Moriel’s goon squad calls Bill Randles a son of the Devil

With cult leader Jacob Prasch launching a fifth witch hunt on Bill Randles in the course of a calendar year, Prasch’s goon squad who run his conspiracy theorist Facebook page Moriel Ministries Be Alert! have picked up their flaming torches and pitchforks and announced that Bill Randles is a son of the Devil!


Hmm, so the argument from the Jacob Prasch cult’s admin is

  1. Jacob Prasch is right…
  2. …because Arnold Fruchtenbaum allegedly believes something…
  3. …therefore Bill Randles is not only wrong…
  4. …but because he sounds sincere Bill Randles is also a child of Lucifer….
  5. …because he disagrees with Jacob Prasch.

This mode of thinking is very Praschian as to the Prasch cult a disagreement becomes a damnable offence, because whilst in the Bible there is only 1 unpardonable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit -Matthew 12:31), in the Jacob Prasch cult there are THREE unpardonable sins:

  1. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
  2. Taking the Mark of the Beast
  3. Pointing out Jacob Prasch’s errors

The same Moriel admin who sounds oddly like his ‘lord‘ Prasch also had this to say about Bill Randles 2 minutes later on his damning spree:


The fool admin apes ‘lord’ Prasch in exaggerating a background story to paint Bill Randles as a villain.  Now I’ve been documenting the Prasch cult from November 2018, so I know exactly the beginning of Bill Randles “fighting” Prasch.  The chronology was

  1. In Fall 2018 Jacob Prasch witch-hunted David Nathan with faked information.
  2. Stewart and Deborah Menelaws gave David a platform to defend himself.
  3. Jacob Prasch immediately witch-hunted the Menelaws.
  4. Bill Randles in winter 2018 wrote a blog article defending the Menelaws.
  5. Days later Prasch coerced Bill into deleting the criticism.
  6. In summer 2019 Prasch’s simmering about the criticism boiled over and he witch-hunted Bill for the first time labelling him Judas.
  7. Prasch apparently searched the whole works of Bill to find incriminating evidence against him (actions which Bill labelled “the Witch Hunt school of discernment”).
  8. Prasch presented “evidence” of Bill allowing a false teacher to teach at his church, and highlighted Bill’s friendship with Peter Danzy who Prasch says is a false teacher.
  9. Bill Randles ably defended himself, saying the first chap was a mistake on his behalf and he had accidentally left his video online, and the second was a friend with an odd hypothesis which he never publicly taught on.

The Moriel admin’s statement that Bill Randles was “good until” his material “took a turn for the worse” is a complete fabrication.  Bill Randles to my knowledge hasn’t taught falsehood and hasn’t changed anything about his core beliefs, thus his material has remained the same and is really quite good.  The only thing he did was commit the Prasch cult’s unpardonable sin of disagreeing with Prasch’s witch-hunt of the entirely innocent Menelaws.

The idiot Moriel admin continues by saying since then “Bill has participated in a relentless attack on Jacob and on Moriel as a whole“.  Good grief, if there is ANYBODY in the world who has frustratingly remained on the fence and refused for nearly 2 years to warn people against Prasch and Moriel it is Bill Randles.  Randles’ refusal to take a side for such an extended period with him trying to turn his ex-friend Prasch back to good caused me to lampoon him in my video series:


It means Bill Randles is perhaps the only person in the whole series who is LEAST deserving of being labelled as engaging in a “relentless attack on Jacob“.  It is pure fiction from the Moriel admin.  Bill has only come out publicly to warn people away from Moriel this very week in early July 2020 after months of warnings about behavioural issues.  If this week’s godly warning to believers can be seen as a “relentless attack“, then the word ‘relentless’ in the Prasch cult must mean “a period of time no longer than 12 hours” since Prasch immediately called for Bill to lynched within hours of Bill finally warning people about him and Moriel.

As I was writing this, I saw the Moriel goon squad had posted another comment which is sheer straw man:


So here the admin, like an idiot, straw mans Bill’s view that it is dangerous to use Kabbalah to evangelise Jews by twisting into saying the general evangelising of Jews itself is heresy!  Besides strawmanning Bill, the admin also injected an emotional argument based on the fact that all Moriel cultists are also devout Jew-fanciers, meaning the emotionalised straw man has the effect of triggering the cultists into their Jew-centric religious mania.

The Moriel admin’s views are a perfect snapshot of the idiocy that goes on inside the Prasch cult’s echo chamber, where propaganda is created and lies swirl around, and ALL of it is designed to COVER JACOB PRASCH’S SINS, when the observable reality is Jacob Prasch is a fake Jewish Golem who rampages through the church causing endless pain and suffering, and those fools who work for him deliberately blind themselves to reality to maintain a godless clown as their thinker and protector!

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  1. Sadly Sandy was doing Moriel Alert but that may have changed. Sandy’s function in Moriel has always been to take what Jacob says and clean it up grammatically. Jacob has stated he is dyslexia so much of what you see coming out has probably been proofed by Sandy before it hits the press. Very sad.

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