Prasch and Amos’s RTN TV Exposed

Cult leader James “Jacob” Prasch has issued a document to his cult stating the importance of his new venture alongside cult members Charles Jardine and Amos Farrell: the Retard Remnant Truth Network TV.  Prasch posted an hilarious rallying cry for following it all over his social media.

The irony of the message is it decries apparent suppression of free speech by secular media platforms, and then, hypocritically and idiotically restricts viewers from seeing any free speech comments people make in response, unless they are approved by Prasch!  I’ve ridiculed Moriel for its authoritarianism since that infamous—and still online—rant by Prasch in the wake of his fool false narratives and faked information being exposed about David Nathan in November 2018, where Prasch shut down all free speech on Moriel TV’s Facebook feed with this Josef Stalin style declaration.


Here is Prasch’s rallying cry for cult members to flock to his new channel in full.  I’ve highlighted all the hypocritical parts where Prasch points out the specks in the eyes of others when his eyes are so densely forested that he is rendered blind.


The funniest line of hypocrisy from Prasch’s rail against the secular networks is this gem: “…while truly bigoted voices on the radical left are allowed to sing their venom like a chorus intoxicated canaries [sic]”. Singing in a chorus reminds me of my portrayal of the Prasch cult in my most recent exposé film that featured its squad of idiots singing from Prasch’s songbook of lies!


Prasch’s new channel Retard Remnant Truth Network TV claims in its own title that it is involved in spreading truth, which is ironic since its leading figure Prasch is infamous for being an incorrigible liar and slanderer who has two propagandists who are both involved in the venture, Charles Jardine and Amos Farrell, the latter of which incriminated himself by involving himself in a fake Police report scandal wherein the report was created in an idiotic attempt to escape cult leader Prasch from Graham Baldwin’s investigation into his serial spiritual abuse—a fake Police report that caused The Streisand Effect and was the catalyst for my own Prasch exposé video series to go from 10 episodes to 48. Truth” to those 3 clowns of Prasch, Jardine and Farrell is better understood as being “The truth according to a serial liar”.

Besides the lies, hypocrisy and false advertising Retard Remnant Truth Network is founded on, it also came into being largely via the cult’s belief in conspiracy theories, for, as Prasch, in his idiot rallying cry, makes references to conspiracy theories of movements against the Jews coinciding with the soon return of Jesus Christ. Prasch says he doesn’t want to “sound alarmist”, but that’s exactly what his ministry is now, a video channel, like John Flubber Haller’s, that caters to fearful unbalanced people whose absorption with conspiracy theories and their co-morbid staunch belief in impending doom causes them to act as the most lily-livered world-fearing bunch of useless folk I’ve encountered, who quite from being a city on a hill as Jesus wants, are a bunch of cowards hiding in their bunkers “prepping” for the Ennnnndddd Timmmmesss with all their Hal Lindsey and Jacob Prasch books to turn them into faux intellectual dummies until Jesus does return and asks them what the hell they were playing at.

To compound the doom and conspiratorial thinking that produced Retard Remnant Truth Network, consider Amos Farrell’s sci-fi/conspiratorial/ridiculous feeble promotional video released at the channel’s launch, complete with reference to an “agenda” against them, and Star Wars style graphics and music:


The channel’s clowns in their running away from the “AGENDA” of YouTube, and their attempting to pass off their years of documented lying, slandering and attacking Christians, are really just in a roundabout way admitting they are trying to escape the real world with all its complaints and legality, and wish to sing Prasch’s unedited intoxicated lies and spurious claims against others with impunity on their own channel, as has been evidenced pretty much immediately after launch with their slanderous video attacking Chris Rosebrough and his son recently, a railing attack video which Prasch claimed was now only available in its full unedited slander deep in the cult’s echo chamber in far off Cloud Cuckoo Land on RTNTV’s server, as this screenshot proves:


Update: 27th May 2021: RTN Become Out and Out Heretical

Not even a year into their existence and RTN have officially surrendered any biblical standard to cater instead to propping up Jacob Prasch’s false teaching, for on 27th May 2021 Jacob Prasch, speaking on behalf of “all at RTN” and “all at Moriel”, announced all its contributors maintained the same theological stance as him and were all “in agreement” in a ‘Pledge‘ he made to “god” and RTN subscribers. One of the tenets of faith Prasch stated all RTN’s contributors were in agreement with him on—with threat of immediate ‘termination’ should they disagree—being belief in Prasch’s Metatron heresy. This stance immediately damned all RTN’s contributors and made it a heretical group, which you can read about here. Additionally it made 10 specific RTN contributors propagators of heresy who you can read about here, including CMFI the fake accreditation group who shamefully give Prasch a ‘Reverend’ title. In it all RTN has descended into a heretical farce entirely because they have adopted for themselves a heretic cult leader as their chieftain. What a bunch of imbeciles!

Fiction vs. Reality:

16 thoughts on “Prasch and Amos’s RTN TV Exposed

  1. This whole debacle has been a real eye opener for me; to watch the followers of Moriel disregard all the clear evidence to maintain a Pope like figure over their life in Prasch.

    When you think of the information Prasch claims he’s been sent by people, to facilitate the destruction of a person, it’s just like in the days of the catholic church when real christians were ratted out and sent to death for deviating from the “true church” doctrine

    If Prasch were living in those days, do you think he would execute people for disagreeing with him? I think soo.

    Is there any more “news” breaking soon?

    1. People like Prasch appear every so often. Look at the cantankerous USSR leader Nikita Khrushchev. If he wasn’t deposed by the people around him, he’d have hit the nuclear button. Prasch is a Nikita Khrushchev type, only his sphere of influence has been small, yet the effect he has had on the smaller sphere is about the same as Khrushchev had on his larger sphere. Had Prasch existed in Salem, Massachusetts, undoubtedly he’d have accused literally everybody he didn’t like or was jealous of, just for the satisfaction of having them hung. It is fortunate that he hasn’t advanced to a greater level of power and has merely filled himself with Jack Daniels and turned into Jabba the Hutt.

      And to answer your last question……yep.

    2. Fonzy, the new Moriel Quarterly (3rd quarter 2020) has a page and a half written by Baboon Farrell about RTN. I’ve highlighted a funny retelling/altering of reality he engages in:

      Don’t know how he thinks he can twist reality so much when his OWN explanation on 20th May debunks his retelling!

      What an idiot.

  2. Well, Prasch has posted before that he does not live in the UK and that’s not true so…

  3. Amos the Idiot has made 3 short promotional videos for RTNtv and posted them today all over social media. They all say RTN is “bringing light out of darkness”. Errr, only God brought light out of darkness in Creation. Christians are to shine light INTO darkness. Amos’s bad wording actually more benefits Prasch’s Kabbalah beliefs of bringing fake “light” out of his darkness of mysticism and evil.

  4. Prasch really needs to use the spell check before posting his tirades. I alternate between groaning and laughing at the flurry of mistakes. Anyone here “pro misrael”?
    I’ve been thinking RTNTV is just a way to keep the cultists fully submerged in the stupid without pesky YouTube allowing them the means to come up for air and explore thinking for themselves.

    1. 100%! But if Prasch gets banned from YouTube for violations (which is pretty certain will happen pretty soon) that RTN website would likely spell the end for Prasch’s dreams of having a widening audience since the website, built by cultist Charles Jardine, is hopelessly crap as an alternative. It looks absolutely terrible, is difficult to navigate, and has video playback issues.
      It’s a good thing Prasch is presently surrounded by such inept people like Amos and Charles Jardine, yet funny that they don’t see how inept they are, evidenced in Amos calling Charles a “genius” in the Moriel Quarterly report I posted above.

      When the People’s Temple disciples couldn’t fit into the real world they decamped to Guyana and built their own community, got “fully submerged in the stupid”, then were triggered into mass suicide when reality came calling after a period of isolation. RTN is the Prasch Cult’s flight to Guyana.

      1. Sandy Simpson used to proof everything Prasch put out before it hit the press. James has dyslexia and when writing his books he orally dictates to folks like Danny Isom and now Elon is Israel. Danny flew the coop so not sure Prasch will be going to Israel anytime soon because of his problems that have been exposed now on legal documents. I had always wondered why Prasch went all the way to Israel to write a book. But hey it was a trip paid for in full by Moriel. He would stay at a hotel rather than stay with Elon who is a pretty decent guy. I do think Praschs life of luxury and wearing a top hat and cape to expensive clubs in the UK are over (yep true story). He really needs to repent and just retire.

      2. I can imagine Prasch in top hat and cape.

        And without the huge income for his limo and suits, he’ll be struggling to get for the start of his shows:

  5. Haha! Those are awesome!
    I didn’t realize he was about to be banned.
    I used to subscribe to Andrew R when I listened to Prasch and Co. I noticed he hasn’t been posting as much Prasch lately, but some guy named John Jones. Is Jones a Moriel affiliate?

    1. If only I knew of the top hat before it would have become a common theme!
      If I remember right, Andrew R also posted David Nathan’s videos, and then Prasch told him to remove them when he was witch-hunting him (quite probably a demand). You can see Andrew R has only posted one Prasch video since then, from late 2018 made by Beavis.
      I don’t think John Jones has any connection to Prasch. He’s not popular either so Jones doesn’t have to worry about being witch-hunted.

      1. Top Hat and a cape (ask Bill Randles about that one lol). John is a good friend and I would be very surprised if he keeps posting Prasch because to the best of my knowledge he does not. John is one of my friends from Hayes Conferences in the UK which I filmed twice. Other good mates are Andy Harrison and Pete Adams. It was funny when Prasch called me a failed DJ (even after having exclusive interviews with Jon Anderson of Yes before the Hall of Fame ceremony and the late great Hal Blaine of the Wrecking Crew who was my teacher and friend). Prasch used to constantly goad me about not being a good businessman even after they were only paying me 500 per month, stiffed me for a bill sent through Quick Books to David Lister for over 8500.00. Surviving off what I made was a stunt in itself because it was before I took early retirement from Social Security to take care of my wife Donna. Failed musician lol after I had success in both Christian and secular industries. I retired from playing to be home with my kids after my first son was born. I still continued in the studio with some of the worlds greatest musicians. I don’t say this to brag it is just the way it is. Meanwhile, Moriel kept sending me the monthly Quarterly (until this month). The morons probably just got a clue who they were sending it to. That’s smart. James Prasch is a huge wannabe that’s why he attacks the people he does so he can get press and it feeds that big ego. Well, we will see what the future has in store for Moriel and its affiliates. Just look at the fruit of Josh Chavez and how he treats his wife to see the smelly fruit Moriel puts out.

      2. John Jones broke fellowship with Moriel. I met John and his wife at one of the Hayes conferences I filmed for Moriel

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