Prasch Ultra disciples Amos Farrell and Petia Iotova CONCEDE Prasch ISN’T Jewish by flailing in debate and redefining ‘Jew’ to qualify Prasch

Jacob Prasch’s right hand man Captain Tinfoil Amos Farrell the bovine conspiracy theorist and issuer of fake Police documents to get his lord Jacob Prasch off the hook for spiritual abuse, and Prasch’s blonde Russian translator Petia Iotova have been attacking Chris Rosebrough for his declaring their lord Jacob to be a liar (which Prasch unavoidably is), with them taking umbrage at Chris’s questioning of their lord’s mooted half Jewish origins (a belief that represents one pillar of the Jacob Prasch personality cult’s triad of beliefs).  In their attack via Amos’s Facebook feed, they both accidentally opened themselves up to face the power of Chris’s evidence against Prasch being half Jewish, and in the face of that information that was so painfully dissonant to the half-Jewish mantras they repeat in the cult’s echo chamber, the pair of them began utterly flailing and then accidentally conceded defeat by attempting to redefine what a Jew is in order to accommodate Prasch (the same way the cult will redefine what spiritual fruit is in order to accommodate Prasch who exhibits none).

As I half except Amos to delete the evidence, I thought I’d snapshot it for a record.  If this is how quickly the Prasch cult’s Ultras fold when in the presence of evidence, what’s the likelihood Prasch will ever turn up for the debate Chris asked to be held in Jerusalem in the presence of actual Jews?  Going by Prasch’s previous form, I’d say a 0% likelihood.