Jacob Prasch The Neutralizer!

In the previous article about the long-running Moriel Police Squad corruption scandal, I posted in full an internal Moriel email from 2016 which had Prasch explaining to one of his staff how he had tried to get his Police contact and Moriel affiliate Mike Benade in South Africa go shake down an online critic with a squad of real Police for the crime of questioning his greatness.  The rambling email from Prasch was chock-full with information that helps you get what’s going on in his warped mind, and this following segment is a gem, for Prasch wrote,

“5) We have actually received very little e mail concerning these liars and their slander, and my expectation is that you will not either. They are somewhat impotent and can’t do much real long term damage. A one time simple statement refuting their litany of defamations posted on the web many be adequate to neutralize them.”


From this statement we can gleam Prasch’s system for dealing with anybody who speaks against him, that being making a “simple statement” which will “neutralize them”.  Note the way this “simple statement” that will “neutralize them” has the capacity somehow to deal with a large “litany of defamations posted on the web” by the target (that being Deborah Du Rand and fellow commenters on her website discerningtheworld.com).  Now, the material posted on the website was

  1. Prasch’s own words from his book Shadows of the Beast
  2. The researcher pointing out the logical conclusions Prasch’s printed words naturally reached
  3. Prasch’s 1,146 word screaming, misspelt, invective-filled rant he’d posted publicly on the researcher’s website
  4. The researcher’s colleagues posting additional instances of Prasch’s unstable views and their views on his godless behaviour.

So you have to ask yourself, how exactly would a “simple statement” issued by Prasch “neutralize them”?  How do you neutralize your own 1,146 word screaming, misspelt invective-filled rant you yourself composed and issued publicly which was then used as evidence to back up how you shouldn’t be in the ministry?  Well it is Prasch we’re talking about, so the first step is to merely ignore the obvious evidence of extreme godlessness in his invective-filled rants (or blame the people who triggered him, as he did in 2020 in this video) and then make a reply/attack that coordinates the 4 things Costi Hinn says all wannabe YouTube discernment teachers do:


So Prasch’s “simple statement” he thought would “neutralize” his opposition came 5 months later in January 2017 in video format.

Prasch’s “Simple Statement” to “Neutralize” The Opposition

In the 16 minute video Prasch is introduced with a recording of a professional boxing announcer shouting “Let’s get readyyyyy tooooo rummmmmble!”. No I’m not joking!  Prasch then goes on to lie about having “forgotten” about the online criticism of Deborah Du Rand, despite his own email 5 months prior refuting that, and is refuted more by the the fact that it came nearly 4 years after he first responded to the online criticism.  So Prasch starts off with a false narrative.  He then makes an appeal to godliness on his own part by claiming he’s like Elijah, Amos and Jeremiah because he has been attacked not for saying anything wrong doctrinally, but for speaking the truth(!!).  Rather ironic viewpoint after having started out his spiel by… lying.  

Prasch then goes on and on attacking the online critics, accusing them of taking “the ad hominem approach” against him since they cannot fault him doctrinally. *forehead slap*

{Throughout his demonised career—and to the hilarity of Dr. James White when he reviewed Prasch’s ad hominem, invective-filled videos—Prasch always claims people are attacking him with ad hominem, when Prasch himself, in Dr. White’s words, “is a master at it”.}

Prasch then ironically calls the online critic “mentally unstable” (pure projection!), and then has the absolute audacity to say the online critic (Deborah Du Rand) had been “insulting [people], and using abusive, vitriolic language, attacking people who disagree with her!” 

*multiple forehead slap*

The level of hypocrisy Prasch’s attack video contains is truly off the scale, considering most the outrage and criticism he had received back in 2012 from the online critics on discerningtheworld.com was because he himself had used abusive, vitriolic language and had been attacking people who disagreed with him!  Here again are the things Prasch in 2012 had called Deborah Du Rand, all taken from one single comment on her website.


So in all of this, Prasch outlined his modus operandi for dealing with people who point out the truth about him and who point out how his OWN WORDS paint him as a godless railer driven by the flesh, and that modus operandi is to make an attack video in which he twists the words of the critic, slanders them, lies about them, and mocks them, and in attacking them in this way he also utilises rank hypocrisy and extreme projection.  

The attacks Prasch launches only succeed inside of his cult because he doesn’t direct his cult members to his rivals’ views/websites/videos, he only paraphrases them in such a way as to twist their words so as to damn them.  If he showed what people actually wrote/said/did in unedited fashion—as Dr. White has pointed out—Prasch would be wholly unable to make the claims he makes against his targets because he’d be disproven in his efforts simply by showing the reality! This in itself shows how Prasch’s system of damning people cannot work outside his echo chamber of disciples, because outside it is the reality he is trying to conceal from his followers.

Once you finally see and understand Prasch’s strategy of attack, you cannot unsee it, and when the blinders are taken off, there is literally nothing the man says which you will find to be trustworthy again.

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  2. Also, notice the latest on Moriel TV about Prasch Jacob looks at this important scripture from John 12-32 and shows the confused and assumed understanding today, is misguided and incorrect. ” end quote. What a piece of work this guy is. Everyone is wrong but Prasch. And James A Prasch wonders why Moriel is called a cult. And it’s based on “If I be lifted up.” John 12:3232 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”. I think Prasch really thinks this is about Moriel and himself.

    1. Did you get my reply to your comment with the password? It should appear in your inbox, I think anyway.

      Yep, Prasch thinks he’s the End Times Noah, John the Baptist Mk.2, with the spirit of Elijah. Total Messiah complex. He has Jerusalem Syndrome he seems to have picked up in the 1980s when he lived in Israel, and it has gone unchecked, and nobody is allowed to question him, so now look at the confused state of the guy.

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      2. Sad that Prasch does not realize that he has became exactly like the guys he used to expose

      3. Saw that about Lydia. Well, that’s not happening for him but I heard McDonald’s is hiring so there is hope.

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