Jacob Prasch: On The Run From Reality (AGAIN!)

I posted yesterday about cult leader Jacob Prasch claiming erroneously that Chris Rosebrough was running away from a live-stream debate, and recorded the evidence to the contrary.  I explained how Prasch’s schtick is to demand debates, then misbehave in order to undermine a debate happening, then ignore why the debate was cancelled, and perpetually regurgitate an hilarious made up story about how his rival had “run away” from debating him, as has been the case with Stephen Sizer (who gave his version of events which Prasch doesn’t want you hearing on his website).

Well today Jacob Prasch has rather foolishly posted a new attack letter which proves all my points from yesterday!  Here it is in full as posted on his enabler Amos Farrell’s Facebook feed:


In it note the way Prasch introduces a Catch-22 situation wherein he only accepts Chris’s debate proposal from yesterday (a debate which would immediately destroy Prasch as it would allow Jews in Jerusalem to cross-examine him) if Chris accepts another debate first about Prasch’s bugbears of the Mark of the Beast (his false but much-used take on John MacArthur’s views of it which Chris debunked with Phil Johnson last monthand Lydia Chavez’s target for demonic abuse Doreen Virtue, all with the threat that if Chris wanted any changes (to a quite vague hodgepodge overview presented by Prasch), then this would immediately render Chris… as a coward.

Ahhh, ok then, so if Chris says no to a vague list of items Prasch enjoys railing about, for reasons like… because it is vague and is deliberately constructed for Prasch to avoid going to Israel to debate in front of Jews who’ll ask him questions and destroy him, then… Chris is a coward, and if Chris says yes, then, as has already been the heavily documented history of Prasch’s 56 known failed debates, Prasch will go on the attack in order to undermine the debate happening, and then lie about why it didn’t happen (as Stephen Sizer recorded for us all), then because Prasch will lie and blame Chris, meaning under Prasch’s Catch-22 situation, Chris will be a coward just like Prasch has multiple times declared Stephen Sizer for being a coward.  And if Chris keeps saying yes to Prasch’s changes in debate topics etc. as Prasch works to undermine the debate from every happening as a debate would immediately put an end to his source of narcissistic supply until it reaches a point of being ridiculous and Chris pulls the plug, then once more, under Prasch’s system, Chris will be a coward.

Prasch had rather infamously posted a picture alongside his first deceptive statement that claimed Chris was “running” from debating him, a picture of a tiger chasing a chicken, which itself was an effort even in its genesis to undermine the chances of the debate happening.  Simply read Stephen Sizer’s open letter to Prasch to know what it’s all about.  The documented reality of Prasch himself running from debates after puffing on his narcissism supply inhaler of boasting about people not debating him coupled with the known fact that Prasch does everything in his power to hide from reality to the point that he openly denies being related…to his own realativesand his ongoing battle against observable truth, means if anybody is on the run in this situation, it is Prasch, for he is involved in an everlasting running away from reality, for he knows reality bites: