Jacob Prasch’s idiotic ‘masterpiece’ of failed argumentation

Yesterday ‘Der Golem ‘Jacob Prasch had a knee-jerk reaction to Bill Randles releasing his short 5 minute video about Prasch which referenced Chris Rosebrough’s multi-hour films debunking Prasch.  The knee-jerk reaction resulted in a 1,735 word essay from Prasch’s poison pen that is quite easily the most vital evidence in presenting Jacob Prasch’s utter inability to function rationally.  It is an hilarious evidence-free, ad hominem-strewn rant, and the fact that Prasch wrote and presented it in defence of himself reveals he cannot defend himself logically on any level against anything.

Below I’ve pointed out the 8 major argumentation fallacies he repeats throughout his essay, there are several more but I ran out of clearly identifiable colours for the chart, and the middle section was becoming hard to read with any more arrows.  If you find it hard to read, here is the full-size file.


The funny thing about Prasch’s rant, like the infamous one he sent to Deborah Du Rand in 2012 as documented in this video, Prasch signs off brazenly stating “In Christ”.


Jacob Prasch’s conspiracy theory Facebook group Be Alert! Moriel Ministries posted the Prasch rant, and it resulted in this back and forth (see image below) between an outraged “top fan” of Moriel called Paul, an anonymous Moriel admin, and Colin a “Moriel follower”.  When Paul states the Prasch rant contains the type of “anger and evil” that he sees in the non-Christians he works with, the hyper conditioned echo chamber-dwelling admin responds, apparently not deliberately sarcastically ironic, with the question “What language?”  Despite Paul being classified as a “top fan” of Moriel’s Be Alert! page, the Moriel admin dismisses the source of the cognitive dissonance by naming Paul “an outsider”.  Colin (not Colin Higgs), the “Moriel follower” then appears on the scene to speak the type of mindless fantastical garbage Prasch himself routinely spews from his ivory tower in Cloud Cuckoo land, stating the information presented against Prasch is “sinister“, then states it is evidence that the end times are happening!  It is nuts!