The Windmills of Don Quixote Prasch

Jacob Prasch had his squire Amos Farrell film his Epic in Phoney Argumentation; his most monumental cinematic turd: a 3-hour monologue from Prasch the accidental comedian. He covered so many topics that it would require the production of a 10-hour video debunking him, so instead I focussed on my main topic of interest Prasch dealt with, that being my claims about him cybersquatting the South African Government from 1999 to present day to try to manipulate $1,500,000 out of them. In Prasch’s 70-second segment about it, he went totally Don Quixote in his madness. He also brought up the charge against Joshua “Lydia” Chavez and a peculiar song about a Pink Submarine

Also, as I make reference to the blind allegiance Prasch’s disciples demonstrate, consider the comments to Prasch’s 3-hour monologue on Prasch’s Be Alert! Facebook page:

Moriel comments

The first one, Roberto, reminds me of CMFI (the idiot gang who oversee Prasch), who David Nathan utterly eviscerated for declaring they’d watched only Prasch’s edited video clips of  David Nathan and used only that to conclude David Nathan was a heretic.

The second comment by ‘Kristian’ declares the 3-hour monologue of the cult leader to be “joyous“, perceiving it to set the record straight, quoting not ironically the Proverb “the first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him”. Uh, yeah, and in court when someone cross examines, you have a duty to check the evidence they provide, and if they habitually lie as Prasch did repeatedly in his monologue, then that person is declared a false/unreliable witness, and if they deliberately give false accounts as Prasch did they can get charged and imprisoned for perverting the course of justice.

Like the CMFI squad, it clearly doesn’t matter that Prasch unleashed a sustained volley of lies as his body of ‘evidence‘, it only matters to cultists that Prasch spoke.  Prasch could have announced ‘I don’t believe in the Metatron, because Chewbacca is a Wookie’ and the cultists would have immediately genuflected and lit the incense, totally believing that drivel.