Is This The Most Evil “Christian” Minister of the 21st Century? (UPDATED to 214 sins)

There are tens of thousands of Christian ministers in the world, and the vast majority you never hear about because they quietly do the job of a minister in their community, but then there are the ones you do hear about because they’ve become widely known for being trustworthy sources of truth and good presenters of it, and thus have become famous because of that godly characteristic. And then there are the Christian ministers who become infamous for their carnal deeds.

Some of the latter make a career out of one carnal trait, such as the love of money, and they whip followers into a state of euphoria at the promise of easy money falling out the sky (i.e. Benny Hinn, or Manasseh Jordan), or the expectation of an easy life suddenly bucking the trend God promised all mankind in Genesis 3 (i.e. Joel Osteen); but there are a select few who exhibit more than one carnal trait, such as James MacDonald who loves money and solicited murder, or Clayton Jennings who loves fame and is a disgusting sexual pervert and predator, or the ultimate false teacher Todd Bentley who loves money and is a false teacher and engages in orgies and is bisexual apparently and mistreats his staffers and refuses to repent (or does so briefly, and then returns to form in a few months).

Yet all these people pale in comparison to The 21st Century’s Most Continually Grotesque and Evil Hound of Satan to have ever walked into he church and set up his stall: James “Jacob” Prasch.  

James “Jacob” Prasch Career Overview

Whilst Todd Bentley flat out asks for money, Jacob Prasch TAKES more than Todd, and then lies about it, saying he has taken nothing.  Whilst Todd mistreats his staffers, Prasch drives them to the brink of suicide.  Whilst Todd occasionally repents before returning to form, Prasch resolutely refuses to accept he has ever done wrong.  Whilst James MacDonald solicits murder but is caught by the Police, Prasch solicits a shake down BY corrupt Police via instructing his former Police Captain-turned administrator/cult-member in South Africa Mike Benade to take some Police ex-colleagues and go to the door of a female online critic and put the scarers onto her.  Whilst James MacDonald steps down when his activity has been exposed, Prasch doubles down in his exposed sin and has 2 other Police/ex-Police mates of his join the South African Captain and fake an official Police report as a means of silencing the people who expose him.  Whilst Todd Bentley accepts criticism and reports made against him and tries to deal with some issues publicly, Prasch goes on the all-out assault on everybody who says anything against him, and even incriminates himself with the widespread use of slander against them.  Whilst Clayton Jennings used language to ensnare women, Prasch uses language to attempt to coerce a naysayer to commit suicide.  Whilst Todd Bentley removes Justin Peters’ microphone when Justin confronts him on his sin, Prasch threatens that Justin’s head will be removed from his body and his decapitated body will be hung on a wall, when Justin confronts Prasch on his sin.

In summer 2019 I made a list of 50 sins Jacob Prasch had committed (and these were just the sins I had documented in my then 19 episodes looking at Prasch’s evil life).  In less than a year, after 39 episodes, I was able to increase that record of 50 sins up to 100—all of them lacking repentance—and present them in an updated video (a video Prasch worked to have removed from Vimeo so is hosted on Bitchute and below):

In the 6 weeks that has passed since publishing that video, the list of sins Prasch has committed has reached 133 (those being only the ones I’ve documented in my 48 episode video series), with the most recent documented sins being his publicly presenting doctored DNA reports as a means of proving he’s half Jewish when he’s not:

In addition to the list of sins I’ve chronicled in the series (see full list below), there are many other sins which other researchers have documented, such as Prasch having taught that Christians should sing songs of worship to… the Goat, and he has made an altar call for people to come accept salvation through the Kabbalah figure of Metatron who Prasch says is “the Trinity“.

Not only is Jacob Prasch a heretic, and a fake Jewish Golem, Jacob Prasch is also a modern day Witchfinder General, and many of his targets, like Justin Peters, are only guilty of the “crime” of disagreeing with Prasch OR pointing out his outrageously obvious sins. If someone like Justin Peters is deemed worthy of decapitation because they have pointed out Prasch’s sin to him, and that ability to identify sin has come via the Bible, and the command to identify it has come from God, then if Jesus Christ were to appear in disguise and use His Bible to expose Prasch’s deeds as sinful, then without a doubt Jacob Prasch would attack God’s own Son in similar fashion.  It is logical therefore to similarly reason that if a deceptive liar or an out-and-out Prasch cult member were to refuse to admit Prasch was involved in 100+ sins, and supported him in his godless behaviour—as CMFI, Marco Quintana, Servus Christi and others have done, and Prasch has accepted them as his brothers—then what would occur if Lucifer himself appeared to Prasch in disguise and likewise encouraged and enabled him in his work? Well, if Prasch remained true to form, he’d accept Lucifer as his brother, and in doing so, he’d finally be right about something.

The Sins of Jacob Prasch and the research videos & Blog Posts they were chronicled in…

Video 1: The Phoney Argumentation of Jacob Prasch

1) Prasch spread unsubstantiated rumours to discredit the Christian teacher Deborah Menelaws as a means of destroying her Christian ministry.

2) Prasch used an extra-biblical Roman Catholic source to claim apostolic authority in discrediting David Nathan.

Video 2: Prasch Pt.2

3) Prasch released a deliberately destructive rant on Facebook calling David Nathan “Judas” as a means of destroying his Christian ministry.

