Pastor Bill Randles Calls People to Depart Moriel Because of Prasch’s Metatron Heresy

Pastor Bill Randles, who I’ve pointed out as weak in the past, has come on strong and courageous by writing a blog post and filming himself telling people to research Jacob Prasch’s Metatron bilge he’s drawn out the Kabbalah and lied about being in the Bible which Chris Rosebrough deconstructed. Pastor Bill echoed Prasch’s oft-repeated words of warning that if he ever strays from being sound then people should leave him. Bill asks, how far must he stray before people heed that warning, then explains why the Metatron teaching is that point of necessary departure.

I’d argue Prasch has been off the path from day one with his lunatic raging, decades of Walter Mittyism, cybersquatting the South African government for 21 years, and attacking people including his own volunteers for decades, but the key thing is Bill points out the various things that draw people to Prasch and aid them in overlooking his complete absence of Spiritual fruit, such as his going after false teachers.

Although the Metatron teaching has recently been widely exposed by Chris Rosebrough, Pastor Bill called it out last October.

Pastor Bill also recognises how he is liable to be attacked by Prasch’s “ministry” Moriel for speaking out, and indeed it would be I think the 5th time Prasch will have attacked him. Dave Borlase experienced that last year, with his elderly father receiving threats as well.

Here is a link to Pastor Bill’s website article.

Do some digging and you’ll find a lot of fawning over the Metatron from Prasch: