Prasch: Shake It to Fake It!

Chris Rosebrough released his first episode in responding to Prasch’s three hour strawmanning video from last week.  In Prasch’s epic-length video he brought out his famed prop of an aquamarine A4 information pouch which Ultra disciple and cameraman Amos Farrell had famously zoomed into in the infamous Dracula Prasch video from Christmas 2019, a zoom which took the 360 low quality frame size (which had been inflated to ultra low-res 720) and legendarily froze frame so the Prasch cult’s disciples could see Prasch’s evidence of being a Jew.  This is a screenshot of the graphical blur “evidence” taken at the time that ensured no fact-checking could take place:


Well because of Chris Rosebrough reiterating the research that Prasch ISN’T Jewish, Prasch was forced to bring out the aquamarine A4 information pouch again, and this time Amos captured the contents at a higher resolution.  And…OH……MY….GOOOODNESS, what an unparalleled DISASTER it has been for Amos’s thinker/protector Prasch!

Disastrous because Chris Rosebrough took screen caps and researched all the documents, and found Prasch to be falsifying documents again!  Watch the results:

Jacob Prasch falsifying documents has been a common thread running throughout my research on him, starting with him falsifying his OWN emails about David Nathan (as documented here), then falsifying documents on Stewart and Deborah Menelaws saying they’d sold rights to their Christian film to Communist China (as documented here) which was oddly enough the same Communists Prasch was exposed trying to ship his cybersquatting scam websites to recently.  Prasch also falsified a Police document to try to clear himself of spiritual abuse charges.  And now it is documented Prasch has falsified his Jewish ID as well as his Jewish/German connection, presenting a Nazi document as his own when the names on the document have no connection to his German descendants.  Chris in his above video noted the body language tell Prasch gave in presenting the Nazi document, pointing out how violently Prasch’s hands were shaking when giving his evidence:


The jig is up; by publicly lying, presenting farcical evidence about himself, and committing identity fraud live on camera, Prasch is disqualified from ministry, and once more, my thanks to that colossal idiot and bovine conspiracy theorist Amos Farrell for being the cameraman and accidentally destroying Prasch’s Jewish story by filming the evidence of it not being true! I’ve noted again and again the way in which tinfoil hat-sporting Amos Farrell has personally done more to accidentally undermine Jacob Prasch than anybody else, all in his fruitless efforts to present Prasch as a thinker/protector to other gullible village idiots.


Also check out one of Prasch’s victims Deborah Menelaws who has updated her compiled info on Prasch as a stark warning.  Here is the link to the full article.  Below is a snapshot.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.53.16 copy

With Prasch’s tall tales being thoroughly exposed as outright deliberate deception, there will still be those in the cult who are so devout and have committed their thinking to Prasch, that they will react to the cognitive dissonance the same way Amos did when he first heard Prasch accidentally undermining his Jewish tales back in December, to which, Mark Twain would say:


Watch out for episode 44 coming soon:

10 thoughts on “Prasch: Shake It to Fake It!

    1. Every move Amos makes is a wrong move. In hindsight I feel God handed Prasch over to his sins the day Beavis Christi arrived, and that judgment has only increased with the arrival of Amos Farrell.

  1. Here is fake Jew charlatan Jacob Prasch running around Israel in a kippa (Jewish skullcap):

    Apparently Prasch found faking a Jewish identity gave him access to Jewish sites for his guided tours like Shiloh Synagogue seen above, thus his faking a Jewish identity aided him in sponging money from Christians.
    This behaviour is deemed “deceptive” by Rabbis:

  2. Joshua, please stop being stubborn. You think this is acceptable? I thought you hated Hebrew Roots? The bible says men should not cover their heads. Another scripture dismissed by Prasch. Jacob, why do you ignore so many scriptures like to pay no attention to foolish genealogy and Jewish myths like Metatron? How deluded. Gentiles pretending they are Jews.I honestly have had enough of this foolishness.

    1. They are both letting go of any chance of redemption by clinging tightly to their stupid godless careers. The only person who could possibly speak to Prasch and help him see his madness would be that guy he’s always boasting about but apparently doesn’t know, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, but then Arnold might be offed in a glut of retaliation like Dave Pawson who was arbiter between Prasch and Elim in 1998 was.
      With Chavez there doesn’t seem to be anybody he’d listen to, not even his wife, which puts him in a worse predicament.

      1. You are right Joshua is at the rubicon of redemption I feel. David Pawson was a great and holy man who I respect and so while Joshua dismisses Doreen for telling him he is a cult member according to his Facebook post, he should at least consider David as a humble caring messenger to the church. He may not listen to any women besides his mother, this condition has been influenced by Prasch, but David Pawson is a respectable voice that I pray he will consider.

      2. Chavez’s biggest problem and stumbling block to repenting is the fact that repentance automatically eradicates his library of junk attack videos, and necessitates his admitting he was in a cult, which means outing Prasch, so Chavez would be left with nothing and would trigger Prasch to attack him in reaction, and Prasch would clearly point out his sexual sin, the thing Chavez is presently on the run from. Chavez is imbued with a quite astonishingly indestructible ignorance, so I don’t see him being particularly troubled by the weight of his sin, if anything he’s not running from repenting, he’s merely running from his ego being hurt by being exposed as hypocrite for calling people to step down from ministry when he’s comprehensively disqualified.
        His motivation to ‘teach’ his Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon idiocy isn’t stemming from a love of Christ, since if the love of Christ were in him he’d be first motivated to love his wife whom he pledged to love before God. He’s clearly motivated by the buzz of having a crowd of imbecile goats bleat at him in appreciation of his vast confusion and quite obvious anger and aggression. He also appears to love being on camera, so he’s a bit of a peacock astrut.

      3. What do you make of Prasch’s statement about Chavez NEVER having gotten married and his bride leaving before completing a marriage! He posted it earlier today on a BibleThumpingWingnut video (I’ve highlighted his 4 comments):

  3. And Prasch is on the hunt again against Studio Scotland playing the same broken record. And people think Prasch is brilliant. SMH

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