4) Prasch called Stewart and Deborah Menelaws money-chasers when tax returns prove this to be a slanderous lie.

5) Prasch dropped the F-bomb in a video which he subsequently deleted, edited, and re-uploaded.

6) Prasch doctored a video of a Q&A session with David Nathan to say something it didn’t.

7) Prasch bullied people around him, especially those who disagreed with him.

8) Prasch doctored an email to assist his discrediting of David Nathan which when seen in full exonerated David Nathan.

Video 3: Jacob Prasch the Arch-Damner Strikes Again

9) Prasch slandered the Menelaws by associating them with “filthy lucre” and the mark of the beast.

Video 4: The Good the Bad and the Echo Chamber

10) Prasch used a criminal named “John Cambridge” as a theologian who would defend his erroneous position in attacking David Nathan.

11) Prasch then had a mentally challenged associate take the bullet when news broke about the criminality of John Cambridge.

Video 5: Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General

12) Prasch was found to have fabricated quotations from Charles Spurgeon and George Muller.

13) Prasch was found to have used zero citations in his 2 major books Shadows of the Beast and Harpazo.

14) Prasch consequently tried to discredit the researcher Anton Bosch by falsifying information in those same two of his own books.

15) Prasch also tried to discredit Anton Bosch as a heretic by misattributing someone else’s words to Bosch.

Video 6: Jacob Prasch: Witch-Hunts, Ivory Towers, & Shooting Arrows At The Faithful

16) Prasch released a highly-misogynistic, screaming rant against female leaders.

17) Prasch slandered Christian teachers Deborah Menelaws and Jan Markell by illogically connecting them to abortions.

Video 7: Jacob Prasch & His Ongoing Battle Against Observable Truth

18) Prasch slandered the Menelaws by accusing them again of financial corruption.

19) Prasch was found to take in nearly $100,000 (tax free) per year from his charity having claimed he took nothing.

20) Prasch slandered the Menelaws by saying they were cashing in Christian resources to Chinese Communists who’d destroy the resources, when they weren’t.

21) Prasch lied to his followers about the flow of money into Moriel.

22) Prasch is recorded multiple times hypocritically asking people for their “filthy lucre”, stating his wife was being a good Jewish woman in collecting their money on the Sabbath.

Video 8: When Moriel Propaganda Fails

23) Prasch deliberately falsified information about livestream viewer numbers and platforms.

24) Prasch’s hired social media man Servus Christi (aka Joshua Chavez) masqueraded as a female to post public positive comments about Prasch.

Video 9: Jacob Prasch: The Lost Weekend

25) Prasch is found to have a liking for hard liquor Jack Daniels and single malt scotch whisky.

Video 10: Jacob Prasch: Anatomy of a Railer

26) Prasch misogynistically orders his wife to publicly wait his table.

27) Prasch made an invective-filled hateful and misogynistic rant in 2012 on calling a woman who pointed out his errors a long list of extreme names, including ‘witch’.

28) Prasch deliberately hid information about Moriel’s finances on the ROKU platform that gained 12 views a month compared to YouTube’s 120,000.

29) Prasch falsified information about Moriel’s financial openness.

Video 11: “Thinking” Inside a Personality Cult

30) Prasch operates a personality cult that requires obedience to Prasch’s narratives.

31) Prasch had his associates CMFI lie about researchers in order to excuse Prasch’s cultish behaviour.

Video 12: The Total Corruption of the Moriel Police Squad

32) Prasch hypocritically agreed with David Nathan in 2016 for what he called him a heretic for in 2018.

33) Prasch looked and acted heavily drunk in a March 2019 talk in Ohio.

33) Prasch falsified his family history to make himself sound Jewish when he’s not Jewish in the slightest.

34) Prasch’s followers were shown to experience cognitive dissonance in the face of the reality of Prasch’s lies the same way that an end of the world cult experienced in Leon Festinger’s famous account from the early 50’s.

35) Prasch had his associates with Police connections engage in a conflict of interest to clear Prasch of wrongdoing.

36) Prasch deliberately hid the fact that all those with Police connections engaging in their fruitless effort to give their report credibility when it had none, were all part of Moriel itself.

Video 13: Prasch Season II: Attacking Amir Tsarfati

37) Prasch deliberately falsified information about Bible prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati in order to discredit him.

38) Prasch used an illogical form of 6 Degrees of Separation to damn Amir Tsarfati.

39) Prasch’s associates CMFI promoted a book by a modalist cult meaning by Prasch’s own 6 Degrees of Separation he is logically a modalist heretic.

40) Prasch falsely claimed his surname is from the word ‘Pharisee’ when it is German or Danish.

Video 14: Prasch: Beast Mode

41) Prasch falsifies information about Charles Spurgeon to discredit Amir Tsarfati.

Video 15: Important Grey Matter is Missing (Prasch Paints White, black)

42) Prasch falsifies information about Dr. James White to discredit him.

43) Prasch ticks many of the Oregon Liquor Commission’s ‘Signs of Visible Intoxication’ checklist.

44) Prasch’s associate and one of the pretend police officers from earlier, Amos Farrell, used Muslim information to try to discredit Prasch’s target Dr. James White.

Video 16: Prasch: Gone Hunting (and Camping)

45) Prasch falsified financial information about Todd Bentley to discredit him.

46) Prasch hypocritically took a larger percentage of his charity Moriel’s income than Todd Bentley ever did from his charity Fresh Fire Ministries.

47) Prasch discredits Mark Biltz for being a fake Jew, when Prasch is himself a fake Jew.

48) Prasch deliberately falsified a report in order to blame Harold Camping for the deaths of Hmong Vietnamese, thus committing journalism fraud.

Video 18: Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles

49) Prasch was a member of a 1970’s cult known as the Church of Bible Understanding which used much of the same coercive language as Prasch’s personality cult does today.

50) Prasch publicly used coercive language to encourage former friend Bill Randles to commit suicide for writing against him.

Video 21: One Flew East One Flew West and One Flew At Those Not in the Cuckoo’s Nest

51) Prasch accused author Joshua Harris of bringing abomination into the church when he himself brought into the church all 7 types of abominations God says He hates in Proverbs chapter 6.

52) Prasch openly boasted to a laughing group of his cult members in a church building that he’d slept with one of the wives of The Rolling Stones

Video 24: Jacob Prasch: The End

53) Prasch taught at Marco Quintana’s church that Jesus is the mystic Kabbalah figure of Metatron

54) Prasch accused and threatened the elderly father of head of British ministry Intercessors for Britain Dave Borlase because Dave had the courage to speak against Prasch.

55) Prasch slandered Dave Borlase’s father likening him to Eli the Priest from the Old Testament whose sons engaged in disorderly conduct.

56) Prasch’s own son, coincidentally named Eli was found to have been arrested in Iowa for disorderly conduct, making Prasch a hypocrite.

57) Additionally Prasch routinely lied about his son Eli being on multiple tours in an IDF tank combat brigade and invented stories about frantically trying to get in touch with him on the front lines, when the whole time Eli had an IDF desk job due to having bad eyes.

Video 25: John Haller: Devil’s Advocate

58) At a Prasch conference in Canada, Prasch got his apologist John Haller to publicly fake a prophecy update in order to excuse Prasch’s Satanic behaviour.

59) Prasch stated on video that the Bible in his hands are the stones in King David’s sling, and the Talmud in his hands is Goliath’s sword which he uses to cut his rivals heads off with.

Video 26: Prasch: Peering Out of Cloud Cuckoo Land in Midrash-Tinted Glasses

60) Prasch stated publicly that he is John the Baptist mk.2 for Christ’s second coming

61) Prasch interpreted the videos exposing his fraudulent life as evidence he’s being persecuted like…Christ.

Video 29: Jacob Prasch: Bulletproof Cuckoo

62) Prasch again was videod taking to the stage whilst drunk, this time in my homeland of Scotland, sinking into his chair dishevelled, attacking various people.

63) When drunk in Scotland, Prasch likened himself to the prophet Elijah.

64) In New Zealand Prasch was caught on a hot mike panhandling for donations after stating in another video he didn’t ask for donations.

65) Prasch claimed his ministry Moriel and he didn’t profiteer from their resources, the same month he was trying to flog USB pen drives at a 9000% markup on his website.

66) Prasch was exposed as gaining missionary donations for a fake missionary outreach to the Pacific Islands when for years the Moriel “missionary” has only emailed the Pacific Islands from his home in North Carolina.

67) Prasch attacked his own Moriel volunteer in the USA Annie Rogers, falsified information against her, erroneously associated her with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and slandered her to people across the internet.

68) Prasch had one of his Moriel Australia volunteers attempt to intimidate former volunteers into silence about Prasch’s behaviour.

69) Prasch attacked Northern Irish Elim Christian leaders by faking information about them, slanderously stating they’d tried to rally an armed mob to go and “kill for Christ”.  A lie which endangered those leaders lives during Northern Ireland’s Troubles.

70) Brisbane’s Cult Information Service placed Prasch’s group Moriel on its list of Extremist groups, destructive and manipulative sects, cults, and high pressure groups.

71) Prasch’s former Australia volunteer Henry Sheppard, stated that Prasch was a “malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug” to his unpaid volunteers.

72) Prasch threatened British ministry intercessors for Britain that he’d make another attack video against them if they spoke out against him again.

Video 32: Dracula Prasch

73) Prasch and his thug henchman Amos Farrell attacked Dave Borlase again—who has a young family—this time on Christmas Eve 2019, faking information about him, misattributing my website and re-discovered bullying accusations from the 1990s, to Dave instead of me.

74) On that same Christmas Eve, Prasch and his henchman Amos Farrell publicly named and defamed a woman named Sally whom Prasch had abused and bullied to the brink of suicide, as a second attempt at silencing her from speaking up against him.

75) Prasch tried to cover up the bullying evidence uncovered in Australia by openly lying repeatedly about its content, attempting to muddy it by saying it was rumour when the source was Prasch’s own book publisher in Australia.

76) Prasch attempted to alter the definition of the word cult in order to stop it applying to his cult.

77) Prasch recorded a video wherein he holds up evidence he is Jewish, zoomed in and froze the frame for his cult to see, but ensured the content of his evidence was 100% illegible.

78) Prasch lied in claiming on camera to have Jewish DNA when he’s 100% Irish-American.

79) Prasch with the help of John Haller attempted to sue Bible prophecy teacher Jan Markell because she correctly stated he was unhinged.

80) In an arbitration process between Elim and Prasch, arbiter and theologian David Pawson noted Prasch was unable to look his opponents whom he’d slandered in the eye.

81) When David Pawson released his 13-page arbitration report that exposed Jacob Prasch for his unbalanced behaviour and the cultic undertones of his ministry, Prasch attacked David Pawson.

Video 35: Jacob Prasch: $147,000 Salary for Witch-hunts!

82) In Prasch’s most recent accounts submitted to the IRS, Prasch upped his salary to $147,000, almost double what Prasch’s target Todd Bentley receives.  The flat figure shows Prasch also lied about all his salary coming entirely from designated random love-offerings, as random donations are not likely to result in a rounded up flat figure.

Video 37: Prasch: The South African Job

83) Prasch claimed on camera a secular website business he’d built was worth “formidable amounts of money,” but was found to be worth only $2,212 dollars.

84) Prasch claimed the aforementioned website business had financed his children’s private education and law schooling, but the websites during those years were found to be mirrors of his charity website meaning it was a financial shell company operation.

85) Prasch was found to have been for decades trying to extort one and a half million dollars out of the South African government through an ongoing cybersquatting scam operation.

Video 39: Gaslight

86) Prasch publicly accused popular prophecy teacher Jan Markell of being a Jezebel.

87) Prasch altered the words of Arab Bible teacher JD Farag as a means of accusing him.

88) Prasch accused JD Farag, Amir Tsarfati and Jan Markell to be directly responsible for HIS own godless behaviour.

89) Prasch publicly attempted to gaslight Jan Markell into submitting to his leadership over her popular ministry.

Video 38: Often Attacked By the Cult But Never Refuted By the Cult: Chronicling the Jacob Prasch Cult

This all means Jacob Prasch has been tied to 10 types of fraud: 

90) journalism fraud

91) fake missionary fraud

92) stolen valour fraud

93) Police impersonation/corruption fraud

94) identity fraud

95) identity fraud by proxy

96) charity donations fraud

97) designated donations fraud

98) shell company fraud

99) cyber squatting fraud 

100) And the greatest sin of it all is that he remains … utterly unrepentant.

Video 41: Prasch & The Metatron

101) Prasch declared the Kabbalah figure of Metatron is the the Mediator between God and man…

102) …and is the Redeemer

103) …and is the Middle Pillar of the Godhead

104) …and is Yahweh Himself

105) …and answers prayers

106) …and he’s the Shekinah

107) …and has all dominion in heaven and on earth

108) …and will bring peace to earth

109) …and is the Ruler of all

110) …and is the First Begotten of God’s house

111) …and is The Almighty

112) …and is the Garment of Yahweh

113) …and is the Son of God

Video 42: Zelda 42: Metatron’s Cult

114) Prasch recorded himself deliberately lying about the word Metatron being in the New Testament as a means to avoid admitting he was wrong, and thus promoted heresy.

Video 43: The Windmills of Don Quixote Prasch

115) Prasch attacked minister Bill Randles a fifth time and spewed lies about him across social media in reaction to Bill saying Prasch’s Metatron teaching was wrong.

116) Prasch strawmanned evidence he had “cybersquatted” the South African government for a desired $1,500,000 by changing the claim to “embezzlement”, then denied “embezzlement” when nobody accused him of it, thus he lied to cover his cybersquatting fraud.

Video 44: El Nino de Prasch

117) Prasch slandered the son of Chris Rosebrough by presenting frequently debunked slander from the past about him as a means of discrediting Chris.

118) Prasch was exposed as a hypocrite for alleging sins of another man’s son a couple of months after Prasch’s own son Eli Ami Prasch was arrested for domestic abuse in Iowa, and is facing 2 years in prison.

Video 46: Prasch: Full Metal Headcase

119) Prasch was exposed for having threatened the disabled Bible teacher Justin Peters with decapitation for disagreeing with him.

120) Prasch appeared drunk (again) in a 2+ hour video rant wherein he reissued all his aforementioned debunked slander against the Menelaws and others.

121) Prasch was exposed for presenting Israeli documents and lying about them in a desperate bid to prove he’s Jewish.

122) Prasch was exposed for presenting German documents belonging to unrelated people in an attempt to pass them off as members from his own family tree.

123) Prasch deliberately strawmanned Chris Rosebrough’s genealogy research on him which Chris had done primarily with, with Prasch instead claiming it was done with the dimly viewed Wikipedia

124) Prasch deliberately lied in a social media rant claiming Chris Rosebrough was “running” from debating him, when Chris was documented as having offered to debate Prasch days before.

Video 47: The Prasch Cult Fruit Tree & Its Thirteen Deadly Poisons

125) Prasch was exposed as a cult leader who causes his disciples to view him as a spokesman for God…

126) …who requires they adhere strictly to his widely debunked narratives…

127) …who encourages them to attack his perceived enemies and anybody who doubts his greatness…

128) …who encourages them to escape reality with him by going on the run from evidence…

129) …who actively causes them to experience religious mania, to fetishise the modern day Jews, and adopt Jewish symbols and even Jewish names…

130) …and who encourages them to believe in anti-Jewish conspiracy theories as a means increasing their mania and devotion to him.

Video 48: Les Imbeciles & Their Ascent to Peak Stupid

131) Prasch was exposed as having faked DNA paperwork that he’d presented on screen as a means of proving he’s Jewish, thus committing identity fraud on camera

132) Prasch appropriated a video by Jewish Christian group One For Israel, and posted it as evidence they believed in his Metatron heresy too, a claim that threatened to damage their ministry, causing them to state they didn’t believe what Prasch believed

133) Prasch deliberately lied about One For Israel by claiming they were a “sister ministry” to Moriel, as a means of associating himself with them, a claim the group immediately denied.

UPDATED Sins up to December 2020:

Blog Post: Prasch and Amos’s RTN TV Exposed

134) Prasch took private footage of Chris Rosebrough’s family (including children) and added it to an attack video which he then hid from censorship on his new RTNtv channel.

Blog Post: The Day Jacob Prasch Called in South African “Police” to Silence a Critic

135) Prasch attempted to silence his South African critic Deborah Du Rand by getting his Moriel South Africa staffer and former SA Police Captain Mike Benade to bring in his Police mates to turn up at Deborah’s door and put the scarers on her for disagreeing with Prasch publicly.

136) Having failed to stop Deborah Du Rand via his corrupt Police contacts in South Africa, Prasch posted ‘anonymously’ an attack website against Deborah as a means to assassinate her character.

Blog Post: Johnny Foreigner Prasch & The Curious Case of His Money-Spinning Car Crash

137) Prasch claimed in 2020 in an email to the disabled Justin Peters that he himself had been disabled by a car crash in the 1990s, however a video of Prasch 2 weeks after the car crash show him in no way disabled or injured as he walked around teaching a church.

138) Prasch claimed in the late 1990s he was going through “major litigation” regarding his aforementioned “disabling” car crash, expecting to become “independently wealthy” via the expected “substantial damages”, yet the video evidence again proves he was not disabled and likely was engaged in a largescale insurance fraud.

Blog Post: The Prasch Cult’s Sounds of Silence

139) When Prasch’s current collaborator and former social media man Joshua Chavez was outed as being sexually immoral and having been involved in a faked wedding, Prasch, having taught vociferously for years about sexual sin disqualifying a Christian from leadership, remained outrageously silent regarding his mate committing that disqualifying sexual sin.

Blog Post: Jacob Prasch Rekindles 2019 Witch-hunt on Amir Tsarfati in 2020

140) Prasch tried for a second time to witch-hunt Amir Tsarfati by publicly regurgitating his widely debunked narrative from 2019, calling him a “bully” rendering Prasch a hypocrite as he himself has been labelled a bully by spiritual abuse counsellor Graham Baldwin of the charity Catalyst Counselling.

Blog Post: CMFI and the Laminator of God

141) Prasch bought a fake credential from a corrupt pay-for-ministry-accreditation gang in England named CMFI.

Blog Post: The Birth Certificate of James Aloysius Prasch Jr…

142) Prasch lied about his birth name being Jacob Prasch when his birth certificate reveals he was named James Aloysius Prasch Jr. after his father and a Roman Catholic saint.

143) Prasch lied about his father James Aloysius Prasch Snr.’s origins, stating him to be of Jewish descent when Prasch’s own biological brother Bob stated it was not true.

Blog Post: The Jacob Prasch Files No.9: Half-Jewish Poison Comes To Hectorville

144) Prasch’s ultra-separationist, Midrash and Jewish Roots teaching poisoned and broke up a once-flourishing church called Hectorville, in Adelaide, Australia in the mid to late 1990s, leaving it a mere shell.

Blog Post: The Jacob Prasch Files No.10: Inglorious Praschtards And The Handbook For Decapitators of Gay Nazis

145) Prasch’s false teaching and continued association with the remnants of Hectorville ‘church’ in Adelaide directly contributed to the creation of inflammatory ‘Christian’ tracts handed out across Australia for years that became widely reported as hate speech.

Blog Post: James Jacob Gump & The Man Who Killed Elvis

146) Prasch was caught wearing a Jewish ‘kippa’ skullcap in Israel as a means of faking a Jewish identity in order to milk money from Christians on his tours.

147) Prasch claimed direct connection to “major major Pop stars” and having been “in the Pop music industry” when speaking to Australian youth in a church in 2017, and many others such boasts over the years, despite having never presented any documentary evidence to back up his narcissistic claims.

148) Prasch claimed his Moriel second in command, David Lister, worked for Elvis, apparently brazenly lying.

149) Prasch claimed David Lister collected drugs by use of a forged prescription, and delivered them to Elvis, and the ones Lister got for him were the ones that killed Elvis.

Offsite Comment: The Singaporean Connection

150) Prasch tried to set up a Moriel ‘branch’ in Singapore via a church he once taught at (and also immediately upset), but was turned down by the group, so he promptly attacked the group, then lied anyway by brazenly claiming having a Moriel branch in Singapore when he didn’t, in the face of repeated denials by a Singaporean Christian who knew the reality. The Singaporean outlined Prasch’s lies about Moriel Singapore, and Prasch’s outrageous behaviour whilst there, and his financial chicanery.

Blog Post: Jacob Prasch Was Handed Over to Satan, Not Locally But NATIONALLY By 600 Ministers

151) In an video Prasch boasted to his disciples he had been handed over to Satan by a huge gathering of British ministers in Wales.

Blog Post: Prasch Prepped to Declare Chavez’s ‘Wife’ a Jezebel in Defence of Chavez’s Alleged Sins [updated segment]

152) Prasch responded to his colleague Joshua Chavez’s sex/marriage scandal by flagrantly lying, saying no wedding occured, months after photographic proof of the wedding had been published.

153) Prasch took the opportunity to lie and treble down in his DNA report forgery, and to slander Joshua Rosebrough again with heavily debunked tales.

Blog Post: JD Hall Set to Nuke Moriel on Dec. 9th for Covering Up Servus Christi’s Life of Sin!

154) Prasch was complicit in helping his Moriel colleague Servus Christi a.k.a. Joshua Chavez engage in the trafficking of a young South African woman into a fake marriage to “misuse and abuse her”.

155) As a means of avoiding dealing with JD Hall’s exposé on him, Prasch used the untimely death of Ergun Caner’s son as a twisted method of wishing a Christmas DEATH upon JD.

UPDATED Sins up to June 2021:

Blog Post: A Comprehensive Look at Moriel Ministries’ Sketchy Finances

156) Prasch lied on camera in 2020 claiming Moriel Ministries accounts were independently audited in “every country” and “registered with the proper authorities” when Moriel Missions New Zealand had been struck off the NZ charity register since 2017 after 3 years of failing to submit its accounts.

157) Moriel admins had to hide Prasch’s “alcoholic liquor” bills at hotels from Moriel’s auditors and church members to “protect” Prasch from being exposed as a heavy drinker and stop him misusing charity funds.

Blog Post: “Prasch is a Stage 4 Alcoholic, Suffering From Severe Alcoholism” -JD Hall

158) Prasch drinks hard liquor on top of chronic health problems such as Lymphedema, resulting in the physical deterioration JD Hall opines mark Prasch out as a “Stage 4 Alcoholic [final stage],” suffering from “severe alcoholism.”

159) In light of Prasch’s documented and apparently chronic alcoholism, Prasch in 2020 claimed to never have been drunk since 1972, despite the abundance of evidence to the contrary, meaning he brazenly lied.

Blog Post: Prasch Damns His Fellow Speakers in Devore Church as “Busy Body Women” Whose Teaching is “Devoid of Any Biblical Mandate”

160) Prasch signed up to appear at a virtual conference at Devore Church in April 2021 alongside Lynn and Sarah Leslie of the blog Herescope, despite Prasch having attacked them both and deemed theirs a ministry of “busy body women” who were “devoid of any biblical mandate” who were merely “imagining” they were serving God, in a rant in June 2014, causing him to fall foul of his own illogical system of damning those who share stages or associate with his list of false ministers and false ministries.

Blog Post: Ahab Prasch: Tangled Up in Nooses of His OWN Making!

161) Prasch damned Deborah Menelaws (again) for the false claim she was engaging in expounding of doctrine to men in mixed congregations, with Prasch giving the example of his wife Pavia as someone who never does such a thing. Prasch, however, was proven on video to introduce Pavia to a mixed congregation in Spring 2019 who promptly expounded upon the doctrine of intercessory prayer, causing Prasch, by his own standard, becoming an Ahab to his wife’s Jezebel.

162) Prasch claimed in Summer 2019 he’d never call someone “of the Devil” for having a different view on the timing of the Rapture, specifically stating he’d never call JD Farag that. However in April 2021 Prasch repeatedly called JD Farag “of the Devil” for teaching a different timing of the Rapture.

Blog Post: Jacob Prasch the Hypocrite Hustler, False Teacher & False Prophet

163) Prasch attacked John MacArthur for profiteering off his ministry when research found MacArthur only took 0.11% of his Master’s Seminary revenue for his head position, compared to Prasch taking 25.22% of all Moriel’s revenue, exposing Prasch (again!) as a mercenary hypocrite.

164) Prasch attacked Doreen Virtue for a vision of Jesus she later recanted, with Prasch deliberately ignoring the recanting to maintain attacking her, hypocritically when Prasch claims to have himself encountered God in the early 1980s, and that ‘God’ gave him a prophecy that never happened, rendering Prasch a false prophet.

Video 49: It’s Servus Christi EXPOSED!

165) Prasch filmed himself openly lying about former Moriel social media man Tim Wirth, claiming Tim had been sacked from Moriel in Summer 2018 for financial issues and incompetence, when the evidence on Moriel TV’s own social media account stated Tim was merely stepping down to care for his wife with Alzheimers. Prasch attempt to change the documented truth to silence Tim when Tim subsequently outed Prasch as a dangerous cult leader.

Blog Post: The Jacob Prasch Files No.11: Prasch’s Embarrassing Apology to Elim… and Subsequent Screaming Rant

166) As part of the Arbitration brokered between Elim and Prasch through David Pawson, Prasch was to publicly apologise to Elim for attacking them and lying about them in 1998, but he invented a clause to get out of apologising.

167) Prasch heavily slandered Henry Sheppard, his former book editor, in an ‘attack website’ Prasch made in retaliation for Henry posting Prasch’s aforementioned apology to the Elim denomination.

168) Prasch doxed Henry Sheppard as part of his intimidation campaign against him, posting his and his wife’s home address online.

Blog Post: Prasch the Heretic Proclaims: “The Metatron is actually Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah”

169) Prasch repeatedly blasphemed the Triune God by claiming the mystical Kabbalah figure called Metatron is Christ the Messiah.

