CMFI: A Picture of Shame

In his 11th July 2020 attack video, doomsday cult leaderJacob” Prasch held up his membership card of the “Christian” group who have since October 2016 awarded him the title of “Minister“:

The group is called Christian Ministerial Fellowship International (CMFI), and in its board members qualifying Prasch for his position in the church, they are fully complicit in the damage he has willfully wrought in the church since October 2016, specifically complicit is CMFI’s head who signed the card to validate it, John Angliss:


Any legitimately functioning ministerial fellowship would hold its members to account and hear the concerns from spiritually abused people. Not so with CMFI, because I would argue they aren’t a legitimately functioning ministerial fellowship, they are closer to an old boy’s club of silly old incompetent fools, who in the case of Prasch involved themselves in a cover-up to overlook Prasch’s godless rampages, possibly in order to keep him on their books.

David Nathan (who Prasch witch-hunted in Fall 2018 and presented faked information about), expected CMFI to perform their expected duty and investigate the slander their charge Prasch had subjected him to publicly which had effectively ended his ministry efforts in the United Kingdom, America and Australia. Wellllll….David presented the documented results to his church in South Africa in late 2018, showing them CMFI’S astonishingly pathetic cover-up, in which CMFI agreed with Prasch’s slanderous summation of David and likewise declared David a heretic after “following very careful and prayerful consideration of all the evidence” before stating “all” their “evidence” was entirely PRASCH’S EDITED SMEAR CAMPAIGN ATTACK VIDEOS! I’m not exaggerating! In the video below David Nathan showed the correspondence he received from CMFI where they admitted it—apparently not aware of the significance of it in eradicating their own credibility: (shift the video to 38:23)

Not only are CMFI a non-functioning collection of silly old incompetent fools who are incapable of performing a legitimate investigation into one of their members whose godless behaviour has been remarkably widely exposed as being consistent in its rank godlessness since 1998, they have persisted in enabling Prasch to maintain his platform shamelessly in the face of a veritable mountain of evidence documenting his ongoing demonised rampage that has left spiritually abused and slandered people in his wake.

John Angliss is the man who gave a dangerous cult leader accreditation, covered up for him and thus aided and abetted a mentally ill spiritual abuser, and will now unavoidably be tied to Prasch for future church history students as a most outrageous example of a criminally negligent head of a ministerial group; a group who absurdly claim on their website they can help……..identify cults! Here is their website: