Jacob Prasch’s 2nd Knee-Jerk Attack/Letter

Jacob Prasch exhibited another knee-jerk reaction to someone exposing him, resulting in a second explosive online rant he’s posted on his conspiracy theory Facebook feed Be Alert! following last week’s 1,735-word knee-jerk rant directed at Bill Randles which resulted in Prasch sparking his 5th witch-hunt on Randles in one calendar year.

This time around Prasch could only muster 700 words, possibly due to a Knee-Jerk Repetitive Strain Injury.  Here is his full scream with my arrows to denote logical fallacies.  Click here for the full-size image.

FailedArgumentPrasch copy

Look at the image Prasch selected of a tiger chasing a chicken.  That was presented in the context of Prasch stating multiple times through the 700-word document that Chris Rosebrough was “running” from debating Prasch.  Unfortunately for Prasch there is zero evidence Chris is “running” but ample evidence that he’d be up for debating Prasch, considering 2 weeks+ ago on 30th June, when Chris posted his reaction video to Amos Farrell’s own knee-jerk reaction which Chris read out and responded to, a probable Praschite said Chris should debate Prasch, and Chris went so far as suggesting topics:


Moreover I’ve noted the fact that Prasch is still waiting to hear back on the 50+ other debates he has demanded over the years as documented in this video (and listen out for the reason James White gives as to why Prasch will NEVER participate in a proper moderated debate):

I have my own theory as to why Prasch so commonly demands debates, yet then does everything he can to undermine the chances of them happening, and that’s mainly because when he demands a debate he puffs on his narcissism inhaler, but can’t go ahead with an actual debate as he’d be utterly found out the way his critics find him out, so he undermines the chances of them happening by ad homineming opponents, but then, AS RIGHT NOW, Prasch tries to hilariously turn the tables and state his opponent instead of him is “running” from debate.  Listen to the video above for how many times Prasch uses similar language to “running“, and know that each time he has his cult members believe his opponents really are running scared of him (rather than seeing the reality that Prasch undermined the chances of the debate, as Stephen Sizer documented when Prasch said he wanted to debate him, and Michael Brown has had the same experience) then the disciples’ devotion to Prasch increases, becoming more cemented in their lives as their thinker/protector, and with Prasch’s boasts he gets another puff from his narcissism inhaler:


Lastly, look at Prasch’s 700-word rant, and note the way he is demanding an online debate!  If, as James White points out, Prasch wouldn’t be able to behave for a properly moderated and timed debate in front of a live audience, facing his opponent, how little would the screaming blowhard behave when in his violent domain of screaming at web cameras?  Clearly no debate under webcam conditions would ever work as Prasch would simply scream and cut his opponents off, and wouldn’t allow interjection from any Greek or Hebrew scholar if that scholar would call him out on misusing words (as he’d HAVE to do to continue with his nonsense of shoehorning the non-biblical word/being of Metatron into the text of the Bible as Chris exposed him for doing), yet, as Prasch sets out that ridiculous offer of an online debate, fully expecting it to be refused as unworkable, Prasch will for years repeat that Chris, like all his other 50+ opponents have “run away” in fear of debating him, all the while puffing like a madman on his narcissism inhaler.

Here is an alphabetical list of all those Prasch demanded debate him (all in above video except for demands made via articles marked with an asterisk*):

Abraham Finkelstein
Ahmed Deedat
Alan Campbell*
Andrew Evans
Andrew Jones*
Andy Woods
Anthony Hilder
Anton Bosch
Bill Johnson
Bill Subritzky
Brian MacLaren*
Carl Lentz
Chris Rosebrough
Chuck Colson
Craig Kacev
Dr. Craig von Buseck*
Daniel Juster
Dave Borlase
David Blake*
David Cartledge
David Nathan
Deborah Du Rand*
Francis Chan
Gary Burge
Gary Demar
Gayle Erwin
Greg Laurie
Gustav Scheller
Hank Hannergraaff
Ian Bilby
James McConnell*
James Schultz*
Jan Markell
JD Farag
JD Hall
John Arnott
John Lancaster*
John MacArthur
John Piper
John Shelby Spong*
Karl Keating
Kevin Conner
Larry De Bruyn*
Leif Munk
Mark Mullins*
Mark Stibbe*
Dr. Michael Brown
Nicky Gumbel
Paul Manwaring
Paul Wilkinson
Peter Glover*
Phil Hills
Phil Johnson
Phil Pringle
Phillip Church
Randy Clark*
Ray Borlase
Richard Snowdon
Rick Joyner
Rick Warren
Robert Morey*
Robert Sungenis
Rodney Howard-Browne
R.T. Kendall
Scott Hahn
Shmuel Arkush
Shmuel Boteach
Stephen Sizer
Stephen Tollestrup
Steven Furtick
Stewart Menelaws
Dr. Thomas Ice
Todd Friel
Warwick Shenton
Wayne Hughes
Wynne Lewis


After writing this article, I looked at the new comments on Prasch’s 700-word rant, and they proved my point that they truly believe people run scared from Prasch, and they seem to worship him accordingly.  It is like observing madness:


Moreover, look at the way his followers, like Prasch, misapply ad hominem and claim it is being perpetrated on Prasch!  Prasch himself is utterly notorious for rolling out his script about how everybody who is against him is engaging in ad hominem.  James White, in responding to Prasch scoffed at the way Prasch claims he used ad hominem on him, with White explaining words to the effect of “ad hominem is all you [Prasch] ever do!”

When it comes to “running” here is Prasch on the run with his cult members:

And look at this cult member, multiple times capitalising the word ‘Him’ in reference to Prasch:


It brings back memories of ‘Mr Dissonance Reduction’ referring to Prasch as “lord Jacob” last year as seen in this video.

On the 17th Chris Brownwell rebuked Moriel for boasting about their inability to contain themselves posting the fool picture of the tiger chasing the chicken:


Update 17th July 2020

Not only had Chris Rosebrough agreed to debate Prasch prior to Prasch’s claim he was “running scared” as documented above, the day after Prasch’s attack letter was posted, Chris even outlined rather clear specifics of a debate which Prasch will have to turn down since his position on the Metatron is farcical, make-believe, and Prasch was caught fabricating evidence to start with, and the debate would happen in Jerusalem, which Prasch won’t be able to travel to because he has used forged documents to claim a Jewish ID. Here is Chris’ debate requirements:

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