Chris Rosebrough Looks at Prasch’s “Doomsday Cult”

Today Chris Rosebrough compiled a whole bunch of info on Jacob Prasch and Servus Christi (Joshua Chavez) and concludes Prasch’s cult is a “doomsday cult“. He interviews Phil Johnson, and does a top job in deconstructing the cult. Excellent work, and excellent picture of “Lydia”* Chavez’s most feminine hairstyle:

Chris also made a list of resources on Prasch here.

*For the background on ‘Lydia’ see the last 2 minutes of this video.


PS. The timing of this large-scale exposing of Prasch’s idiot cult is such that the person most accidentally involved in exposing and undermining Prasch—the Ultra disciple and tinfoil hatted fake police report issuer Amos Farrell—so happens to be the present ‘face’ of Moriel’s Facebook and YouTube feeds due to Prasch this week elevating the village idiot to the position of presenter, which means anybody today looking at the Prasch cult for the first time will see that idiot mugging to the camera like a cat who got the cream, hilariously telling people to “shake the dust” from their feet! Perfect timing to shake the dust from the personality cult, Amos!


Also, I noticed someone’s immediate reaction to Chris’s video was that Chris….should debate Prasch. Yeah, that old chestnut! For anybody unaware, Prasch has screamed and demanded 60 debates in audio and video form over 20+ years, and has yet to actually embark on his first. I looked into why Prasch demands debates but then runs away from them in this blog post titled ‘Jacob Prasch: Fake Debater Extraordinaire. The 60 debates Prasch has demanded are compiled for your entertainment here:


In a nutshell and a gif, Prasch presents himself as a genius unparalleled debater, his audience believe him, and when he demands a debate he puffs from his narcissism inhaler. He then undermines the chances of the debate actually happening by attacking his target via social media, because actually debating anybody would expose him as a blowhard deciever, and forever cut off his supply from his narcissism inhaler which he snorts all day long.