Prasch’s disciples at Azimuth Radio bear false witness

I’ve documented this past week how Jacob Prasch’s most cultish disciples have been responding to Chris Rosebrough’s exposés on their thinker/protector Prasch, with the cultists at Moriel’s conspiracy theorist Facebook Be Alert! feed calling one pastor who spoke out against Prasch a “son of the Devil”, and Prasch’s Russian translator Petia echoed the same belief, saying those who speak out against Prasch are “loyal to Satan” (!!)

Well today with Chris Rosebrough utterly utterly utterly exposing Prasch, documenting Prasch openly presenting false information LIVE ON CAMERA (a camera ironically controlled by Prasch’s Ultra disciple and persistent accidental underminer of the cult, Amos Farrell), a Prasch cult member was triggered to go into attack mode in the YouTube comments.  The attacking person is the owner of the channel Azimuth Radio-TV who had a couple of months ago climbed into bed with Prasch AND Amos Farrell to create a new “Christian” network where all their garbage ‘Christian output’ is put together in a venture called Remnant Truth Networka title, incidentally, which gives insight into the mentality of Prasch’s disciples with them believing they are the “Remnant” of believers, and that they alone have “truth“.

Well Azimuth Radio-TV, one member of that consortium of idiots who believe they are sharing the “truth“, decided to share some of that Praschian truth by posting these attacks in rapid succession earlier today, :


In each case the Praschite tomfool tries to attack Deborah Menelaws (subject of Prasch’s most sustained witch hunt since her husband gave Prasch’s witch-hunt target David Nathan a platform to defend himself in Fall 2018) by utilising probably the single most debunked phoney claim of Prasch in the past 2 years, the utterly fool notion that the Menelaws are living the high life off the back of Prasch appearing in one of their DVDs years ago.  Graham Baldwin looked into the claim, looked at the records, and found the documented reality—as a truth-bearer pointed out in the above comments—the Menelaws were still in debt with the DVD which had been a labour of love for both the Christian community and those who are seeking.  Prasch made a notorious screaming rant about the DVD, railing for close to 2 hours in Fall 2018 in a video now deleted from Moriel TV’s YouTube catalogue, but which I critiqued here in this video (which you can watch at the bottom of the article), where he foamed at the mouth, and literally screamed multiple times and invented a whole false narrative about the DVD, trying to present his small segment (which has subsequently been removed from new editions) was actually what the entire feature-length film was based around(!).

By today regurgitating Prasch’s widely debunked, mentally ill story, the Azimuth Radio fool has accidentally given the audience much insight into a cult member’s brain’s inner workings, showing how years after debunking they hold on like Grim Death to utterly farcical lies, and they present it AS A MEANS OF REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE INFORMATION CHRIS REVEALED!

Here is Chris utterly exposing Prasch’s lies earlier today:

And here is my video debunking Prasch’s idiot story about the Menelaws DVD nearly 2 years ago: