Jacob Prasch Threatens Justin Peters by eMail

The wickedness of Jacob Prasch has today (Friday 10th July 2020) reached its zenith as excellent Bible teacher Justin Peters released a video documenting his communication with Jacob Prasch and Joshua “Lydia” Chavez.  In that communication the cult leader Jacob Prasch told the physically disabled Justin metaphorically that his decapitated body would be hung by his enemies upon a wall:



That is the type of person Jacob Prasch is.

Here is Justin’s excellent video:

In the video Justin ably pointed out the total lack of spiritual fruit in the lives of Jacob Prasch and Lydia Chavez, a charge they have zero ability to defend against.  It is pointed out in the video how those who exhibit no Spiritual fruit are not indwelt by the Spirit of God, thus, as Graham Baldwin concluded last year, Prasch cannot come under the title ‘Christian‘, and that is extended to Lydia who is nothing but a younger version of Prasch.

Here is the other email that Justin shows that he received from Prasch:


Note the way Prasch attacks and slanders people, then brazenly signs off “in Christ“.  The same style of attack with the sign off in Christ’s name was seen in Prasch’s lunatic railing attack on Deborah Du Rand in 2012 (as chronicled in this video), and in his lunatic attack on Chris Rosebrough earlier in the week.

Earlier in the week Bill Randles encouraged people to leave Moriel, and Chris Rosebrough looked at the cultic beliefs that underpin Prasch’s teaching. Tragically what you will find in response to Prasch being exposed is that whilst some people will leave the cult (as was seen in response to Prasch’s knee-jerk attack on Bill Randles this week), others like Ultra cult members like Amos Farrell (who Justin mentions) will experience a greater religious fervour in following their thinker/protector Prasch, in accordance with what psychologist Leon Festinger documented in the early 1950s when researching an End of the World cult like Prasch’s during and after the time the cult’s central beliefs were destroyed:

Consider Prasch fan Luis’s reaction to exposes about Prasch found on the Moriel conspiracy theory Facebook page Be Alert!:


Look at the language cult members use: Luis wasn’t “rescued” by Christ, no, he was “rescued…to [Prasch’s] ministry“.  What type of person says something like that, as if it is Moriel that is the conduit of salvation, the Noah’s ark equivalent.  And how tragic that someone can be in the cult for 27 years like Luis and in that time has not been able to see the dearth in fruit of the Spirit in its figurehead!  It reminds me of the recounting by Prasch of the deaths of two of his admins from South Africa and Australia who’d worked for him for decades.  To be thinking you’re working for Christ yet spend your life working to promote a truly heinous individual in Prasch, and then die in that state is utterly tragic.

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  1. Beavis Christi was rebuked and debunked alongside his father figure Jabba the Prasch by Justin Peters a couple of months ago, yet Beavis is today persisting in his idiocy. He posted this fool comment a couple of hours ago on his newest video’s comments section on YouTube:

    What an incorrigible moron. He holds as tightly to lies and false narratives as the blowhard deceiver Prasch does.

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