170) Prasch again lied about Jewish Christian mission group One For Israel by claiming they believed his Metatron heresy.

171) Prasch lied about Dr. Eitan Bar, claiming he believed in the Metatron whilst quoting an article of Bar’s, an article which categorically stated he didn’t believe the Metatron even existed, the opposite of Prasch’s claim that the Metatron both exists and IS Christ.

172) Prasch stated his source for believing in the Metatron was 1800’s author ‘Rabbi’ Tzvi Nassi, failing to note that Nassi was a fake rabbi and fake Jew charlatan like Prasch himself has been exposed as being, fatally undermining the legitimacy of his source.

Blog Post: The Jacob Prasch Files No.12: Annie Rogers Exposes Prasch to the USA!

173) Prasch engaged in vile behaviour towards his own Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers in December 1998 in Pittsburgh.

174) When called out on his vile behaviour towards Annie Rogers in December 1998, Prasch escalated his attack on her as a “smokescreen” to take attention off his vile behaviour.

175) Looking for a way to damn Annie Rogers and validate his vile attack on her, Prasch fabricated evidence against her colleague Peter Michas (of Messengers of Messiah) then witch-hunted him.

176) Prasch hid his ‘evidence’ of heresy against Peter Michas behind a paywall of a stamped, self-addressed envelope being sent to Moriel in order to receive it weeks after, if ever.

177) Prasch attempted to force his volunteer Annie Rogers into engaging in his factious behaviour by having her choose to either publicly agree with his lies about Peter Michas, or be publicly slandered alongside him.

178) Prasch deliberately cloaked Peter Michas’ real teachings which undermined Prasch’s claims against him, by hiding the name of his group (Messengers of Messiah) from his disciples so that his disciples couldn’t fact-check Prasch and discover him to be a liar.

179) Prasch presented pathetically fabricated reasons as to why he didn’t privately speak to Peter Michas about things he disagreed with him on, claiming slanderously that Michas had “attacked” others who’d disagreed with him, without presenting any evidence to substantiate his wild claim.

180) Prasch brazenly boasted to his Moriel Australia contact Greg Sowerby about having slandered Peter Michas publicly at every speaking engagement Prasch made in 1999 across Australia, slandering an entirely innocent man.

181) Prasch also boasted in Australia he’d specifically targeted for repeated public attack another Christian ministry which published articles written by Peter Michas.

182) In his fabrications against Annie Rogers and Peter Michas, Prasch rode roughshod over the agreement he’d made to his arbiter David Pawson just months prior to tone down his attacks.

183) Prasch’s brazen misogyny coupled with his wife’s noted apparent fear of him in the late 1990s led Prasch’s female supporters in America to believe she exhibited the mannerisms of a “battered wife”.

Blog Post: INSANE Jacob Prasch vs. “The Invertebrates Who Sing Soprano”

184) Prasch described Deborah Menelaws’ careful, accurate and fact-based exposing of Prasch as a “rampage”, brazenly ignoring his much-documented rampages of lying and slandering all who’d expose his sins in his efforts to destroy their ministries.

185) Prasch labelled Stewart Menelaws as a “weak man” for defending his wife against Prasch’s crusade of lies and slander against his wife Deborah when Stewart has in reality shown great strength and restraint.

186) Prasch attacked the production team from Studio Scotland who’d worked for the Menelaws with Prasch, calling them “invertebrates who sing soprano” (meaning ‘spineless’) when they on camera defended the Menelaws against Prasch’s attacks and stood up to his bullyboy tactics and lies (standing up to a bully is the opposite of ‘spineless’).

187) Prasch warped the Bible to insert himself into it again as Elijah, again calling Deborah Menelaws a Jezebel, but stating her defenders would “be killed by the sword”—an analogy for being killed by the truth of the Bible, despite Prasch only utilising Satan’s weapons of lying and slandering people as his sword.

188) Prasch deliberately misrepresented facts to describe his critic Chris Rosebrough as an actual, present priest of Canaanite god Ba’al.

189) Prasch stated his children, including his godless, addled son Eli, are the equivalent of the 7,000 faithful Jews who didn’t bow the knee to Ba’al, ignoring all that has been reported on Eli’s rank evil that reveals him to be as much a Christian as his godless father Prasch.

Blog Post: CMFI’s Dereliction of Duty in Defence of Jacob Prasch

190) Prasch apparently terrified the fake ministerial outfit CMFI—who awarded him the title of ‘Reverend’—into first silence and then into a defence of himself, causing them to throw the sheep to the wolf Prasch in order to protect themselves from him turning on them.

191) Prasch had the fake ministerial outfit CMFI run around British churches as tattletales falsely declaring David Nathan a heretic.

192) Prasch attacked, drove out and witch-hunted his own Moriel missionary to Japan Geoff Toole via engaging in fabrication of charges against Peter Danzey and connecting Geoff to Peter to damn him via guilt by association.

Blog Post: Prasch Targets Bill Randles and Peter Danzy in 2019 (update: and in 2021!)

193) Prasch launched a SIXTH witch-hunt on Bill Randles in 2 years, regurgitating the same debunked tomfoolery he spewed before, claiming Bill was involved in heresy despite one of Prasch’s 13 enablers teaching the exact same thing, something Prasch conveniently ignored.

