Supporting one of Prasch’s targets of abuse

Jacob Prasch has a LONG history of slandering and attacking his own staff:

  1. Prasch publicly slandered Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers, inventing information on her in the late 1990s.
  2. Prasch publicly attacked Moriel Australia volunteer and his own book editor Henry Sheppard for the crime of defending Annie Rogers.
  3. Prasch publicly attacked Moriel Japan missionary Geoff O’Toole in front of John Flubber Haller’s joint in Ohio.
  4. Prasch publicly attacked Moriel South Africa admin David Nathan with various invented reasons that were all debunked.
  5. Prasch today frequently publicly attacks Moriel’s former social media man Tim Wirth for speaking out the truth about Prasch.

Henry Sheppard labelled Prasch quite correctly as a “malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug“. Henry Sheppard’s chronicling of his time with the Prasch cult in the late 1990s has been instrumental in exposing Prasch’s behaviour back then, and in the past 2 years Tim Wirth has been just as instrumental in exposing Prasch’s present-day behaviour.  Tim Wirth’s wife has Alzheimers, and Jacob Prasch the grotesque rampaging fake Jewish Golem has even used that fact to also abuse Tim.  Tim has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help him through these difficult times.  He writes

“I am an Alzheimer’s caregiver to my lovely wife Donna. Since the virus has hit and Easter Seals Day Care is closed I can no longer work parttime. I understand this is a tough time for everyone. Please take care of your own families first. God will always provide. And thanks in advance for those who can give and or pray. Blessings-Tim and Donna”

If you can support Tim his funding page is here.

Also, if you want evidence of the abuse Tim gets from the Moriel squad, look no further than Linda MacIntyre.  On the day several bloggers posted links to Tim’s GoFundMe fundraising, Tim was warning people about Jacob Prasch’s continued supporters such as John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel, and Marco Quintana of Devore Community Church, Linda had this to say in response:


Linda is well known for deleting her comments not long after posting them, so I took a snapshot of her abuse.  You’ll find Linda posts on Fellowship Bible Chapel and Devore Community YouTube pages, trying to drive traffic to them by using various hashtags, including conspiratorial words/phrases:


And you’ll also see her posting links onto John Haller’s personal Facebook page:


The followers of Prasch commonly seem to become like Prasch: nasty people.

3 thoughts on “Supporting one of Prasch’s targets of abuse

  1. Thank you! That was fairly accurate about me! But, you can also find me on Devores’Live Chat twice a week and also on Servus Christi’ page in the comments any time he puts anything out. I promote them all.
    Plus I go to hundreds of other Christian pages and promote them. Every day.
    Regarding the links, I use what is deemed the highest hits (most popular) words used when people do a web search. “Conspiracy” is a huge keyword nowadays and brings many to the sites. The motive is to draw as many as possible in to hear the gospel as possible. I am not affiliated with Moriel. Or FBC.
    I also promote “A Minute to Midnite” and “MIke @ Onpoint Preparedness”.
    I feel it is something I can still do full-time in my old age to bring people into hearing the Good News in these End Days.

  2. Hi Linda.
    You do deserve credit for admitting to it.
    It seems unfortunate that you’ve ended up supporting a few of Prasch’s enablers. I don’t have an issue with that pre 2019, because people weren’t aware of the depth of his sin, but now I don’t see much benefit in both siding with his enablers AND frequently having a go at Tim.

    It’s actually an indictment on Christians today if the word ‘conspiracy’ appeals to them.

    Are there any better balanced Christian ministries you could work at pointing people to? The heavy focus of your chosen ones on End Times notions maybe only caused people to become more conspiratorial and negative.

  3. Plus Linda you do not know anything about me or my wife Donna or the care I have given her. You know nothing about the home I live in and you seem comfortable with commenting on it. You have posted things that could result in a lawsuit. Lucky for you I do not sue other Christians. You want to have a go at me that’s fine just leave Donna out. Leaving Donna out of the conversation is no longer a request. You can post videos or anything you want to about me but please leave Donna alone! Thanks

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