The Day the Mystique Died

July 2nd 2020: A day that will live in infamy for Jacob Prasch’s disciples, the day pillar one of the cult came spectacularly crashing down, a year after pillar three tumbled, leaving just pillar two of its triad beliefs still standing…

Pillar 3 was Prasch presenting himself as half-Jewish as a means of giving himself undeserved credibility in teaching Jewish Midrash, a belief that Treena Gisborn destroyed in 2019 with her research that found Prasch to be not half-Jewish but 100% Irish-American.

Pillar 1 was Prasch teaching that aforementioned Midrash interpretation of the Bible, the thing the disciples held onto in light of their cult leader’s lies, seeing as he, to them, had this mysterious insight into the Bible nobody else had that aided them in overlooking Prasch’s godlessness and charlatanism as a Walter Mitty fake Jew. Well, until 2nd July 2020 when Chris Rosebrough utterly demolished Prasch’s farcical Kabbalah beliefs in this video that will leave the Prasch cult’s echo chamber as uninhabited as Chernobyl—except for those who willingly want to be rendered radioactive.

This means only one pillar of the cult remains intact, and that is Prasch’s outrageous witch hunts and attacks on all and sundry. There may be a handful of imbeciles who’ll stick with the lunatic radioactive cult leader with only that one pillar remaining, such as Amos Farrell the Moriel “thug in a leather jacket” because going by previous form he’s too stupid to grasp what has happened, but the majority of the cult can from this day on never have the capacity to defend Prasch’s attacks and lack of spiritual fruit with the trump card that “My Jacob Prasch teaches the truth!“, because…he DOESN’T.

Throughout the years the facade of Prasch’s mystique has blown over repeatedly, but now it has been nuclear-bombed by Chris, who repeatedly showed how Prasch is a liar to his disciples in the most shameful episode of scripture-twisting I’ve seen, with Prasch exposed for doubling down on his outright herecy regarding his fake Jesus known as Kabbalah’s Metatron.

July 2nd 2020 will surely be looked back on as the day the organ grinder in the Prasch cult’s echo chamber ceased keeping time with the grinding, the smile wiped from his face; the day murmurs began and weren’t dampened immediately by the Ultras; the day the blast radius of the cognitive dissonance blew all their clothes off and left them standing like their Pope-like emperor Prasch: in nothing, with Prasch no longer able to convince his disciples he is arrayed gloriously in the splendor of wisdom given to him by God, for Jacob Prasch worships…the Metatrone.


As this Kabbalah bombshell means Prasch’s disciples will be leaving the echo chamber in droves, I’ve put together a Metatron evangelism video for Moriel TV:

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