194) Prasch openly lied on video about the reason Bill Randles “attacked” him, claiming falsely it was because Bill had “gone off doctrinally” when it was observably and documented as being because Prasch attacked innocent people which caused Randles to defend them publicly to Prasch’s chagrin.

Blog Post: The Menelaws Expose Prasch’s War Against God and Truth

195) A snarling, likely demonically possessed Prasch, lied about Deborah Menelaws, describing her as “filthy” and “disgusting”, despite her being innocent of Prasch’s charge of usurping male headship.

196) Prasch immediately launched a tirade of lies against Stewart Menelaws for committing the crime of exposing Prasch’s 2.5 year campaign of slander and lies against him and his wife Deborah.

197) Prasch attempted to damn Deborah Menelaws as a non-Christian who “loves the world” due to her listing famous faces she’d met at the Cannes Film Festival, yet Prasch, hypocritically, has listed all the famous people he knows multiple times, especially when boasting to youth at Zion Chapel, Brisbane, in 2017, meaning he’s damned by his own system.

198) Prasch attempted to damn Deborah again for loving the world and suffering from “pride” for posting a younger picture of herself on her Facebook page, when Prasch’s ministry Moriel has a decade-old picture of Prasch on its website’s About Prasch page, meaning he’s a hypocrite and damned again by his own system.

199) Prasch damns people via guilt by association (like me) all the time, except of course when his own disciples who benefit him associate with people Prasch calls false teachers, such as his mole Suzanne Baruch’s fawning over Dr. Michael Brown’s “discernment” when Prasch labels Brown a false prophet with no discernment.

200) Prasch encouraged his cult in the spreading of a truly farcical and idiotic fabricated email that alleged a Deborah Menelaws conference in 2018 witnessed “witches flying around”, which was perhaps the most outrageous lie the cult has produced.

201) Pastor Bill Randles’ wife Kristin described the emails she and Bill had received from Prasch as “sheer perverseness and evil” in his ongoing campaign against them.

202) Prasch called Jesus’ blood the “blood of the goat” and multiple times has called for worship songs revolving around celebrating Jesus’ goat blood.

203) Prasch attempted to distance himself from a Moriel cult member making a death threat against Deborah Menelaws on this very blog, by posting an illustration of Queen Jezebel (who Prasch says Deborah is) being thrown…to her death; an action which failed to distance him and actually could be seen as both inciting violence and revelling in it.

204) Prasch publicly labelled Christian women who researched his claims against others and found him to be a liar “naive and undiscerning women”.

205) Prasch claimed on camera all his material on his website store was “free” but was found to be all costing between $4 and $450, the only ‘free’ thing being shipping.

206) Prasch obfuscated about the $450 cost of a Moriel USB drive named The Whole Enchilada which Prasch trumped up the minimal cost of which he said was kept “cheap as we can”, despite its sales resulting in a 8,900.00% profit percentage!

207) Prasch began attempting to intimidate various people who had contributed to Stewart Menelaws’ recent exposé series on Prasch, with Prasch recording a video with veiled threats and sending it to them.

208) Prasch lied and blamed Stewart and Deborah Menelaws for various Moriel Scotland volunteers leaving Moriel in Fall 2018, when by their own admission and knowledge of Prasch they left due to Prasch’s ungodly attack on David Nathan.

209) At least 2 of Prasch’s volunteers left Moriel “because of Prasch’s drinking habits”.

Blog Post: Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ IMMEDIATELY Damns RTN TV as Heretics

210) Prasch declared his, Moriel’s and RTN TV’s ‘Pledge‘ to maintain “pure” doctrine, and the termination of any from that group who don’t meet the Pledge’s standard, despite belief in Prasch’s heresy of believing Jesus is the mystic Kabbalah figure of Metatron being one of the Pledge’s tenets of belief, meaning all who become part of RTN TV are immediately aligned with heresy.

211) Prasch attempted to damn Tim Wirth by associating him via 6 Degrees From Kevin Bacon to Hillsong, and “the pedophile protecting Pope John Paul II” due to Tim performing once with Darlene Zschech of Hillsong, hypocritically when Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ directly associated Prasch and RTN to Pope John Paul II AND Pope Francis through the artists they chose to promote on their channel.

Blog Post: The 10 Men Who Support Jacob Prasch’s Metatron Heresy via the RTN Tv ‘Pledge’

212) Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ deliberately or inadvertently tied 10 men to Prasch’s Metatron heresy, those being CMFI’s trio John Angliss, Ian Huxham, and Paul Sherbird, Moriel’s David Lister, Sandy Simpson and Marco Quintana, RTN’s Amos Farrell and Charles Jardine, FBC’s John Haller, and Prasch’s erstwhile sidekick Joshua Chavez.

Blog Post: Faux Dutchman Prasch Boasts About the Unearned Benefits his Subscription-Based CMFI Card & ‘Reverend’ Title Gets Him in Christendom

213) Prasch recorded himself openly scoffing at his CMFI ‘Reverend’ title and membership card both meaning “nothing” to him, whilst at the same time boasting about all its benefits they get him inside of Christendom and the card’s use for getting him out of jail.

Blog Post: Bulldust Brothers Jacob Prasch & David Lister Get Caught in a Whopping Lie

214) Prasch attempted to publicly cast doubt on Tim Wirth’s wife Donna having Alzheimers in an supremely calloused and slanderous effort to portray Tim as a liar.