Servus Christi registers his “ministry” as a BUSINESS in Albuquerque

Yesterday Costi Hinn posted this tweet:


Costi points out how aspiring discernment YouTubists have to make money, so in order to make it they engage in 4 strategies to provoke a “war” which causes them to begin getting attention and YouTube dollars. Their 4 strategies in war-instigation are:

1) Slandering
2) Twisting words
3) Lying
4) Mockery

When I read that tweet I immediately thought it perfectly described Servus Christi’s business model that we have seen outworked on YouTube since he appeared around Halloween—fittingly!—in 2015 with his first crap attack video followed by 69 more, a channel geared mainly towards starting attention-seeking wars via 1) slandering, 2) word twisting, 3) lying, and 4) mocking.

In fact it’s the same business model as his mentor Jacob Prasch’s! Prasch has turned that pathetic business model into a source of filthy lucre to the tune of $147,000USD a year (as well as free travel etc. according to his latest IRS return exposed here). Prasch’s ministry salary amounts to $70.53 per HOUR, and when that work generally is sitting on his lazy behind and screaming at a webcam about how everybody in the world except his cult are heretics, then clearly similarly lazy, deadbeat spongers will want to adopt the same business model and start counting their wods of Monopoly money (or dishing the filthy lucre out to a deadbeat son in Iowa who is facing 2 years in prison for domestic abuse).

Whilst Prasch at least attempts to maintain a facade of his ministry being a charitable exercise by registering Moriel as a charity (despite research and his own blabbing pointing to him likely committing charity fraud for years), his loser former social media man Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez has just straight up registered his “ministry” as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in his home city of Albuquerque a few months back in May 2020:


It was only a matter of time until the deadbeat Chavez tried to financially capitalise on the 50k slow people who follow him. This move by Chavez to turn his “ministry” into money puts his collaborator Jacob Prasch in a difficult position considering Prasch has blown several gaskets on camera going after people he claims are not in ministry but are in the business of ministry. It also puts Chavez in a tricky spot considering it was the alleging other people’s involvement in the business of ministry that got Chavez in trouble outside a church in New York a few years ago according to this video:

13 thoughts on “Servus Christi registers his “ministry” as a BUSINESS in Albuquerque

  1. From Moriel groupie
    Linda MacIntyre
    15 hours ago
    You should not publish his address.
    I shall have my attorney attend to this.
    End mini rant by Prasch Davidian Linda Mac
    LOL, what a total clown Linda is.
    Josh’s information is posted publicly on his blog anyway.
    I grabbed the statement before Linda deleted it.
    I’m sure you are shuddering in terror

    1. Yeah, so I take it Chavez lives at a Mail Bank PO Box shop then?! Can these Ultras not do even the slightest bit of research to back up their claims??

    2. Can you post the snapshot? I can if I add the image to my WordPress media page, click ‘edit’ then select the URL, then paste the URL in the comment.

  2. You just named the problem. Research. Sandy would not look at it so why would a Prasch Davidian like Linda do any. She would rather throw her weight around. Or Hallers. Don’t bother them with the truth they all spin it.

  3. And Linda continues to go passive-aggressive and keep commenting even to let one well known Moriel Ultra she talked with the big cheese personally and stated
    “Linda MacIntyre
    3 hours ago
    @Anthony Frank seems to be nice to myself. He lives in Britian.
    Jacob told me recently he does not know who you are and you do not speak for Moriel. So what are you doing here besides antagonizing these people?” end quote

    Do any of the Prasch Davidians realize how crazy they come off sounding? SMH. But I digress like Amos Farrell let them keep on talking. With what is going to go down tomorrow I would not have someone like Linda speaking Prasch and Moriel as well as John Haller. But hey that’s just me. Seems utterly insane with the fire damage they are going to have to do Tuesday.

    1. The Ultras all go to get information from the person who is proven time and again to be the most criminal mishandler of information. That type of behaviour is cultic and insane.

  4. Yes, she is a sad little figure (well maybe not little) that constantly seeks the spotlight. Craziness. Let her Amos, Susan Baruch and the rest of the Prasch Davidians keep talking? They are nuts. Plus Linda’s statement shows she has no clue on how Prasch attacked Chris shows she did not watch the evidence. Just like this comment from Linda “Anthony, Frank would be an idiot to reveal anything about himself online. It is not safe. I see people trying to find Jacobs address in the UK.
    The Rogers posted Josh Chavez home address. Yes, it is on a public document. But, published on the internet with malice of forethought with intent to harass is a felony in Indiana, where Mike & Pat Rogers lives. Frank is smart and within his rights. end Wacky Macs comment. This shows she did zero research because she is 100 per cent wrong on all fronts. Like Sandy Simpson. What they don’t know can’t hurt them. No, but it could set them free. Very sad. John 8:32and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” Proverb 12:22 22 Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,
    But those who deal faithfully are His delight.

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