Johnny Foreigner Prasch & The Curious Case of His Money-Spinning Car Crash

In November 2019 when I discovered the long-buried record of Jacob Prasch’s lunatic behaviour towards his Moriel Australia group and specifically towards Annie Rogers his Moriel USA volunteer back in 1998, I found a really interesting statement in the documents.  It was an observation by Prasch’s Moriel Australia volunteer and book editor Henry Sheppard who chronicled Prasch’s behaviour when it suddenly turned evil.  In attempting to explain Prasch’s sudden and sustained bout of Witch-hunt Fever at the time, Henry wrote the following about it all on the Moriel Australia website:

“My name is Henry Sheppard and I am the Moriel Representative in Australia. I am also the person who has been responsible for putting many of Jacob’s sermons in print since 1996, and for publishing his first book. I make those additional statements to establish my credentials as one of Jacob’s strongest and most active supporters. Unfortunately, I now find myself in a position of having to correct some of Jacob’s recent statements concerning Annie Rogers, former Moriel Representative in the USA. Since his motor accident in 1996, Jacob has become increasingly erratic in his behaviour and statements.”

The statement by Prasch’s book editor in Australia is highly interesting because he proposes a correlation/causation theory to explain Prasch’s increasingly lunatic behaviour in suddenly going ape at his own Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers, that correlation/causation being a car crash Prasch had in 1996.  Apparently when Prasch became aware of Henry’s views, he did his A-typical knee-jerk ALL CAPS response to his Moriel supporters who’d read Henry’s views on the Moriel Australia website.  Henry, being a good historian, and fair in handling information (unlike Prasch), reposted Prasch’s caps-locked response on the Moriel Australia website so people could weigh up both sides.  Prasch’s response was,


So in that response Prasch stated the car crash occurred in Britain as it was then causing “major litigation” in the British courts, and he was having to undergo tests to determine what damage had been done, clearly for a payout.

Henry wrote this following statement in the third person explaining the situation further and backed up his correlation/causation theory:

“Given this recent history of erratic and unreasonable behaviour, how was Henry going to explain Jacob’s outrageous attack on Annie Rogers (a woman who had done Jacob nothing but good) to her friends and supporters? The options open were (1) to characterise his actions as those of a malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug, or (2) to explain them away as an unfortunate consequence of the injuries which Jacob has frequently alleged he incurred in a car accident, injuries which prevented him from flying and for which he was seeking substantial damages.”

I like the description of Prasch as being “a malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug” as it succinctly sums up the railing lunatic.  However, was the lunatic nature in some part caused or worsened by injuries sustained in what Henry says Prasch “frequently alleged he incurred in a car accident”?  Henry’s use of the word ‘alleged’ in reference to the car crash casts some doubt on Henry’s belief it actually occurred.  Later in the same documents from Moriel Australia circa 1998, Henry wrote this:

“The statement that “Jacob (had during his recent tour) boasted that he expects to become independently wealthy through an insurance payout (relating to his accident) in the near future” is a true and accurate report of Jacob’s statements during a phone conversation when he was in Australia. Whether he intended it as hyperbole or sober fact is for Jacob to advise.”

So Prasch’s volunteer and book editor heard Prasch boast about the forthcoming payout for the car crash that Prasch believed would make him independently wealthy.  Well, what backs up the independently wealthy boast was Prasch’s all-caps reply, remember, where he said he was involved in “major litigation”.

Now you may be wondering why I’m looking into this car crash.  Well it’s partly because it is kind of fascinating, but it’s largely because having exposed the life and various types of fraud of Jacob Prasch ranging from a long-running (1999 to present day) attempted million dollar cybersquatting fraud in South Africa, to identity fraud that he committed on camera as recently as July 2020 as I exposed in Episode 48, it has all made me, I think, justifiably skeptical whenever I hear Prasch make any claim about himself, and especially skeptical when Prasch makes claims about MONEY.

Was Prasch Disabled By a 1996 Car Crash?

If you’ve seen Justin Peters’ July 2020 response to Jacob Prasch’s lunatic emails to him regarding Prasch’s former pageboy Servus Christi, you’ll be aware as of 2020 Prasch is claiming disability through injuries sustained in his car crash—listen to Justin read out Prasch’s disability claims here—and in 2016, 20 years after the “alleged” car crash, Prasch, in screaming at Dr. James White, gave details about the crash, stating 

“I had a very serious accident that left me somewhat disabled in 1996 and my daughter and myself was seriously injured.  I had to withdraw from the Doctorate program at Fuller.” 

Wow, so his car crash was so serious that he had to withdraw from University and was left permanently disabled, resulting in the expectation of becoming “independently wealthy” through seeking “substantial damages”.  If that’s all the case, how do you think Prasch looked 2 weeks after the car crash that so disabled him?  Well what if I told you 2 weeks later he was strutting around a church puffing his narcissism inhaler as his audience gave him his buzz, freely TALKING about the car crash from 2 weeks prior?  Well here is that very video:

Yeah, he’s like totally fine!  How many questions does this cause to spring to mind?  My questions are

  1. If he was apparently physically fine 2 weeks after the crash in that video, why was he seeking “substantial damages”?
  2. What did he claim to the courts during “major litigation”?  
  3. Did he fake injuries to get a payout?
  4. As he’s an American who’d lived in Israel where drivers drive on the righthand side of the road, and was then in Britain where people drive on the opposite side, was it really the other driver who was on the “wrong” side, or was it the Yank?  
  5. If not the car crash, what did disable him?

UPDATE 28th April 2021

I found some more details on Prasch’s car crash which he was observably not effected by in the above video evidence from 2 weeks after. Prasch used to be a colleague of a railing individual called Philip Powell and the pair gadded around the world attacking people, until Prasch started attacking Philip Powell in 2013 for the crime of disagreeing with Prasch publicly (the same deed that caused Bill Randles to be lynched, and for Anton Bosch to be consigned to everlasting torment). Well before Prasch attacked and disowned Powell, Powell reposted Prasch’s rubbish material on his website Christian Witness Ministries, and in 1998 he reposted details of Prasch’s car crash:

So in that Prasch reveals he was driving a Rover (a now defunct British car), and that he required physiotherapy for the alleged injury, and was specifically given instructions to take “at least 3 months off from travelling”, despite travelling 2 weeks after to the church in the above video he gadded around in showing no ill effects. Prasch also stated he was engaging in “litigation” to “recover these expenditures”, and then goes on to scrounge donations from his disciples.

13 thoughts on “Johnny Foreigner Prasch & The Curious Case of His Money-Spinning Car Crash

  1. Ole’s video had like 22 hits after 2 years, and he’s part of the Prasch Cult, so I’m sure he’ll become suspicious of the sudden hits with the timestamp. I have a copy of the video. It is very helpful.
    This was originally gonna be episode 30-something, but I got sidetracked and didn’t really finish it, so it’s just interesting info and lots of questions without answers.

  2. I bet the insurance company would have loved to find this video a few years ago.

    I wonder if he actually didn’t take a salary from Moriel for years because he got such a large payout, and he could boast about being a tent maker, but once the money started to dwindle he had to start taking money from Moriel, but he still like to make the boast he take no wages.

    Just a thought, because as I remember there wasn’t any money assigned to him in the early years according to the tax records released online, or he may have been fleecing the Ministry all along.

    1. Good thinking!
      I reckon in that 1996 video, two weeks after the “accident”, he hadn’t yet realised he could make a fortune out of it, hence he talks about it whilst looking fit as a fiddle.
      He claims elsewhere in years to come that his daughter broke her neck, apparently in the crash, but he said squat about that 2 weeks after.

      If he committed insurance fraud with this the statute of limitations for insurance fraud in the UK is only 6 years meaning there is nothing that can really be done. However if it went to the courts about it all and lied under outh he will have perjured himself, and perjury has NO statute of limitations period in the UK.

  3. Can you imagine how deep the rabbit hole of deception actually goes in the life of Jimmy Prasch, you have amassed so much but I bet your only scraping the surface.

    I think his wife is probably oblivious to everything.

    1. Pavia must surely know he presents himself now as a half Jew. Surely for her as a real Jew whose parents were in Nazi concentration camps, it must be a bitter pill to swallow. He is no different from Rachel Dolezal. Must be mortifying for her to be around real Jews or be in touch with her side of the family. Maybe it is the elephant in the room.
      His lies and Walter Mittyism had clearly driven a wedge between him and both sides of his family as if you look through his 486 friends on Facebook there are no family members from either side, not even his own children, but if you look for his brother Rob or sister Terri they all have dozens of Prasches and Connors on their friends lists.
      What a stupid fool Prasch has been: he has no connection to his own family anymore and his only “friends” are the hundreds of imbeciles who believe his lies!

  4. I think i’m really just hoping she isn’t complicit, as i’m sure Tim Wirth mentioned she a Godly Lady.

    Another interesting statement is Prasch’s circumcision, he says has been circumcised as part of his defence to prove his Jewishness, but in the interview with Amos he says he never had a Bar Mitzvah or anything, so if he has actually be circumcised it was for medical reasons and completely irrelevant being Jewish. It’s probably a lie though

    1. Most Americans circumcision is common practice back in the day. Everyone got one pretty much in those days. Pavia has always been godly in my interactions with me. When you see them together its more of a professional relationship they rarely interact at all with each other. They sleep in separate rooms even when she is out with Prasch at a conference. I always thought that was odd. But he is on a CPAC so maybe he snores. It was actually kinda nice when they did those couple of videos together because I had never seen them show much emotion toward the other. Prasch for sure listens to her because he would be the first one to say that she is smarter than him. But they would have quite a row if she interrupted a Skype recording to correct his Hebrew. When Prasch is speaking and doing his thing he really goes off if someone interrupts him because he loses his train of thought and its very difficult to get him started again. Not sure why that it but I made a lot of videos and know his groove pretty well. During conferences he was always kept alone with just a few people he knew so nothing would set him off that would get that anger going and it would spill out and throw him off during his speaking. We also had a code word when he was tired of answering questions and we would have to get him to the hotel at that point. Lots of time you put a quarter in that jukebox and you just got to let the song play out.

  5. Well, maybe Lydia can take his website to China and sell it for a cool million. A For Sale Sign should be going up Tuesday. I would say they will defend Josh’s misdeeds with the usual Graham Baldwin defence or the MACARTHUR defence. Those darn Calvinists. Forget the facts that secular organizations have exposed the misdeeds of false ministries for a long time now.

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