been hospitalised for a long time last year because of his being thunderously overweight, and being kept alive with medication and technology, all underpinned by the power of the US government.  So Sandy is alive right now thanks to God giving Big Pharma, tech, and the government, yet he’s a hypocrite because when he’s recovered he’s saying it’s all pointing to the Mark of the Beast.  That’s what you call a fair-weather damner, because when there is a storm, he’s clinging to the coattails of the powers he had damned.


Sandy then tries to paint his thinker and protector Jacob Prasch as the godly version of Bill Gates as they both do work in the Third World, saying whilst Gates has the baggage of supporting abortions, the saintly Prasch doesn’t have any such baggage.  What Sandy is doing is strawmanning by selecting an obvious issue Bill Gates has with supporting abortion, but if Bill Gates glanced at Prasch’s history, he could legitimately do the same and list all Prasch’s spiritual abuse crimes, misogyny, cyber-squatting for a million dollars, faking being half-Jewish, and producing fake police documents to try to escape the spiritual abuse inquiry in the UK.  It works both ways.


Sandy then rolls out his thinker and protector Prasch’s frequently debunked but forever re-issued Mark of the Beast belief which states that anybody who takes the Mark of the Beast immediately commits an unpardonable sin, a belief which actually requires Jesus’s words to be rendered wrong when He stated categorically in the Gospels that only one different type of sin was actually unpardonable.  

So who would you believe, Jesus… or Prasch who exhibits no fruit of salvation and distorts Scripture as a means to use his black and white thinking as a tool to attack people like John MacArthur on the internet as a way to draw disciples after him who’ll continue to fund his lavish lifestyle?  I’ll believe Jesus, not the fake Jew Jacob Prasch.


Sandy talks of how the Mark of the Beast will be like a branding, and uses the illustration of how cows are branded by their owner.  Sandy obviously isn’t a farmer, considering cows …get sold and rebranded by their new owner, so the extended logic of his own illustration refutes his position, considering Jesus is in the work of taking what Satan has used and abused, and rebranding them His own.


Additionally, Sandy states Scripture roundly “refutes” John MacArthur’s type of belief, and then goes on to quote a scripture which accidentally refutes Sandy’s own position with the word ‘and’.


Sandy then copy/pastes his thinker and protector Prasch’s words into his essay as the ultimate trump card in his deck, as if that is sufficient as a defence, wherein Prasch uses his catchphrase “a text out of context in isolation from co-text is always a pretext.   

In regards to the Mark of the Beast being a proposed unforgivable sin, then a co-text to that Revelation text would be Jesus saying only one different sin is unforgivable, which sheds light on the Mark of the Beast sin.  So Prasch debunked his own argument with his own zinger which he thought debunked the other argument.  Ironic, and quite stupid, actually.  

Typical Prasch, unable to apply his own standard to himself.

So right after Prasch’s quote undermines his own argument and reveals him to be a hypocrite who uses a text out of context to create a pretext, Sandy calls Dave a hypocrite.  Rather ironic again, especially when you consider how Sandy then states Prasch doesn’t teach false doctrines, right after Prasch had outlined his false doctrine which rode roughshod over the words of Jesus!


Sandy then reveals himself to be a betting man, and reiterates his personal belief in Prasch’s genius by waxing lyrical about Prasch’s understanding of the Bible languages.  


The greatest irony in it all is when you remember how Sandy was basically attacking Dave Borlase for NOT going along with the Jacob Prasch and Moriel conspiracy theories of governments being bad, Big Pharma trying to roll out the Mark of the Beast, and the Mark of the Beast being a vaccine created by Bill Gates’ foundation, that in light of all that, Sandy has the sheer audacity and cheek to call Dave Borlase the conspiracy theorist!!!!

Nobody of sane mind could write an essay defending various conspiracy theories, and attack a person for denying those conspiracy theories, and then label the conspiracy theory DENYER as a conspiracy theorist!  That’s like actually insane.

There is no sound reasoning there, there is only the floundering of a man deep in an idiotic personality cult desperately trying to defend the person he has decided to quasi-worship.  And worship may sound like strong language, but look at the way Sandy finishes off his self-refuting essay:


“And if Borlase is concerned about rebelling against God, he had better look at himself and his bitter friends to see the damage they are doing to the cause of Christ in attacking one of His faithful servants.”

Ah, so to Sandy, attacking conspiracy theorists in general is…attacking Prasch, and by undermining conspiracy theories, Dave Boralse—in the mind of Sandy the cult member—is causing damage to……the cause of Christ!  As if Christ’s work is damaged by exposing the idiocy of illegitimate conspiracy theories of the kind peddled by Jacob Prasch, Alex Jones, Amos Farrell, Marco Quintana, and John Haller.

But you see how in Sandy’s cult-addled mind, Prasch’s beliefs ARE Christ’s beliefs, and Prasch is according to Sandy, one of Christ’s faithful servants. In Christian reality, a faithful servant doesn’t spiritually abuse the children of God.  A faithful servant doesn’t run a million dollar scam in South Africa.  A faithful servant doesn’t exhibit half the deeds of the flesh and zero fruit of the spirit.  A faithful servant doesn’t ride roughshod over Jesus’ words to create a doctrine by which to damn people on the internet.

Sandy Simpson, Jacob Prasch has turned you into a fool.

Sandy 2