Jacob Prasch’s Satanic Rage Manifesto

Jacob Prasch, the fake Jewish Golem who has been attacking the church and Christians for a documented 22 years thus far, has published today an Elliot Roger style manifesto that can best be summed up by Prasch’s own quote that was supposed to describe someone else but perfectly describes himself:

 “…the abject howling of a terminally wounded beast…”

The lunatic’s manifesto title is similarly accidentally perfect at summing up the manifesto itself:

“The Rant of the Desperate”

The ALL CAPS subtitle by Prasch also perfectly accidentally describes Prasch’s motives for penning the manifesto:


Prasch’s manifesto is 4,500 words of just endless screaming repetition of what must be about 100 different lies, so many of which have been heavily debunked by me and many others over the years, consequently I’d label his manifesto The Jacob Prasch Satanic Rage Manifesto.Here is the top page of it on his website Moriel.org.  Should I print the whole manifesto here, there would be 10 more pages below this one:


If you want I’ve made the original Moriel blog post of the The Jacob Prasch Satanic Rage Manifesto into a pdf you can view here. [Edit: I also see Prasch’s cult member who operates the Moriel branch in Canada uploaded the original document that Prasch shipped around to his flock of goats, which you can see here or download here (this is interesting as it proves this wasn’t just a lone mindless idiot ranting, this was an idiot ranting and the cult accepting the rant in the way the Apostle Paul had his writings accepted by the early church, to the point it was immediately spread far and wide as some type of important, vital document, rather than the drunken railing of a grotesque slab of liquor-laced Irish pork it actually is)].

As a general overview, Prasch, in writing the Satanic Rage Manifesto which is so riddled with lies and slander and obfuscation, he is, to the rational Christian, doubling down with the Father of Lies, Satan.  Prasch can’t see that reality, however, because he’s an idiot whose entire life and ministry has become one gigantic hyper-exposed lie.

Prasch’s Satanic Rage Manifesto goes after several targets, specifically Stewart and Deborah Menelaws and Chris Rosebrough via his son Joshua Rosebrough.  In Prasch going after the former, he has simply regurgitated his package of lies against them I heavily debunked in season one of the Jacob Prasch series which you can watch here.  And in Prasch going after the latter by regurgitating lies uttered against Chris’ son Joshua (which Chris debunked over a year ago in a lengthy post on his website, the American Association of Lutheran Churches debunked TWICE, and Joshua Rosebrough also debunked), Prasch is rather foolishly again bringing up the issue of a son as a means of deciding whether the father should be in ministry… which means in order to avoid the charge of hypocrisy, one must take a look at Prasch and his own son Eli to see if there be a speck, a plank, or clear sight to be permitted to point at others, so I did have a look in this video below…and boy oh boy!

13 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch’s Satanic Rage Manifesto

    1. I know he’s on medication for health issues, but do you really think he’s drinking? I’m not a fan of his, but I don’t think he’s a drunk.

      1. Hi Francois. Yes, largely because of what former Moriel people said to spiritual abuse counsellor and expert in spiritual abuse cases Graham Baldwin. They covered the cost of Prasch’s drinking in hotels when at conferences etc. Graham reveals that at 28:56 into this video https://youtu.be/rNMhPWWZchg?t=1736

        I imagine he’s on a lot of health medication too, yet many medications are rendered useless if taken when also drinking.

  1. As of August 11th 2020, Prasch has pinned his Satanic Rage Manifesto to the top of his Moron TV Facebook feed. Seems quite from repenting of his demonically-influenced screaming, slanderous rant that has placed him fully in league with the Father of Lies Beelzebub, Prasch has doubled down in it. Prasch is a godless fool like none other.

  2. I am wondering if the original article got reported and pulled from Facebook? Now if he puts it up again and they delete the account Prasch and his cronies will claim religious persecution. I wonder why they reissued the rant. Talk about desperate. SMH

      1. Perhaps advance damage control because of things that are now coming to light as well as a Pen and Pulpit video

      2. I wonder, from God’s perspective, if what is coming upon Chavez is down to any specific moment in Chavez’s “ministry”, any statement he made, or if it is all because of his “ministry” as a whole.

        I bet Prasch throws him under the bus to escape. I thought for a while Prasch wouldn’t do that because Chavez clearly will have stuff on Prasch considering Chavez records his phone calls, but then I assumed Prasch wouldn’t go after Bill Randles due to what Bill had on Prasch’s evil son Eli Ami Prasch, but Prasch has witch hunted him 6(?) times I think in 12/13 months. If Prasch says he had to split with Chavez because of [what will appear in JDs video] then the video Prasch released in December 2019 that I reviewed in episode 29 ‘Bulletproof Cuckoo’, Prasch clearly stated the split was merely down to Chavez’s workload, and that they would continue to collaborate (as they have done) in 2020 onwards. Prasch is now rather stuck in bed (ironically) with Lydia Chavez.

  3. Yea Prasch will not throw Josh under the bus. He even hinted at this in mentioning various Josh’s on video.

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