Jacob Prasch: Full Metal Headcase

On July 11th and 20th 2020, James “Jacob” (Aloysius) Prasch Jr released 2 attack videos running at a combined total of 5+ hours—attack videos in which Prasch, without any sense of shame and without reality having penetrated his Irish-saturated Germanic blockhead, simply rehashed his same phoney, widely-debunked arguments against a long list of his witch-hunt targets, apparently thinking 2 years after he first started spewing those malicious lies and was immediately debunked, that they’d miraculously work in riding roughshod over documented reality this time. The definition of insanity is to endlessly repeat the same things expecting a different result, and as that is the action Prasch persists in, he is, by definition, insane. As Prasch has also this month been outed for his violent threat of decapitation towards the disabled Justin Peters, I review some of the main phoney arguments in his 5+ hour pile of crap films with the help of a fittingly bloody Monty Python sketch, and conclude there is no hope for a man who has so abandoned reality and is so heavily enchanted by the Father of Lies, Satan.

WARNING: this film contains graphic bloodshed, indestructible ignorance, and scenes of a cult-leading nature.