Jacob Prasch & The 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication (UPDATES: ‘The Devil’s Triangle’ Shame, & “Severe Alcoholism”)

I noticed one of James “Jacob” (née Aloysius) Prasch Jr’s followers named Colin Higgs was calling someone a liar for saying Prasch hasn’t appeared drunk in only his most recent attack video, but has several times. Colin asks this question:

“Where have you seen Jacob drunk when he is teaching or any other time.”


Colin forgets the question mark, but it’s a question, so I though I’d answer it.

The first major time I noticed Prasch observably appear to be drunk was in his Spring 2019 performance at John Flubber Haller’s joint in Ohio, a live-streamed fiasco of a performance which you can watch here.  Flubber’s mates forgot to capture images for the first third, but there was sufficient evidence in the last 2 thirds to suggest there was something very wrong with him.  I put the evidence into a reaction video here:

In that critique video I suggested viewers download the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s checklist of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication (a recognised US government document) and see how many identifiers they could spot with Prasch.  Here it is:


The second major time Prasch appeared to tick various boxes of the above checklist was during his early Winter 2019 Moriel Scottish Conference at Gartmore House.  I did a blog post back then detailing how he had appeared to assume a drunken position in his session 3 video, pointing out how he had sunk so low in his giant padded chair at one point in an attack-oriented moment that the cameraman had to adjust the camera lower and it became hard to conclude that he wasn’t intoxicated.  Here is a 3 minute clip after the camera has been adjusted:

The most recent example of Prasch appearing to tick various boxes of the Oregon Liquor Control Commision’s list of 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication was on 21st July 2020 when he was filmed in a monstrous long-winded attack video loaded with slander, in which he appeared dishevelled and made rather frequent and obvious hiccuping and burping noises the type cartoon characters make when appearing drunk, which I evidenced in this response and critique video yesterday:

Prasch has had his love of Jack Daniels and single malt Scotch whisky exposed by Graham Baldwin the spiritual abuse counsellor at Catalyst Counselling in 2019, stating he has various information from former Moriel staff who provided evidence of the whisky bills Prasch would run up at hotels he’d stay at during teaching visits.  Skip the video to 29:00:

Here is a screen capture from the above video:

So there you go Colin Higgs, there are multiple times Prasch has according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s checklist appeared to be intoxicated whilst teaching over the past 16 months.

UPDATE: “The Devil’s Triangle” Shame

In my video ‘Full Metal Headcase‘ (above) I showed some clips from a ridiculous Prasch attack video called ‘The Devil’s Triangle’. I found some time to put together an 8 minute presentation of moments from it where Prasch ticks The Oregon Liquor Commission’s 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication. I don’t know how somebody can watch this video and conclude anything other than drunkenness from Prasch—with most the clips below from the second half he clearly gets progressively worse with him ending up looking like he’s about to throw up or pass out:

The funny/pathetic thing about Prasch’s Ultra cult members like Amos The Idiot Farrell is they can watch stuff like this and due to them being mesmerised by Prasch, they almost miraculously cannot see anything wrong, and they still promote the drunken old sponge.

UPDATE 2: Prasch Responds to Jack Daniels Claim

At the end of November 2020 Prasch was smoked out his echo chamber bunker briefly by Chris and Joshua Rosebrough in the comments section of a YouTube video by Bible Thumping Wingnut about Justin Peters who Prasch wanted to decapitate according to his OWN emails to Justin which Justin read out in this awesome video dismantling Prasch and Servus Christi. You can read the full back and forth interaction between the Rosebroughs and Prasch in this article written about it all, but here below is the segment connected to this article here about Prasch’s intoxication, with Joshua Rosebrough’s observation first that provoked Prasch’s reply:

So according to Prasch he hasn’t been pished for almost half a century, since his clearly false conversion in 1972! In order for Prasch to have arrived at such an extraordinary claim he had to

  • 1) ignore the documented fact his former Moriel staffers had receipts and evidence of his Jack Daniels bills from his hotel stays (see Graham Baldwin’s video above)
  • 2) …had to ignore the obvious fact he has appeared heavily sloshed according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s checklist multiple times
  • 3) …had to ignore he got progressively more drunk in the recent above Devil’s Triangle video of shame (see the ‘best’ moments compilation here)
  • 4) …and had to ignore he admitted on camera in a story about his time in Africa that he relied on Jack Daniels when stressed (as documented in this video)

So in other words, for Prasch’s account to be accepted, one must discount eye-witness testimony of his own staff, discount visual evidence he uploaded himself to the internet, discount his own previous audio-recorded admission of reliance on alcohol when under stress, and therefore discount REALITY. The only people who are capable of ignoring reality are those conditioned to do it by Prasch himself, that being his cult members.

UPDATE 22nd March 2021: PRascH’s “Severe Alcoholism”

In his latest Polemics Report, reporter and minister JD Hall, in observing Prasch’s behaviour and specifically his look, concluded the following about Prasch’s drink “problems” that Graham Baldwin first highlighted in Spring 2019:

“Friends of mine were contacted by the former videographer for Jacob Prasch. There was a video with Prasch in which a black square was over a screen by his shoulder—or over the screen—it was covering up something over his shoulder, which was, it turns out, a 5th of Jack Daniels. If you look at Prasch you see his bulbous nose, his veins pouring out, it’s clearly what appears to be broken capillaries under his skin. I think, I think that Prasch is a Stage 4 Alcoholic—he’s suffering from some form of severe alcoholism. None of this matters to ‘Servetus Diablos’ [Servus Christi].”

JD Hall, Polemics Report, 22nd March 2021 video

JD states Prasch is a Stage 4 Alcoholic. Here is my article about it, and below are the stages of alcoholism:

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