Jacob Prasch and his Metatron version of Jesus (UPDATE: Seminary Professor says Metatron is a DEMON) [Resource List]

Chris Rosebrough who recently did an excellent exposé on Jacob Prasch’s doomsday cult has  presented evidence Jacob Prasch has a false Jesus—one from Kabbalah known as Metatron. This different Jesus would certainly go some way to explaining how Prasch claims to be in contact with a god (his ministry ‘Moriel’ means ‘god is my teacher’ in Hebrew) yet Prasch exhibits no evidence of contact with the true Christ’s Holy Spirit due to Prasch showing zero Fruit of the Spirit as per Galatians 5’s list of identifiers of the true Spirit’s involvement in mankind, and has lacked them over a sustained period of at least 32 years.


In his article posted in the Pirate Christian Museum of Idolatry Chris cites this blasphemous passage from Prasch’s 2009 newsletter {if Prasch hastily deletes the evidence you can view the full newsletter here in PDF format} (see centre column below):

Rosebrough also cites Prasch’s book Harpazo which states the same belief as seen in this video:

Prasch refers to the Metatron multiple times in his zero citation book Harpazo

Additionally Mike Rogers wrote this article about Prasch’s Metatron beliefs, and Treena Gisborn wrote this one.

Frank Rogers found evidence of Prasch performing an altar call to his Metatron:

The first person I know of who called Prasch out on the Metatron was Iowan Pastor Bill Randles who is a former colleague of Prasch’s and had the guts to call him out publicly on his Metatron heresy in 2019, and later reiterated his deep concern for the followers of Jacob Prasch this year:

Chris has also raised the article’s topic in a follow-up video:

UPDATE 1, 2nd July 2020, ‘The Day Of Infamy’

I wrote in the aftermath of this day as a day of infamy for his cult when Jacob Prasch’s mystique died, for it was on the 2nd July 2020 that Chris Rosebrough carefully took viewers through Prasch’s video defense of his Metatron saviour (where Prasch attempted to give ‘evidence’ Metatron was in the Book of Revelation at chapter 5:6), and Rosebrough utterly exposed Prasch’s teaching as a quite outrageous fabrication utilising deliberate obfuscation to shoehorn into the New Testament his false interpretation of Jesus. Here is that groundbreaking and cult-exposing video by Chris:

I put together a compilation of Prasch’s audio teaching on the Metatron wherein I took all his words of praise for and declarations about his Metatron saviour to make a Moriel parody ‘Metatron evangelism’ video:

I followed this up with a celebratory video game about defeating Jacob Prasch’s endless spewed lies:

UPDATE 2, 16th November 2020, Doreen Virtue and Seminary Professor Expose ‘Metatron’ as a Demon:

Former New Age teacher and now wonderfully saved and redeemed Christian and seminary student Doreen Virtue (who has been a frequent target of demonic attack from Jacob Prasch and his idiot Ultra cult member Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez the sexually immoral tube) spoke with another former New Ager Tiffany Jessup, and Hebrew Seminary Professor Dr. Igal German, who together outlined how Metatron is an Antichrist figure:

Doreen also firmly warns her million+ followers to avoid any belief in the Metatron, and laments Prasch’s clear “altar call for salvation through Metatron as a redeemer” from one of his talks:

It is my belief Jacob Prasch and Servus Christi will now persist in attacking Doreen Virtue, for they appear hellbent on going after the people they wish they were: popular and redeemed. Consider my earlier blog post about Amir Tsarfati who has received several volleys from the entrenched Prasch and Chavez for similarly being what they are not.

Additionally, when I looked at Jacob Prasch’s lies about his life of being a “half Jew”, and I exposed his Jewish DNA report as fake, I looked at his Metatron beliefs, the way he tried to drag a Messianic Jewish group into his false teaching, and how there is evidence his idiot cult members also accept ‘Metatron’ as Christ, and I expose Metatron as a demon too:

update 28th April 2021

Prasch’s devotion to the false Christ of Metatron can be traced further back than the aforementioned 2009 Moriel Quarterly article, for predating it Prasch referenced his staunch belief in the Metatron ironically enough whilst attempting to damn his Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers in 1999 for her alleged heretical beliefs (beliefs which Prasch faked as he routinely does against people). Prasch stated in a 1999 email:

“Moriel apologises.to anyone who may have concluded that Moriel or Jacob Prasch ever intended to endorse such heretical beliefs, that have nothing to do either with God’s word or a Judeo-Christian understanding of God’s word. For a biblically correct judeo-Christian understanding of the God-head we recommend “The Logos And The Rabbis” by Dr.Arnold Fruchtenbaum and “The Metatron” by J.Jacob Prasch.”

In that email Prasch pointed people to his own audio tape ‘The Metatron’, which was available on his Moriel.org website around then as seen via archive.org:

The audio recording JP118 – Metatrone – The Angel of the Lord can be listened to here. In it Prasch again outlines his severely heretical views, and ridiculously Prasch directs people to that recording for “a biblically correct Judaeo-Christian understanding of the God-head.” Here is the mid 1990s recording of Prasch’s heresy:

Prasch and his disciples are cloaked in a thick ignorance that is consigning them to a lost eternity worshipping a false Christ.

update 2nd may 2021: Prasch confirms he worships the metatron

Prasch has been triggered into defending his Metatron counterfeit of Christ by Stewart Menelaws pointing out the Prasch’s heresy. Prasch, unable/unwilling to be turned from his decades of false beliefs and Kabbalah-fogged understandings, stupidly quadrupled down in his errors, filming himself repeatedly describing the demon Metatron as his Christ. Here are 4 clips of his film:

In the full video, once more Prasch attempts to embroil One For Israel in his Kabbalah heresy when I’ve already pointed out One For Israel don’t believe Metatron is Jesus, they state in their material Metatron is a “substitute” Christ, as seen in Episode 48 above. Click here for my full article about Prasch’s May 2021 reiterating of his heresy.

Update 27th May 2021: Prasch Makes Belief in the Metatron a Tenet of Faith at RTN & Moriel

Prasch’s doubling down in his Metatron heresy has reached a new level of insanity with him incorporating belief in the Metatron into his Moriel Ministries and RTN TVPledge‘ which they have all made to ‘God’ and to their viewers/cult members, promising to ensure all contributors to RTN TV will believe the same farcical crap as him, and giving the assurance that all present contributors are “in agreement” with him on it. This immediately made his RTN TV channel a heresy channel. Read about the individuals Prasch’s Metatron-related ‘Pledge’ immediately exposed as heretics in this article.