Amos Farrell (From A Parallel Dimension)

In the previous post I captured an illogical rant on Facebook from Jacob Prasch’s Ultra cult member Amos Farrell.  When reading it I noted how although he was trying to describe Chris Rosebrough, Amos was actually perfectly describing Prasch instead!  So I’ve taken the illogical rant and switched a few names and topics around so that an intelligent version of Amos Farrell from a parallel dimension can describe Jacob Prasch:


3 thoughts on “Amos Farrell (From A Parallel Dimension)

  1. What in the actual world?! That Amos Farrell is a terrible man, yet he’s a train wreck that you can’t help but eyeball horrifically.

    1. Amos is so cultic in his thinking that his mind and view of reality has become insanely warped. He defends Prasch the way Charles Manson’s women defended him during his trial.

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